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Kid Cole (Character)
from "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (1993)

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"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Thanksgiving (#3.10)" (1994)
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [Dr Mike runs up to the station house] Anybody there?
Kid Cole: [Kid Cole opens the door] Who wants to know?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Are you alright?
[Sister Ruth and Dr Mike hug]
Kid Cole: I winged a couple of them before they gave up and decided to come after you.
Sister Ruth: I'm so glad to see you.
Byron Sully: I was just thinkin' the same thing.

Kid Cole: Dr Quinn, Sully... I hope you don't mind if sayin' grace takes alittle longer today... We got alot to be thankful for this year.
Sister Ruth: Amen!
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I was just thinking the same thing.
[Sully and Dr Mike kiss]