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Wayne Rigsby (Character)
from "The Mentalist" (2008)

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"The Mentalist: Like a Redheaded Stepchild (#3.21)" (2011)
Wayne Rigsby: I need to talk to you about a murder investigation I'm working on.
Steve Rigsby: Keep walking, pig. I got nothing for you.
[Steve walks away]
Wayne Rigsby: Hello, dad. Nice to see you too.

Wayne Rigsby: You working?
Steve Rigsby: I get by.
Wayne Rigsby: Smuggling cigarettes? Dealing with meth again?
Steve Rigsby: My own flesh and blood - a lousy cop. Makes me want to puke.
Wayne Rigsby: I just don't wanna see you back in jail. That's all.
Steve Rigsby: You always were a self-righteous bastard. That comes from your mom's side of the family. No matter how many times I straighted you out, I never could fix you of that. It's in the blood, I guess.

Teresa Lisbon: I know about your dad. I'm your boss. Steven Robert Rigsby - convicted of manslaughter, assault, drug dealing. Your father was on the list, wasn't he?
Wayne Rigsby: I checked out his alibi. No special treatment. If you want to send someone else...
Teresa Lisbon: I trust you, Rigsby. However, if you *ever* come into contact with your father on a case, next time you bring somebody with you.
Wayne Rigsby: Yeah, okay.

Teresa Lisbon: We need a new angle.
[Rigsby shifts his weight uncomfortably]
Teresa Lisbon: What is it?
Wayne Rigsby: There is... one angle I could try.
Steve Rigsby: [Cut to Steve Rigsby's house] Well, I thought you'd be back.
[Steve notices Van Pelt]
Steve Rigsby: But I didn't think you'd bring a gift.

Wayne Rigsby: You know that game kids play: "My dad can beat up your dad?" No one ever played that with me.

Steve Rigsby: [Steve's holding a knife to Andy's throat] Seems Andy over here was a little mad over the last time we crossed paths. Wanted to fist fight. Only I don't do fist fights. They're a waste of time. Right, Andy?
Andy: Le me go. Please?
Wayne Rigsby: Just put the knife down. Let me handle this.
Steve Rigsby: The Hell with that!
Wayne Rigsby: Dad, nobody needs to get cut, and nobody needs to get shot. Just put... the knife... down.

Grace Van Pelt: [after Rigsby gets Corwin to exit the Meth House by blocking the smoke stack] Pretty good trick.
Wayne Rigsby: Yep. Always worked on my dad.

Wayne Rigsby: You used me.
Steve Rigsby: Hey, what's family for?... You know, I think your mom would be...
Wayne Rigsby: Don't talk about my mom! Shut up! You shut up!

Wayne Rigsby: Wait, there's one more thing: I'm sorry but I'm not going to be at your wedding.
Grace Van Pelt: Oh?
[Van Pelt sighs]
Grace Van Pelt: That's too bad. You have something else planned for that day?
Wayne Rigsby: No,you see the problem is: I'm still in love with you.
Grace Van Pelt: You can't...
Wayne Rigsby: Hold on. I'm not trying to win you back. You're marrying a good man. That's not gonna change. But neither am I. This whole thing where we pretend we're just friends, it doesn't work. I don't know what will work. But I know one thing: I can't watch you marry another man. You have a good day, and a good life.

"The Mentalist: Scarlett Fever (#1.15)" (2009)
Wayne Rigsby: What do you think about older women?
Kimball Cho: Where's that coming from? I don't think about older women. My mother's an older woman.
Wayne Rigsby: Not old old, but you know... older. Older than you.
Kimball Cho: Why are you asking? You trying to set me up with someone?
Wayne Rigsby: Turns out, you look up the available scientific evidence on the Internet, you get less hang ups, like themselves way more than younger women, and stay at the sexual peak. That's what the researchers are saying.
Wayne Rigsby: What the hell happened to you at that country club?

Wayne Rigsby: We'd like to start by talking to members of the Women's Committee.
Heather Prentiss: Sure.
[Gets ready to speak into the microphone]
Wayne Rigsby: Uh, perhaps we'd uh, gather them more discreetly.
Heather Prentiss: Everyone here will know in minutes anyhow.
[Speaking into the microphone]
Heather Prentiss: Jackie, Patience, Mandy, the Police are here. They want to talk us about Scarlett's murder. Come to the Rose Courtyard. And everybody, silent auction closes shortly. So get those bids in, folks.
[to Rigsby and Jane]
Heather Prentiss: I'll show you the way.

Wayne Rigsby: Not bad. Your delivery was a bit wooden.
Kimball Cho: Wooden? Me? Yeah, and you're Marlon Brando.

Kimball Cho: What's in the sandwich?
Wayne Rigsby: It's a Panini if you don't mind... It's uh, ham and cheese.
[Takes a bite]
Kimball Cho: And who knows what else.
[Rigsby spits it out]

Wayne Rigsby: Were you aware that Scarlett Marquesa was selling illegal prescription drugs in Villa Marsante Estates?
Patience Broadbent: Who didn't know... well except for you all.

Wayne Rigsby: No detectable prints on the knife.
Teresa Lisbon: Surveillance tapes?
Kimball Cho: Spa didn't believe in them. Something about disturbing the "chi".

Patrick Jane: Another minute and I'd have missed them. I do hate it when people say thank you.
Wayne Rigsby: Why?
Teresa Lisbon: He likes to play the Lone Ranger.
[Fifties girly voice]
Teresa Lisbon: Who was that masked man? I never got the chance to thank him.
Patrick Jane: Exactly.

