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Quotes for
Vantine (Character)
from Red Dust (1932)

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Red Dust (1932)
Vantine: You can check the wings and halo at the desk.
Dennis Morgan: I'll be right up.

Vantine: What you been eatin', cement?

Vantine: [Sarcastically] I thought we might run up a few curtains and make a batch of fudge while we were planning on what to wear to the country club dance Saturday night.

Vantine: Well for the love of mud! Where am I sleeping - on a racetrack?

Dennis Morgan: Come on, lets have it. Who are you? Where'd you come from?
Vantine: Don't rush me, brother. I'm Pollyanna, the Glad Girl.

Dennis Morgan: Why'd you get off the boat at all? You know it doesn't stop here again for four week, don't you?
Vantine: Sure I do. Think I'm overjoyed about it? But, its just got to be, that's all.
Dennis Morgan: Well, then?
Vantine: I left the boat here for the same reason I took it at Saigon.
Dennis Morgan: What reason?
Vantine: I got mixed up in a little trouble and I thought I'd stay out of town 'til the Gendarmes forgot about it.
Dennis Morgan: And what a cast iron nerve you've got.
Vantine: You have to have in my line. But, don't worry, big boy, I'll stay out from under foot. I'll even pay for my board if you insist on it nicely.

Vantine: You're not going to leave the corpse here?
Dennis Morgan: It's his room. Didn't you know?
Vantine: Honest I didn't. I just took the first room the houseboy showed me. Oh, please you guys. This place is full of lizards and cockroaches as it is.
Dennis Morgan: One more won't hurt.

Vantine: Don't mind me boys, I'm just restless.

Dennis Morgan: Your hair always been that color?
Vantine: Always been a towhead.

Vantine: Gee, Denni, I don't want any ceremonies, but, but, turn around and give me the works.

Vantine: Hey, where's the reception committee? It's been a nice little walk. Did you hear that hungry pussy cat back there?

Vantine: [Sarcastically] What a pleasant little house party this is gonna be.

Dennis Morgan: Now, listen. This woman's decent. You watch your language and stop running around here half naked.
Vantine: I'll stay as comfortable as I like.

Vantine: [Taking a bath] What's the matter? Afraid I'll - shock the duchess? Don't you suppose she's ever seen a French postcard?
Dennis Morgan: You'll let those curtains down if its the last bath you'll ever take!

Dennis Morgan: [Naked, Vantine jumps in the rain barrel] Get out of there! Say what's the idea?
Vantine: What?
Dennis Morgan: Getting in that barrel?
Vantine: Oh, I don't know? Maybe I'm goin' over Niagara Falls. Whoop!

Barbara Willis: Do you mind if I stay here with you?
Vantine: Think you can stand the company?

Barbara Willis: It's stupid of me to be so frightened.
Vantine: This storm isn't the only thing that has you worried around here, is it? I saw him kick the door shut. He came out with rouge all over his mouth. I suppose he asked to use your lipstick?
[Lights a cigarette]

Barbara Willis: I don't know how it happened. I didn't do anything. He didn't have any reason to believe that I'd...
Vantine: I didn't hear any cries for help.
Barbara Willis: Oh, I don't know what came over me. I should have stopped him. I tried, but...
Vantine: But you couldn't. Even when you tried, could you?
Barbara Willis: No. That's why I'm scared.

Barbara Willis: Oh, it's too silly. What do I mean I'm scared? It was just one of those exciting little moment things.
Vantine: Well, watch out for the next moment, honey. It's longer than the first.

Gary Willis: [Eating dinner] Those coolies are tough to handle, aren't they?
Dennis Morgan: Didn't I tell you they were a lazy bunch?
Gary Willis: Well, I mean, I didn't know they were so sneaky about it. The minute you turn your back on 'em, they're up to something or other they shouldn't be doing.
[Denni and Barbara look at each other]
Gary Willis: Are they always like that?
Dennis Morgan: I'm afraid so.
McQuarg: I was telling him about that time that Malay tried to knife you in the back.
Vantine: Its a great country for that sort of thing.

Dennis Morgan: What's the matter with you? Are you crazy?
Vantine: Just a little nauseated. This rain seems to have uncovered a pile of garbage around here.
Dennis Morgan: Stop looking through key holes. It's bad for the eyes.

Dennis Morgan: Listen, what goes on here is my business.
Vantine: Suppose I were to tell that nice white kid? He'd make it his business, wouldn't he?

Dennis Morgan: All those lame cracks won't help you any if I come back and find you've been annoying her.
Vantine: Oh, I wouldn't touch her with your best pair of rubber gloves!

Dennis Morgan: Its a dirty, rotten country.
Vantine: And we're dirty, rotten people, I suppose, eh?
Dennis Morgan: Sure.

Vantine: Oh, Denni! Denni, does it hurt awful?
Dennis Morgan: Oh, stop blubbering.