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"Rumpole of the Bailey: Rumpole and the Last Resort (#3.6)" (1983)
Judge Roger 'The Mad Bull' Bullingham: Mr Rumpole! With your alleged great knowledge of literature, I am sure you are aware of the quotation about "The Law's delay"?
Horace Rumpole: Indeed, My Lord, I seem to recall it is next to the one about "The Impudence of Office".

[Frank Armstrong is accused of renting out non-existent holiday locations]
Ward-Webster: On one occasion at least, a mobile home was actually removed from an unhappy mother just as she was about to enter it.
Judge Roger 'The Mad Bull' Bullingham: Instead of the mother running from home, the home ran away from the mother.
[jury laughs]
Horace Rumpole: [to himself] Oh well done, Bull, quite the stand-up comic.