"The Mentalist: Russet Potatoes (#1.18)" (2009)
Wayne Rigsby: Did I make a fool of myself? Cluck like a chicken. I didn't do Tina Turner, did I?
Grace Van Pelt: No. You were perfectly normal.
[Van Pelt leaves]
Wayne Rigsby: Oh good. That's relief, eh?
Patrick Jane: Coward!

Patrick Jane: You honestly don't remember?
Wayne Rigsby: Don't remember what?
Kimball Cho: He remembers.
Teresa Lisbon: He *so* remembers.

Wayne Rigsby: "Get what you want from whoever you want." Scam.
Teresa Lisbon: Not to mention bad grammar.
Carl Resnick: Neurolinguistic programming is not a scam. It's a science of willpower and persuasion. Communicating more deeply. A way to better your life.
Wayne Rigsby: Yeah. Scam.
Patrick Jane: Scam that can better your life.

Patrick Jane: Didn't Rick Tiegler's black-out strike you as weird?
Wayne Rigsby: Why? He got drunk, he blacked out, he killed someone. Who hasn't been there?
[Chuckles awkwardly]
Wayne Rigsby: ... Kidding.

Teresa Lisbon: This case is closed. You're just seeing suggestion everywhere, Jane. You're too suggestible.
Patrick Jane: Hm.
Teresa Lisbon: Oh, right, too much of a control freak for that?
Wayne Rigsby: Pot, meet kettle. Kettle, pot.

"The Mentalist: Flame Red (#1.9)" (2008)
Patrick Jane: Where were you guys?
Wayne Rigsby: Called in to check out a lead.
Kimball Cho: Yeah, Lisbon didn't know you were about to pull an idiotic stunt. Sorry.
Patrick Jane: No hard feelings.

Teresa Lisbon: Okay, so what am I thinking now?
Patrick Jane: You're thinking "I'm so glad Jane is joking around, that he can't actually read my mind."
Teresa Lisbon: No. Well, actually, yes. But - but not for the reason you think.
Patrick Jane: What reason do I think?
Teresa Lisbon: Never you mind.
Wayne Rigsby: You're blushing.
Patrick Jane: You are blushing.

Patrick Jane: How you feeling?
Wayne Rigsby: Took some kick-ass pain killers man.

Wayne Rigsby: [a while after Cho calls Rigsby a mummy] Oh the "mummy" I get it. Bandages.
Teresa Lisbon: Hey. No more pain killers for him.

"The Mentalist: The Scarlet Letter (#2.2)" (2009)
Kimball Cho: If she's a jumper, job's done.
Wayne Rigsby: Yeah. The senator's husband dumps her, she wants to make him feel bad
[Rigsby whistles]
Wayne Rigsby: splat.
Grace Van Pelt: Don't talk that way.
Wayne Rigsby: Okay not splat, bam.

Wayne Rigsby: If I had a date, I'd tell you about it.
Kimball Cho: Yeah.
Wayne Rigsby: I would. Tell you anything you'd want to know.
Kimball Cho: You ever gonna man up and make a move on Van Pelt?
Wayne Rigsby: Fine! Don't tell me.

Wayne Rigsby: You've any plans for tonight?
Grace Van Pelt: Home, TV.
Wayne Rigsby: Well, have fun.
Grace Van Pelt: You too.
[walks off]
Kimball Cho: You're gonna die alone

Coroner Steiner: You detectives always want the instant answers. What I do is science. Science will uncover the truth. But she will be precise, methodical, and take her time, before she renders her decision.
Wayne Rigsby: Wonder if science can remove the stick from his butt.
Coroner Steiner: I heard that!

"The Mentalist: Red-Handed (#1.6)" (2008)
Patrick Jane: Why so glum? Case is a case.
Wayne Rigsby: We're in the middle of nowhere. Windy as hell. I haven't eaten anything. Dismemberments are a bitch! You spend months assembling the victim. There's always a piece missing!

Grace Van Pelt: I don't think it's right to bet on such things. That's a human being that just died!
Wayne Rigsby: No, it's okay. We're in Nevada. Here in California, yeah, it'd be wrong.
[crosses over to Nevada side]
Wayne Rigsby: But here, Nevada. It's okay to gamble on body parts.

Wayne Rigsby: Ah, the Hustler returns. Lisbon says you won a whole bunch of money.
Patrick Jane: Oh, I didn't do too badly.
Wayne Rigsby: How much did you win?
Patrick Jane: About $250,000.

Kimball Cho: [about the gifts Jane gave to the team] I'm not giving mine back.
Wayne Rigsby: No way!
Patrick Jane: Tha't my boys. Live it up!

"The Mentalist: Red Rum (#1.12)" (2009)
Coach Dieter: You made that sound like I'm a sex molester or something. I smacked a couple kids becaus they needed an attitude adjustment. Their panty-waist parents made an issue of it.
Wayne Rigsby: That's okay then?
Coach Dieter: That's football.

Wayne Rigsby: Laid out by a kid, huh?
Coach Dieter: It was a lucky punch.
Wayne Rigsby: So you own student beats you up and you don't tell anyone?
Coach Dieter: It was no big deal.

