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Quotes for
Err (Character)
from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" (2000)

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"Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Mayhem of the Mooninites (#1.4)" (2001)
Ignignokt: You and your third dimension.
Frylock: What about it?
Ignignokt: Oh, nothing, it's cute. We have five.
Err: Thousand.
Ignignokt: Yes, five thousand.
Err: Don't question it.
Frylock: Oh, yeah? Well, I only see two.
Ignignokt: Well, that sounds like a personal problem.

Ignignokt: Hello, Carl, I am Ignignokt and this is Err.
Err: I am Err.
Ignignokt: We are Mooninites from the inner core of the moon.
Err: You said it right.
Ignignokt: Our race is hundreds of years beyond yours.
Err: Man, you hear what he's saying?
Ignignokt: Some would say that the Earth is our moon.
Err: We're the moon.
Ignignokt: But that would belittle the name of our moon, which is: The Moon.
Err: Point is: we're at the center, not you.
Carl: No, the real point is: I don't give a damn.

Meatwad: Where's my whiskey? I'm 'bout to get tore up!
Ignignokt: We shall acquire some wine on the way to the mall.
Err: And then you can get tore up.
Ignignokt: And pass out in the hot sun.
Meatwad: Them's my boys!

Ignignokt: Your roommate is a nerd.
Err: Yes, on the moon nerds get their pants pulled down and they are spanked with moon rocks.

Ignignokt: Pick up that stereo and sink it deep within your body.
Meatwad: But then that would be stealing.
Err: Not if you need it, and you need it.

Frylock: What happened to Meatwad?
Err: He got busted man.
Ignignokt: For drinking and stealing and smoking in a non-smoking area.

Err: We smoke while we flip the bird.

Master Shake: [emerges from Carl's pool and gasps for breath] Twenty seconds! It's a new world record!
Ignignokt: [emerges from Carl's pool] Twenty-three seconds.
Err: That is the new moon record!
Ignignokt: Then it shall be so.
Err: Now and forever.

Meatwad: Someone hook me up with a flame, I'm having a nic fit!
Ignignokt: Err, light him up.
Frylock: Meatwad!
Err: Here.
Ignignokt: Encourage him in his habit.
Err: That's a good smoker!

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Revenge of the Mooninites (#1.8)" (2002)
Ignignokt: [after having stolen Carl's pornography collection and dresser] This pornography is infinitely excellent. This dresser, however, is not. Burn it, Meatwad.
Err: Yeah, burn it!
Meatwad: But that's where Carl keeps his clothes!
Ignignokt: These women don't have any clothes on, and they seem happy.
Err: Yeah, they're kissin' each other!
Ignignokt: And you want Carl to be forever kissed, don't you?

Ignignokt: You have deeply offended us and our god. And our god is a god of vengeance, and horror.
Err: And action!
Ignignokt: Our god is an Indian that turns into a wolf.
Err: Yeah, that's the Wolfen, man.
Ignignokt: Well... the Wolfen will come for you, with his razor.

[looking at porn]
Err: Oh man, you gotta check this out.
Meatwad: Oh yeah baby, that's a neat car she's washing. You think that's a straight 6?
Err: I think I have a straight 6.
Ignignokt: Ooooo. Err, your sexual innuendo is priceless.

Meatwad: Hey you guys, did you say that it would be easy to get whatever I want, like a ten speed, because that's what I really want.
Ignignokt: Getting it is easy. Filling it with illegal substances and sending it across the border is not.
Err: Yeah, see, those dogs, they can smell ANYTHING. So you gotta kick 'em in the throat.
Meatwad: Well hey now, guys, look. I do not want to do anything illegal here... but I would kill somebody... in front of their own mama... to get a ten speed. And if any witnesses testify against me, I'll gouge their eyes out.

Ignignokt: Come on, Meatman. Let's go break the law to fulfill your primitive needs.
Meatwad: Well, I don't think so. Last time you were here you threw me at an old lady's mailbox and you made me moon Boy Scout Troop No. 324.
Err: Ha ha, ha ha! We did!
Ignignokt: Well... this time we won't.
Meatwad: Okay, cool. Let me just get my keys.

Err: Ya all have any eggs?
Shake: I don't know guys. Lemme check.
Err: 'Cause I'm totally gonna mess someone's house up!
Ignignokt: Yes, eggs or pot... either one.
Meatwad: Hey, ah, Frylock, do we have any pot?
Frylock: No, we don't! Marijuana is illegal.
Err: What about nitrous, man?
Ignignokt: Shut up, Err.

Ignignokt: [the Mooninites have broken into Carl's house] We are here for your pornography.
Err: So hand over those magazines!
Carl: Oh, I got some magazines for ya all right. They're filled with hollow points!

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Moon Master (#3.8)" (2004)
Err: It's all free!

Err: It WAS free!

Err: So won't you please help us save our craps?
Ignignokt: Err, please stop fueling my silent rage.

