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Jimmy Bean (Character)
from Polly (1989) (TV)

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Pollyanna (1960)
Pollyanna Whittier: [after Jimmy Bean jumps out of the tree and scares her] Why don't you come out of the front door like normal people?
Jimmy Bean: They won't let us. I can come out anytime I want with my tree.
Pollyanna Whittier: You could also fall and hurt yourself badly. You shouldn't play in trees.
Jimmy Bean: That's stupid. Don't you believe in God?
Pollyanna Whittier: [offended] Of course I do! But what's that got to do with it?
Jimmy Bean: He grew it there, didn't He? So I can climb it anytime I want.
Pollyanna Whittier: You're much too young to go around discussing things you don't know anything about.
[coolly walks away]
Jimmy Bean: [chasing after her] He did too! Why else would it be there?
Pollyanna Whittier: Shows you're very juvenile.
Jimmy Bean: You aren't so much, you girl! 'Sides, I'm something you can't be. I'm an orphan.
Pollyanna Whittier: [exaggerated patience] Go away from me, please, little boy.
Jimmy Bean: [mimicking her] Go away from please, little boy!
Pollyanna Whittier: [finally losing her cool] What is it you want?
Jimmy Bean: [suddenly all smiles] I wanna go fishin'! You wanna come along?