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Andrew (Character)
from "Promised Land" (1996)

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"Touched by an Angel: Minute by Minute (#8.18)" (2002)
[John plans to blow up his high school]
Andrew: [sternly] You have *no idea* what hell is!
John: Yes I do. It's called HIGH SCHOOL!

Cory: I've already been to hell.
Andrew: You have no idea what hell is.
Cory: [confidently] Sure I do, it's called high school.

"Touched by an Angel: Pandora's Box (#6.26)" (2000)
Sarah Radcliff: [Sarah, 13 years old, is in the home of an internet sex predator] Ok, I'd better go.
Dean: [Grabs her arm] No, you need to finish your drink.
Sarah Radcliff: Dan please! What are you doing? Stop!
Dean: I'm not going to hurt you...
Charlie Radcliff: [Andrew and Charlie, her father, break through the door] Get away from him Sarah!
Dean: Hey I'm not doing nothing!
Andrew: You got that right!
Andrew: [Dean grabs a bat and swings at Andrew who ducks. He swings again and Andrew merely grabs it] Sit down.
Dean: You can't just bust in here.
Andrew: [Andrew take the bat by the handle and smashes the computer] Sit down.

"Touched by an Angel: Quality Time (#6.20)" (2000)
Monica: Anyone care for a slice of mocha?
Tess, Andrew: *No!*

"Touched by an Angel: The Birthday Present (#8.3)" (2001)
Andrew: People can't control death so they make up these fantasies about it which they can control