Wayne Rigsby: Oh my god! Where's my food?
[holding up a bag of carrots]
Wayne Rigsby: What is this?
Grace Van Pelt: That is healthy and nutritious snacking.
Wayne Rigsby: I'm going to die.
[Van Pelt chuckles sarcastically]
Wayne Rigsby: Seriously, I'm allergic to carrots.

Wayne Rigsby: It's just a silly alternative lifestyle: like Star Trek or yoga.
Grace Van Pelt: I do yoga.
[Rigsby clears his throat]

"The Mentalist: Blood Brothers (#1.22)" (2009)
Kimball Cho: No. This is like Spring Break Cancun compared to juvie.
Wayne Rigsby: Wait. You were in Juvenile Hall? Seriously?
Kimball Cho: Yeah. Didn't you read my file?
Wayne Rigsby: No. Did you read mine?
Kimball Cho: Of course.

Grace Van Pelt: [Rigsby's soaking and half dressed] What happened to you?
Kimball Cho: Old age.
Wayne Rigsby: Shut up you. What are you doing here?
Grace Van Pelt: Gee, thanks for the welcome.

Wayne Rigsby: So what does it say?
Kimball Cho: What?
Wayne Rigsby: My file.
Kimball Cho: You didn't even read your own file?
Wayne Rigsby: No. It's against the rules.
Kimball Cho: You're kidding.
Wayne Rigsby: I like rules. Why be a cop if you don't like rules? What did it say?
Kimball Cho: You know what it says. It's your life. No surprises. Well, I didn't know you were adopted, but other than that...
Wayne Rigsby: [Dumfounded] Adopted? What?
Kimball Cho: Kidding.

Wayne Rigsby: Can I ask you something? Would you - have you ever read your coworker's personnel files
Grace Van Pelt: [confused] Uh. No. Why?
Wayne Rigsby: No. Good. Neither did I.

"The Mentalist: Red Bulls (#2.7)" (2009)
Wayne Rigsby: [after watching the victim's hostage video] No blindfold. It's not good. Means they don't care if she sees anything.

Kimball Cho: Bosco's team calls us "Bert and Ernie."
Wayne Rigsby: You knew that, and you didn't say anything?
Kimball Cho: I knew it'd bother you.
Wayne Rigsby: Doesn't bother you?
Kimball Cho: No. Ernie's the clever, handsome one.

[Grace has been shot]
Grace Van Pelt: Wayne?
Wayne Rigsby: What?
Grace Van Pelt: One thing...
[she hits him in the head]
Wayne Rigsby: What was that for?
Grace Van Pelt: Next time, wear your vest.
Wayne Rigsby: Okay.
Grace Van Pelt: I mean it!
Wayne Rigsby: Yeah, I believe you.

"The Mentalist: Ladies in Red (#1.4)" (2008)
Wayne Rigsby: I look around, I don't see anyone here who could torture a man to death with pliers and a lit cigar.
Patrick Jane: Picture them naked and ravenously hungry.

Wayne Rigsby: I sent out the vibes. I got none back. Okay? So leave me alone
Patrick Jane: Vibes. Really? Vibes?
Kimball Cho: That's where he stares at the back of her neck for several hours. Women love that.
Wayne Rigsby: Shut up Cho!

Patrick Jane: I wanted to win the bet too, but uh... I couldn't. Just because I lost doesn't mean you shouldn't take my advice.
Wayne Rigsby: Yeah I should.
Patrick Jane: I'm serious man. Go for it!
[Jane leaves]
Grace Van Pelt: ...What's he talking about?
Wayne Rigsby: Nothing.

"The Mentalist: Redacted (#3.20)" (2011)
Wayne Rigsby: [Enters room with weapons drawn. Finds Griswold and Ruger pointing their weapons at each other] Freeze! Drop your weapons!
Teresa Lisbon: Put your hands on your heads!
[Griswold and Ruger continue to ignore them]
Teresa Lisbon: Hello?

Wayne Rigsby: [to Ruger] Okay, so yesterday you were bumming change. Here you are today with a thousand dollar handgun - nicely maintained. You can understand our puzzlement.

Wayne Rigsby: Okay, I need you to keep him on the phone for at least two minutes.
Patrick Jane: [Jane answers the phone] Hi. This is Patrick Jane. Listen I know who you are.
Omar Hassan: SHUT UP! I am coming to get you! I don't know who you are, but I will make you pay for this!
Patrick Jane: No. You shut up! You listen to me. I know what you want, and the only way you're going to get it is to meet me in person. We've got something to settle here. Outside the repair shop in one hour. You be there, you get what you want. If you don't, you'll never see it again. Simple as that!
[Jane ends the call. Lisbon groans]
Kimball Cho: What was that?
Wayne Rigsby: I said two minutes! That was hardly thirty seconds.
Patrick Jane: I just thought it would be simpler to bring him to us. It's okay. Thank me later. Now the strangeness we were talking about.
Teresa Lisbon: Never mind.

"The Mentalist: Ball of Fire (#3.8)" (2010)
Kimball Cho: Go ahead.
Wayne Rigsby: What?
Kimball Cho: You always say something when O'Laughlin calls.
Wayne Rigsby: There's nothing to say. I'm over it.
Kimball Cho: Who are you and what have you done with Wayne Rigsby?

