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Quotes for
Susan Darkholme (Character)
from Drowning in Actors (2008)

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Drowning in Actors (2008)
Susan Darkholme: Oh my God, we are so over. And you know what? You're not even any good and you're hung like a baby carrot! And I swear if I find you back at our apartment tonight, I'll wait till you're asleep, throw kerosene on your balls, light a match and dance in the flames! Got it?
Nathan Porl: [Separating them] Well if that isn't a lesson in fire safety, I don't know what is.
Trent Rockwell: How can a carrot have a baby?

Nathan Porl: Trent? What the hell is wrong with him?
Susan Darkholme: He's a stupid, untalented man-whore with brain the size of a retarded hamster!
Nathan Porl: Okay, I'm with you so far, now what's the problem?