Ignignokt: First we must train you. You can't go into battle like that.
Err: He's right!
Ignignokt: You would instantly turn to vapor.
Err: Oh what you need is our free warrior kit!
Ignignokt: Oh most definitely.
Err: We're selling it, and you're buying it.
Ignignokt: It's got the helmet, energy bars, electric shoes, Gorgotron repellent, Moon Master stickers, and now for the first time... instructional video.
Err: And it's all free!
Meatwad: M'kay how do i get that?
Ignignokt: You pay far out the ass for it!
Err: It's just three easy installments of $29.99!
Ignignokt: Unless you want our race to die, which it seems like you do.
Meatwad: Oh no, no. I don't want that... But I thought you said it was free?
Ignignokt: It was free. A true warrior would have jumped on it like a beast... before it went straight up to $99.99!
Meatwad: Well damn, I guess I do need training
Err: What you need, is recognition!
Ignignokt: For a one time charge, get your name placed in this handsome leather-bound volume of Who's Who Among Moonmasters.
Err: You're the only one, and you're on page one!
Meatwad: Hey you know what, this a pretty good deal.
Err: Yes it is, Cathy.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (2007)
Ignignokt: Thank you, Err. What was that thick shake?
Err: Well, now I'll tell you what it is. It's mayonnaise I found in the trash can!
Ignignokt: [throws up]
Err: And it had hair in it! And you drank it! 'Cause I'm your doctor! Do what I say!

Ignignokt: Err, if you want to achieve in this life, you must set your goals higher.
Err: I'm already pretty high.
Ignignokt: And so am I.

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Remooned (#3.3)" (2004)
Ignignokt: Why are we trying to cash a bill, Err?
Err: Hell, I don't know! On the way down here, I kept saying, "this is a bill." I just figured you know something I didn't.
Ignignokt: I did know something I didn't! But it wasn't that!

Ignignokt: Cash our check and you will get immortal.
Err: Never ending life.
Carl: Nah, sometimes I kinda wanna die.

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Last One (#2.24)" (2003)
Ignignokt: Mooninites duplicate, reunite, and annihilate.
Err: Lock in!
[Mooninites create huge laser gun]
Ignignokt: Was this in your plan?
Err: I don't think it was!
Ignignokt: Square the Quad-Laser and you have, behold: The Quad-Glaser.
Err: I thought it was Glacier, man!
Ignignokt: Yes, the Quad-Glacier... that's what I said.
Err: Would you just hurry up and fire it, it's getting heavy!
Ignignokt: You with all the great plans: you shall not see the next decade. You shall never know that turtlenecks will come back... in a big way.
Err: [off-balance] Would you hurry up, I can't hold it up much longer, my legs are gonna... ow! Damn!
Ignignokt: ...Fire!
[a huge laser block is fired]
Err: Why they call it the Glacier?
Ignignokt: Do you want it done fast, Err, or do you want it done right?
Err: I just want it done! Damn! My legs!

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Super Computer (#2.4)" (2003)
Err: [Err and Ignignokt walk into view] "A" is for apple, "J" is for jacks.
Ignignokt: [noticing the OoGhiJ MiQtxxXA] Look Err, free egg.
Err: [jumps atop the computer] Damn, yeah! For straight, for shizum!
Ignignokt: [looks to the screen] Try having omelettes now, Denver!
Err: Omeletoids!
Ignignokt: Did you hear what I said, Denver?
[raising both middle fingers to the screen]
Ignignokt: Or shall I turn it up for you?

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Moonajuana (#4.9)" (2006)
Ignignokt: And now, we burgle.
[he and Err jump through the ATHF's front window]
Ignignokt: Can you grab the other end of -
[notices Frylock floating by the door, glaring at them]
Ignignokt: ... Oh. Hey, man.
Frylock: [calmly] Uh, you're going to have to pay for that.
Ignignokt: It's cool!
Err: Yeah, it's cool!
Frylock: [pissed] No. It isn't.
Ignignokt: Oh, it's not?
Err: Well, we thought it was.
Frylock: [angrily] No. You're going to pay for that window, or I'm callin' the cops.
Ignignokt: Easy, brother. Don't harsh my buzz.
Frylock: [dialing 9-1-1 as Err whispers 'no maaan, don't do thaaat'] Operator, can I get the police, please?
Ignignokt: We'll leave you be, fair brother.
[They hop back out via the now-broken window. Frylock hangs up]
Err: [whispering] 'Kay, hand me that hose.
[a green hose appears spewing moonajuana fumes. Giggles from Err and Ignignokt]
Err: Okay, start pushin' it.
Frylock: [unceremoniously puts a kink in the hose]
Err: [coughing, muttering] Gettin' some backdraft or somethin', man.
Ignignokt: [hissing] The Red One SUCKS.

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Unremarkable Voyage (#3.2)" (2004)
[Spacecataz, continuing from the previous episode, where Ignignokt flipped off Oglethorpe]
Err: Oh man, that was so... Oh man, he's backin' up! Fuckin' fly, he's backin up! Come on!
Ignignokt: No. We'll double his pleasure.
Err: [as he and Ignignokt flip both fingers for the both of them] Take two, mother muchachos!
Ignignokt: And call us in the morning.
Err: Yeah call us! We'll be drunk!

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The (#2.22)" (2003)
Ignignokt: On the moon, the weekend has advanced beyond your wildest dreams. Weekends now take up the entire week, and jobs have been phased out accordingly.
Err: We get checks from the government. And we use them to buy beer.

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Spacecadeuce (#10.10)" (2013)
Ignignokt: We have received a distress call from the U.S Jon Ron Donald.
Emory: Wait, that's not the...
Ignignokt: [interrupting] Yes. It is. Wait, what were you going to say?
Emory: The ship that... that's self-aware?
Oglethorpe: Oh, no! The haunted ship!
Err: It is!
Oglethorpe: No way man! No!
Ignignokt: Yes... In a big way