Kittel: Fine. Talk yourselves on outta here!... Go on. Get out! Go on!
Wayne Rigsby: All right, this is how it's gonna go. On the count of three, I'm going to shoot you in the head.
Craig O'Laughlin: Rigsby...
Wayne Rigsby: No. That's my deal. Put the gun down or on three, I shoot you in the head. Are you ready? One...
Craig O'Laughlin: Rigsby, take it easy, okay?
Wayne Rigsby: Two... THREE!
Kittel: [Puts down his rifle] Okay. Okay. Why do you have to be such a hard ass for?

Wayne Rigsby: O'Laughlin.
Craig O'Laughlin: Yeah?
Wayne Rigsby: Don't hurt her.
Craig O'Laughlin: [Scoffs] Or what?
Wayne Rigsby: Or you'll have to deal with me.

"The Mentalist: Redemption (#2.1)" (2009)
Wayne Rigsby: See, I don't think partners should have secrets. But your call.
Kendall Cho: Like you don't have any secrets.
Wayne Rigsby: What's that supposed to mean?
Kendall Cho: You know what I mean.

Patrick Jane: Rigsby, you're right. You shouldn't be here. Let us take this. You go find the nearest library.
Wayne Rigsby: Why?
Patrick Jane: Your punishment for being a wuss is I'm not going to tell you.

Wayne Rigsby: This is exactly the kind of stuff that Boss was talking about. She didn't okay this at all, did she?
Patrick Jane: So shoot me.

"The Mentalist: A Price Above Rubies (#2.9)" (2009)
Patrick Jane: My provisional bet? Provisional? Carl Ward.
Grace Van Pelt: Hello? He was shot 3 times.
Patrick Jane: The best accomplice is a dead one.
Wayne Rigsby: He's not dead.
Patrick Jane: Nobody's perfect.
Teresa Lisbon: That's it? Carl Ward is crooked because he got shot?
Patrick Jane: He's an ex tennis pro.
Wayne Rigsby: So?
Patrick Jane: Shady people. By definition, disappointed. Should be on center court at Wimbledon, instead he's tossing lobs to rich old ladies. Makes him bitter and twisted.
Teresa Lisbon: [sarcastically] Case closed.

Patrick Jane: Rigsby put something in your pocket.
Grace Van Pelt: Huh?
[Van Pelt reaches into her pocket and pulls out a diamond]
Grace Van Pelt: Wow!
[Van Pelt looks at Rigsby]
Wayne Rigsby: H-he's messing with you!
[Van Pelt looks at Jane]
Patrick Jane: Uh, it's compressed carbon. If you want to keep it, I don't know about Rigsby, but I wouldn't tell a soul.

Grace Van Pelt: Is this all it's going to be? Sneaking around all the time, afraid someone's going to find out.
Wayne Rigsby: No. It's just the bureau rules. Rules are rules, right?
Grace Van Pelt: Maybe I'm sick of the rules.

"The Mentalist: Bleeding Heart (#2.12)" (2010)
Wayne Rigsby: What would Jane want us to do in this situation, Cho? With his life in jeopardy.
Kimball Cho: You know what he'd want us to do.
Wayne Rigsby: Yep. Okay. I guess we have to go...
[Rigsby closes the blinds, and locks the door]
Wayne Rigsby: ...there.
Kimball Cho: [Cho uncuffs Henrick] We should call an ambulance. It's procedure.
Wayne Rigsby: Sure. They can set it fast and we can get straight back to questioning.
Bart Henrik: Wait. Set what?
Kimball Cho: Your arm, you broke it. Slipped on stairs.
Wayne Rigsby: Yeah, your should be more careful, Henrik.

Wayne Rigsby: So, uh, guys. I have something to say.
Grace Van Pelt: *We* have something to say.
Wayne Rigsby: Uh, life's too short for dishonest. Van P... Grace and I are... lovers.

Patrick Jane: Well, it's a big secret, well kept.
Wayne Rigsby: Maybe you knew, but nobody else did.
Kimball Cho: I knew. Half the building knows.
Wayne Rigsby: They do not!
Kimball Cho: Yes they do.
Patrick Jane: The only person who didn't know is glaring at you right now.
Teresa Lisbon: *Now* I have to do something about it.

"The Mentalist: Seeing Red (#1.7)" (2008)
Wayne Rigsby: All I'm saying, you can't say there's no such thing as a psychic just because you've never met one.
Kendall Cho: You're right. I've never seen a zebra, doesn't mean they don't exist.
Wayne Rigsby: Never seen a zebra?
Kendall Cho: Nah.
Wayne Rigsby: Never been to a zoo?
Kendall Cho: Yeah I don't get zoos. You pay money to look at animals, why?

Teresa Lisbon: Play nice, Van Pelt's entitled to her opinion.
Patrick Jane: Not if it's wrong. This is like believing in the Easter Bunny.
Wayne Rigsby: Who said there's no Easter Bunny?

Wayne Rigsby: [Jeremy enters half dressed with a can of whipped cream] Hi Jeremy.
Jeremy Hale: Hey.
Grace Van Pelt: Let's go talk. You might want some clothes.
Wayne Rigsby: Or a lot more whipped cream. Your call.

"The Mentalist: Red Scare (#2.5)" (2009)
Grace Van Pelt: What was that?
Wayne Rigsby: Probably rats.
Grace Van Pelt: Ugh, God no. I *hate* rats.
Wayne Rigsby: Oh it's just a ghost then.
Grace Van Pelt: You don't believe in ghosts.
Wayne Rigsby: Yeah, but you do. Go upstairs if you like. I'll take this one.
Grace Van Pelt: Oh, thanks. That's okay.

