Bowen Tyler
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Bowen Tyler (Character)
from The Land That Time Forgot (1974)

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The Land That Time Forgot (1974)
[first lines]
Bowen Tyler: [narrating] I do not expect anyone to believe the story that I am about to relate. It even seems incredible to me that all that I have passed through, all those weird and terrifying experiences, should have been encompassed within as short a span as three brief months. It must have been a little after 3 o'clock in the afternoon that it began - the afternoon of June 3rd, 1916.

[last lines]
Bowen Tyler: With the sinking of the submarine, all our hopes of getting away from Caprona have disappeared. We are alone, spurned by even the highest, the Galu. So we have to go on in the way of Caprona till we find peace. I would rather live here with Lisa than to live elsewhere without her. She says the same of me. If God wills it, we shall live our lives here. However, we are determined to move ever northward, ever forward, toward the greater mysteries that lie ahead... of this land that time forgot.

The People That Time Forgot (1977)
Ben McBride: Once we get to that Amphib, we're home and dry.
Bowen Tyler: The land'll stop you, Ben. It's alive. That volcano's its heart. It controls everything.
Ben McBride: How can the land be alive?
Bowen Tyler: Ask Ajor if we can get out of here.
[Adjor nods her head no]