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Lance Reinecke (Character)
from "Lou Grant" (1977)

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"Lou Grant: Suspect (#5.21)" (1982)
Lance Reinecke: [on the site of a motorcycle accident] How would you estimate his condition?
Policeman: I'd estimate he bought the farm.

Lance Reinecke: So we got this very straight, very established guy, who's involved with hookers.
Lou Grant: [unimpressed] So? A straight guy goes to hookers.
Lance Reinecke: Not a hot flash, okay. But then I ask the hookers about it, they get nervous.
Lou Grant: [matter of factly] You ask hookers questions, and they act nervous.
Lance Reinecke: Not surprising? Okay, but then this dude, this pimp or something tries to warn me off.
Lou Grant: You make hookers nervous and the pimp warns you off.
Lance Reinecke: Okay, okay. I'm not saying stop the presses or anything, I just feel like I'm on to something.