Wayne Rigsby: Grace, I love you. I've loved you from the first moment I met you. Screw the rules. Screw CBI. I need you.
Grace Van Pelt: I... uh- that's... um
Wayne Rigsby: Unless you stop me, I'm going to kiss you now.

[about Grace]
Wayne Rigsby: She's volunteering at a homeless kitchen.
Kimball Cho: That's cool.
Wayne Rigsby: There's a man there. I think she's... you know.
Kimball Cho: Banging a homeless guy.
Wayne Rigsby: No! A volunteer. A chef. And she's not - I don't know... Not yet. Maybe. I think. I don't know... No.
Kimball Cho: Dude, you need counseling.

"The Mentalist: Every Rose Has Its Thorn (#3.19)" (2011)
Wayne Rigsby: What do you think of these dating services anyway?
Kimball Cho: No then yes.
Wayne Rigsby: What?
Kimball Cho: No, I've never used one. And yes, you should.
Wayne Rigsby: What? Because you're cool and I'm not?
Kimball Cho: Anything to stop you from dating your co-workers.

Wayne Rigsby: What if she's not interested in me? There's gonna be a lot of guys there. For this to work, she has to be interested in ME.
Grace Van Pelt: She will; just be yourself.
Kimball Cho: That's a terrible idea
Wayne Rigsby: Maybe I should do an accent or something.
Grace Van Pelt: I don't think you need an accent...
Wayne Rigsby: [in British accent] Hello. Rigsby. Wayne Rigsby from Sussex. Uh, pleasure to meet you... cheerio.
[in normal voice]
Wayne Rigsby: How was that?
Kimball Cho: Yeah, don't do the accent.

"The Mentalist: Red Hair and Silver Tape (#1.2)" (2008)
Wayne Rigsby: So, what were you planning to do if Lisbon hadn't stopped him?
Patrick Jane: Oh, I didn't bother to formulate. I - I knew she'd stop him.

Grace Van Pelt: [sighs] Let's do it.
Wayne Rigsby: [Eats some of his food] Not yet.
Grace Van Pelt: Why not?
Wayne Rigsby: This is actually quite good.
[Grace rises up and slaps him]

"The Mentalist: Aingavite Baa (#2.18)" (2010)
Wayne Rigsby: Like I said it's complicated.
Kimball Cho: No it isn't. Which do you want more: job or Van Pelt?
Wayne Rigsby: What? It's - it's not that easy.
Kimball Cho: Sure it is.

Grace Van Pelt: You'd be leaving the unit - for us. I don't want the responsibility. You'll hate me for it. Maybe not today, but someday you will.
Wayne Rigsby: No Grace, we...
Grace Van Pelt: I'm sorry.

"The Mentalist: Bloodstream (#3.17)" (2011)
Wayne Rigsby: So listen, delicate question.
Kimball Cho: Yes.
Wayne Rigsby: Thursday quiz nights: strictly no bosses as you know. Should we give your spot to Lisbon? Feels kind of weird.
Kimball Cho: Do what you feel is right.
Wayne Rigsby: Or should we just hang on to your spot - in case you screw up.
[Cho glares at Rigsby]
Wayne Rigsby: It's just a joke.
Kimball Cho: Yeah, funny.
Wayne Rigsby: You're gonna make a Hell of a boss, man. I'm already scared of you.

Teresa Lisbon: I want you to know that my re-instatement is in no way a reflection of your abilities. You did a great job.
Kimball Cho: I know.
Kimball Cho: Hey guys, come on in.
Wayne Rigsby: [Rigsby and Van Pelt enter] So we have a question.
Teresa Lisbon: If there's a group hug coming, I am so out of here.
Grace Van Pelt: [Van Pelt chuckles] No hugs. We're going out for a drink to celebrate the return of Cho. Want to join us?
Teresa Lisbon: Guys, thank you. I can't I got a lot of paperwork to do, and there's a management meeting. Next time.
Wayne Rigsby: Right.
Grace Van Pelt: Good night.
Wayne Rigsby: Next time. Good night.
Kimball Cho: Night, boss.
Teresa Lisbon: [the team leaves] The price of power.

"The Mentalist: Paint It Red (#1.13)" (2009)
Teresa Lisbon: Arlov controls an oil pipeline this country needs. It's a National Security issue.
Wayne Rigsby: Another argument for energy independence there.
Patrick Jane: Where's he staying?
Teresa Lisbon: I repeat: do not touch!
Patrick Jane: Oh no. No. No touching. I promise.

Teresa Lisbon: I wanna get Harry Lashley's killer as much as you do. But we cannot go after Arlov. The State Department...
Patrick Jane: A fig to the State Department.
Wayne Rigsby: I agree. Screw 'em.
Teresa Lisbon: That attitude is why *I'm* in charge and you guys aren't.

"The Mentalist: Blood Feud (#5.4)" (2012)
J.J. LaRoche: If I don't like what you have to say, you could walk out of this room charged with murder. Do you understand that?
Wayne Rigsby: Yes.

Steve Rigsby: Don't go too easy on him.
Wayne Rigsby: No parental advice, thanks.
Steve Rigsby: What you got to complain about? I did my job.
Wayne Rigsby: You did your job...
Steve Rigsby: That's right. You're still here. You're a man of respect. Go around all over the places with a legit weapon. You got a handsome son. I did a good job.

"The Mentalist: Panama Red (#5.10)" (2012)
Tamsin Wade: Hey. Gang unit has a tip on a counterfeiting ring running out of a garage on west capitol. Rapid Response Team is up for the bust
Kimball Cho: Nice. Now?
Tamsin Wade: Roll call in 30. I squared it with your cute boss.
Kimball Cho: I'm in.
Wayne Rigsby: Uh, we have work to do.
Tamsin Wade: I'll have him back in a few hours, dad.
Wayne Rigsby: Look, if you're the Rapid Response Team, shouldn't you be sliding down fire poles, not hanging around here for 30 minutes?

Wayne Rigsby: Boss is it okay if I sit down?
Teresa Lisbon: You are sitting down Rigsby.

"The Mentalist: 18-5-4 (#2.21)" (2010)
Adrian Mosca: [Opening his apartment door just a crack] Uh sure. CBI? No problem. Uh look, I'm in my skivies. So uh, give me a second to get presentable okay?
[Closes his door]
Kimball Cho: Think he's going to put his pants on before he hits the window?
Wayne Rigsby: No, I do not.

Adrian Mosca: Who are you guys?
Wayne Rigsby: Remember the badge? CBI.
Adrian Mosca: Who the Hell is that?
Kimball Cho: California Bureau of Investigation.
Adrian Mosca: What the Hell is that?
Kimball Cho: We're like the FBI only more convinently located.

"The Mentalist: Pretty Red Balloon (#4.3)" (2011)
Teresa Lisbon: [Calling Jane on her cell phone] Hey Jane. We got Walton. The kid's nowhere to be seen.
Patrick Jane: Tell Rigsby to look in his left front pocket. There should be a note.
Teresa Lisbon: Rigs, is there a note in your left front pocket?
Wayne Rigsby: [Rigsby pulls out a note from his left front pocket] "The balloon man didn't take Connor."... Okay, so how did he do that?

Wayne Rigsby: Hey, you okay?
Grace Van Pelt: Yeah. I feel pretty good actually. I'm starting to enjoy shooting people.
[Van Pelt chuckles]
Grace Van Pelt: Gotcha.

"The Mentalist: Red Letter (#2.22)" (2010)
Christopher Lynch: You have misread the situation agents. I am entirely ignorant of whatever it is you are accussing me of.
Wayne Rigsby: You're lying. Got the phone records. Called your goons and told them to lock those women up so they could escape.

Wayne Rigsby: So would you ever, uh... you know?
Kimball Cho: Pay for sex? No.
Wayne Rigsby: Yeah. It's weird right?
Kimball Cho: Weird, no. Expensive.

"The Mentalist: The Red Box (#2.17)" (2010)
Wayne Rigsby: There's nobody here. We can lock the door. Nobody's looking.
[Van Pelt sighs]
Wayne Rigsby: Come on.
Grace Van Pelt: We're on duty.
Wayne Rigsby: Yeah. I know. Totally wrong.
[Rigsby laughs]
Wayne Rigsby: Come on.

Wayne Rigsby: [Taking a suspect into custody] You think being a cop is stressful? Trying being a cop in prison.

"The Mentalist: Red Menace (#2.4)" (2009)
Teresa Lisbon: Did you go to some interview school I've never heard of? Next time get the facts. Save the editorial.
Wayne Rigsby: Yes ma'am.
[Looks at Jane]
Teresa Lisbon: I know Jane did it too. He's not a CBI agent. For you, I expect professional standards.
Wayne Rigsby: Yes boss.

Wayne Rigsby: My dad was a biker.
Kimball Cho: Really? I didn't know that.
Wayne Rigsby: No? I thought you read my file.
Kimball Cho: Well, it says he was a big time criminal, didn't specify any affiliations.

"The Mentalist: Blood for Blood (#3.14)" (2011)
Kimball Cho: I don't want to talk about your feelings.
Wayne Rigsby: Good, neither do I.

Grace Van Pelt: I thought you heard my news already. And I really wanted to tell you myself.
[Van Pelt sighs]
Grace Van Pelt: Craig asked me to marry him and I said yes.
[Van Pelt shows Rigsby her engagement ring]
Wayne Rigsby: That's... wonderful, Grace.
[Rigsby hugs Van Pelt]
Wayne Rigsby: That's terrific news. He's a great guy.

"The Mentalist: Blood Money (#2.19)" (2010)
Teresa Lisbon: Anybody see anything?
Wayne Rigsby: Well, we've got an SFPD cam, but so far nothing. Just an average night.
Patrick Jane: Average night, average neighborhood, average murder. Why are we here?

Patrick Jane: He'll kill again. You - you know what he is, Lisbon.
Teresa Lisbon: Knowing isn't proving. Rigsby, have Cho set up on Silvan's house, 24-hour surveillance. If he shows up, have Cho follow and maybe we'll get lucky.
Wayne Rigsby: Okay.
Patrick Jane: This - this is ridiculous. I...
Teresa Lisbon: I know.
Patrick Jane: I'm going to go with Cho.

"The Mentalist: Rose-Colored Glasses (#2.11)" (2010)
Patrick Jane: If you don't cooperate, I'm gonna be force to tell Lisbon about you and Van Pelt.
Wayne Rigsby: Tell what? There's nothing to tell.
Patrick Jane: Really?
Wayne Rigsby: Yeah. I don't know what you're talking about.
Patrick Jane: Ah. Contrary to very strict CBI rules, and regulations, you and Grave Van Pelt are engaged in an illicit affair.
Wayne Rigsby: Nope.
Patrick Jane: You're being childish.

Patrick Jane: Think of it this way. You mess up. We blow the case. I tell Lisbon.
Wayne Rigsby: You're a cold bastard, you know that?

"The Mentalist: Black Gold and Red Blood (#2.6)" (2009)
Wayne Rigsby: I know we've been cool. It's just... it feels like he knows.
Grace Van Pelt: You're being paranoid.
Wayne Rigsby: Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean Jane doesn't know.

Sam Bosco: See that's my exact point. There *is* a problem. There is no rule bending in the CBI. You two guys are good agents, but Jane has corrupted you.
Wayne Rigsby: No he hasn't.
Sam Bosco: So you were ready to bend the rules *before* he got here?
Kimball Cho: Thanks for your time.
Sam Bosco: Nice talking to you.

"The Mentalist: The Red Ponies (#3.5)" (2010)
Wayne Rigsby: You don't like dogs?
Kimball Cho: It's all an act with dogs. They do it for the food.
Wayne Rigsby: Everybody does.
Kimball Cho: That's deep.

Wayne Rigsby: [the ME finds a card on the victim] That's my card!
[to Jane]
Wayne Rigsby: How did you do that?
Patrick Jane: Huh? What?
Medical Examiner: Card tricks? A man has lost his life. You should be ashamed of yourself.

"The Mentalist: Ring Around the Rosie (#4.4)" (2011)
Grace Van Pelt: If you quit now, you're going to miss the best part - payback.
Linda Tibbs: What are you talking about.
Grace Van Pelt: A few months ago, I had a fiancé who - he tried to kill me.
Linda Tibbs: You're lying.
Grace Van Pelt: Everybody thought he was the greatest guy - including me... until he pulled a gun.
Linda Tibbs: What did you do?
Grace Van Pelt: I shot him.
Wayne Rigsby: Dead.

"The Mentalist: Miss Red (#1.21)" (2009)
Patrick Jane: When was the last time you saw a doctor's handwriting that you could read?
Teresa Lisbon: So she's precise. Is that what you're implying?
Patrick Jane: Yes, and the possibility that Dr. Brooke Harper is not a doctor.
Teresa Lisbon: Because she has penmanship skills?
Patrick Jane: And she doesn't have that cold, creepy, doctor-y vibe they all have
Wayne Rigsby: Well, to be fair, not all doctors are cold and creepy.
Patrick Jane: First day of medical school, they give you a stack of books and a dead human being. That, I'm afraid, will change you. Brooke Harper was warm and emotional.
Teresa Lisbon: You like her, so she can't be a doctor?
Patrick Jane: Pretty much.

"The Mentalist: Red Herring (#2.15)" (2010)
Kimball Cho: What's that?
Wayne Rigsby: I don't know. Some h'ordourve thing they're handing out. Want one?
Kimball Cho: No thanks. I don't eat anything I can't identify.

"The Mentalist: Carnelian, Inc. (#1.17)" (2009)
Patrick Jane: You know, when this worm was alive, this whole desert was the floor of a great sea. There were dinosaurs swimming above us.
Wayne Rigsby: That is kind of awesome.
Patrick Jane: Yeah.
[Tosses the worm to Cho, who examines it]
Patrick Jane: Sharks the size of buses. Brilliantly colored sea monsters. Those mountains... they would have been volcanoes.
Kimball Cho: This is a goat turd, about six months old.
Patrick Jane: Still... Giant sharks, here.

"The Mentalist: Red Dawn (#5.5)" (2012)
Wayne Rigsby: So Minelli really hired this Jane guy?
Teresa Lisbon: Well, he exposed a corrupt cop, dethroned a judge. Those are all major points for us. As far as Minelli's concerned, he's a hero.

"The Mentalist: Redline (#2.13)" (2010)
Wayne Rigsby: I-I-I meant stupid if we got married today.
Grace Van Pelt: But what about tomorrow? I mean long term, where are we going?
Wayne Rigsby: Uh, do we have to discuss this right now?
Grace Van Pelt: Yeah! We probably should have done it before we announced our relationship and I endangered my job!
Wayne Rigsby: My job's on the line too!
Grace Van Pelt: That's not what you said before!

"The Mentalist: The Desert Rose (#6.1)" (2013)
Patrick Jane: You told Cho.
Wayne Rigsby: He can't be the only member of the team who doesn't know. Come on, that's not fair.

"The Mentalist: Red Badge (#2.3)" (2009)
Teresa Lisbon: All right then, look in the dumpsters. Let's get out of here.
Grace Van Pelt: I did it last time.
Wayne Rigsby: Aw man, I just got this suit.
Kimball Cho: Okay, rock/paper/scissors on three: one... two... three.

"The Mentalist: Bloodsport (#3.11)" (2011)
Wayne Rigsby: If LaRoche finds out about this, my career is over.
Kimball Cho: Yeah, it is. Unless I lie as well. Back you up, right?
Wayne Rigsby: I'm sorry man. I know I've put you in a bad spot.
Kimball Cho: I've been a cop close to 10 years. Never lied to another cop - not once!
Wayne Rigsby: Look, I'm not asking you to lie now. I just - I want you to do what you think is right.
Kimball Cho: Yeah.
[Gets in the car]
Wayne Rigsby: So what are you going to do?
Kimball Cho: I'm not going to lie for you.

"The Mentalist: Code Red (#2.16)" (2010)
Wayne Rigsby: Anything to be looking out for in particular?
Teresa Lisbon: Oh, uh, one of them released a lethal super virus that could kill half the state of California. So I guess we're looking for someone with a prior background as an evil supervillain.
Kimball Cho: Ok.
Teresa Lisbon: ...That last part was a joke.
Kimball Cho: Yeah. We get it.

"The Mentalist: Scarlet Ribbons (#4.1)" (2011)
Wayne Rigsby: How you doing? You good?
Grace Van Pelt: Yeah, I'm fine.
Kimball Cho: Two days ago, you shot and killed your fiancée. You can't be fine.

"The Mentalist: The Crimson Ticket (#5.1)" (2012)
Wayne Rigsby: Did, uh, Mancini really throw a bottle at you?
Patrick Jane: Yes, he did, and then he proceeded to chase me through the state house, but failed to catch me.
Teresa Lisbon: Congratulations. Another mortal enemy made. You should be very proud.

"The Mentalist: Little Red Book (#4.2)" (2011)
Patrick Jane: Come on. When have I steered you wrong?
Wayne Rigsby: Recently?

"The Mentalist: Crimson Casanova (#1.14)" (2009)
Wayne Rigsby: I don't believe this guy. I give up! I do not understand women. Never have, never will. Seems like the dumber you treat them, the better they like it.
Grace Van Pelt: They're *drunk* women. You can't generalize all women in general.
Teresa Lisbon: [Whispers to Simon] This is your fault.
Patrick Jane: No, it's not. I'm just sitting here.

"The Mentalist: Bloodhounds (#3.12)" (2011)
Dr. Montague: I don't need to conduct an analysis to see that you're still in love with someone else. The probability of us having a successful relationship is no more than 20%.
Wayne Rigsby: 20%?
Dr. Montague: Tops.

"The Mentalist: So Long, and Thanks for All the Red Snapper (#4.22)" (2012)
Grace Van Pelt: There's something on your...
Wayne Rigsby: It's just vomit.

"The Mentalist: Throwing Fire (#2.10)" (2009)
Wayne Rigsby: $20 million, that's a pretty good motive. $20 million - I'd kill you.
Grace Van Pelt: Oh, really?
Wayne Rigsby: No. I mean, um, kidding. It's a joke.

"The Mentalist: Red Sky at Night (#3.1)" (2010)
Wayne Rigsby: 12 cents, seriously?
Grace Van Pelt: What? She cleaned me out.
Wayne Rigsby: Yeah, of 12 cents.

"The Mentalist: Red John's Friends (#1.11)" (2009)
Teresa Lisbon: We closed cases before he came. We'll close cases after he's gone.
Kimball Cho: Yeah. Just not so many.
Wayne Rigsby: The cases are *not* the point! It's not that we need him. He needs *us*!

"The Mentalist: Red Tide (#1.3)" (2008)
Hope: Are you guys cops?
Wayne Rigsby: CBI.
Hope: What's CBI?
Wayne Rigsby: California Bureau of Investigation.
Patrick Jane: Cops.

"The Mentalist: Strawberries and Cream: Part 1 (#3.23)" (2011)
Teresa Lisbon: [after LaRoche leaves] God, I miss Hightower. Aside from the murder stuff obviously. Screw it. Even with the murder stuff. How does he just appear out of nowhere like that?
Patrick Jane: He's a ghost - from the fifth dimension. Right, Rigsby?
Wayne Rigsby: He's the boss. Not going there.

"The Mentalist: Red Alert (#3.13)" (2011)
Wayne Rigsby: Well, maybe we'll get lucky. Catch a dunk. We're due an easy one.
Teresa Lisbon: Ugh, you shouldn't have said that.
Wayne Rigsby: Said what?
Teresa Lisbon: "We're due an easy one." Now we're jinxed.
Wayne Rigsby: Sorry.

"The Mentalist: Devil's Cherry (#5.2)" (2012)
Grace Van Pelt: Preliminary forensics report. There were no useable prints on the teapot or bowl. Well, except for Jane's prints.
Wayne Rigsby: Smudging finger prints. Drinking evidence. He's like a drunk uncle.

"The Mentalist: Red Queen (#3.16)" (2011)
Wayne Rigsby: Oh yeah, a little carne asada, after we check out the warehouse. Muy bien.
Kimball Cho: No.
Wayne Rigsby: Why not?
Kimball Cho: I don't wanna cross hobo alley to order lunch from a truck that's near the sewage ditch under the freeway.
Wayne Rigsby: But there's tacos.

"The Mentalist: Blood in, Blood Out (#2.14)" (2010)
Kimball Cho: [Rigsby keeps flipping a coin] You're not getting enough sex with Van Pelt.
Wayne Rigsby: [Rising up] Hey. Shh. We don't talk about that.

"The Mentalist: Red Carpet Treatment (#3.4)" (2010)
Kimball Cho: Someone was looking for somethin'.
Wayne Rigsby: Thank you, Captain Obvious.
Kimball Cho: Three hours of brooding silence, and then sarcasm. It's like we're married.
Wayne Rigsby: Sorry, Cho. It's just Special Agent Craig O'Laughlin and his chopper. What does she see in that guy, anyway?
Kimball Cho: Ivy League degree in criminology, six years in the 101st Airborne, and a black belt in wushu from a REAL Shaolin temple.
Wayne Rigsby: Thanks, buddy.