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Andrew (Character)
from "Promised Land" (1996)

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"Touched by an Angel: Fighting the Good Fight (#5.24)" (1999)
Monica: Two boys, four angels.
Andrew: I've seen it take as many as six, seven angels.
Tess: Yeah, but it only takes one God, 'cause He's the one that's got the plan.

Andrew: I'm - doing some fix-up work around here for the, uh, landlord.
Mrs. Taggert: Huh! *That* must've took an act of God.
Andrew: I couldn't say.

Andrew: Everything has a name. You just don't know what his is yet.

Andrew: Hey, ya know, there's nothing wrong with wearing something that somebody else has worn before. Except for the underwear. If I were you, I'd stay away from the underwear.

Tim: Did you steal those?
Andrew: No. I just haven't, uh... plugged in the refrigerator yet.
Tim: Man, you are so weird.
Andrew: Thank you.

Andrew: Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest boxers of all time. No question about it. But when it came to the most important fight of his entire life, he never raised a hand to anybody.
Tim: You mean he lost?
Andrew: Nah. He won. Just not in the way you think. You see, Ali was asked to fight in a war. And he believed that God didn't want him to kill another man. So he fought for what he believed in. And he was even willing to go to jail for it, if he had to.
Tim: Well, what happened?
Andrew: They took away his heavyweight title.
Tim: No.
Andrew: Yeah. They took away the one thing he had fought all his life for, but they couldn't take away the thing that was most important to him. So if you wanna be like Muhammad Ali then maybe, you oughta start findin' out what's important to you.

Tim: I hate everybody and everybody hates me!
Andrew: That's not true. That's not true; somebody loves you.
Tim: Yeah, who?
Andrew: God loves you. He made you, Tim; he knows you. And he knows what it's gonna take to get you to believe in Him.

"Touched by an Angel: Beautiful Dreamer (#5.6)" (1998)
John Wilkes Booth: What state are you from?
Andrew: I like to think that I am from the State of Grace.

Andrew: God never made anyone a slave. People made people slaves. And slavery, sir, is an abomination.

John Wilkes Booth: I'm a gentlemen; we can agree to disagree, right?
Andrew: Yes.
John Wilkes Booth: You can go your way, I can go mine, right?
Andrew: Yes.
John Wilkes Booth: So why can't the states do the same; if the South can't agree with the North, why can't we all just be gentlemen, and call it a day?
Andrew: Because if every disagreement dissolved the union there would be no marriage. There would be no friendship. There would be, no contracts... no country. There would be nothing but anarchy. And that is where tyrants come from, sir.

John Wilkes Booth: It's amazing. The light from the fire. It, *illuminates* you. You like some sort of - *avenging angel*. It's quite theatrical, actually.
Andrew: I am an angel, John. Sent by God.
John Wilkes Booth: No doubt God wishes to congratulate me.

Andrew: What you have done was not ordained by God; what you have done, is murder a human being in cold blood. And yet by the grace of that same God there is still time for you to trade that - shame, for mercy.

Andrew: There's still time, John. You don't have to die alone.
John Wilkes Booth: ...I can't.
Soldier: Can't what?
John Wilkes Booth: My hands.
Soldier: What?
John Wilkes Booth: Put them in front of my face.
Soldier: Why?
John Wilkes Booth: ...Please.
Soldier: Get his hands over them.
John Wilkes Booth: [the soldiers move his arms so he is now in a position to pray] ... Useless. Useless.
Soldier: What's useless?
Andrew: No. John - it's never useless to pray but the time is now, before...
[Booth is dead]
Andrew: Before it's too late.

Andrew: It's over?
Sam: For him, yes. But there's still something left to be done. But that requires a different *kind* of angel.
[glances aside; Andrew follows his gaze to Lincoln]
Sam: I know it usually happens right away, but - the Father had a purpose. And he has new work for *you*, Andrew.
Andrew: An Angel of Death?
[Sam pats his shoulder and smiles]
Andrew: I'd be honored... Hello, Abraham. My name's Andrew.

"Touched by an Angel: Til We Meet Again (#2.13)" (1996)
Andrew: My naee's Andrew.
Joe Carpenter: Death?
Andrew: Yes. I'm an angel. And I guess you can say that this is my, uh... my specialty. Monica's an angel, too. And we've been sent here to help your family make this passing with you.
Joe Carpenter: Afraid... afraid - death?
Andrew: Oh, no. No, no. Never. Besides, do I look scary to you?

Andrew: [invisible] You know, Chris, this is... This is it. These are gonna be your last hours with the man. I think you better say it now.
Chris Carpenter: [starting to cry] I wanted to... thank you. You taught me so much. And I don't know if anybody's ever told you, but you've lived a very good life. You're a good man.
Andrew: Did you ever think of him as a... strong man?
Chris Carpenter: I have a confession to make. I never really thought of you as a strong person. Patient, maybe... But how could a strong man live with a woman like Mother?
Andrew: Maybe that's the only kind of man who could?
Chris Carpenter: All of a sudden I'm startin' to think... it took more strength to stick with it. You know how to sit back and duck and ride it out... I'm not so good at that. But I'd like to know... Was it worth it, Dad? Hangin' in there all these years? What did you get out of it?
Joe Carpenter: [struggling to speak] I... I...
Andrew: Chris... He got you.
[with this understanding, Chris kisses Joe's hand and they hug]

Andrew: "Sometimes the answer is no, sometimes the answer is not yet."
Monica: What, are you makin' fun of me?
Andrew: No, no, I think you did great. Joe, she did great, didn't she?
[Joe smiles]
Andrew: See?
Monica: Andrew, what do you think the chances are of a special dispensation?
Andrew: Monica... Uh, I-I don't know.
Monica: It's worth trying. 'Cause sometimes, the answer is yes.

Chris Carpenter: We'll see you again, won't we?
Andrew: [chuckling; of Joe] He says you can count on it.

Andrew: [to Monica] Go get 'em, girl.

"Touched by an Angel: The Sign of the Dove (#7.21)" (2001)
Andrew: I'm just gonna drop in on some friends.
Adam: [reading the tavern sign] At the Sign of the Dove?
Andrew: Yeah.
Adam: How appropriate.
Andrew: More than you know.

Adam: Had this guy, the other day - six minutes left to live and he's lookin' right *at* me, and he's telling me there is, no God.
Andrew: Been there.
Adam: So I told the guy, "Look at me. I'm *glowing*, pal. I'm an angel. And you're dying. The time for debate is long since past. So get with the program before..."
Andrew: I know. It happens a lot.
Adam: [sighing] Yeah... Takes a lot outta ya, though.

Andrew: He was willing to risk death, so that he could enter life and you, are choosing death to *escape* your life.

Andrew: You know, sometimes in, um... in the course of human events, one man's history actually is, another man's future.

"Touched by an Angel: Minute by Minute (#8.18)" (2002)
[John plans to blow up his high school]
Andrew: [sternly] You have *no idea* what hell is!
John: Yes I do. It's called HIGH SCHOOL!

Cory: I've already been to hell.
Andrew: You have no idea what hell is.
Cory: [confidently] Sure I do, it's called high school.

"Touched by an Angel: Angel of Death (#3.18)" (1997)
Andrew: I'm "Andy". Andy, the Agent of Death. Listen, one week with that guy and I wish he'd fire *me*.

Andrew: And now I've got five minutes to find someone... to find someone who looks good in tights.
Tess: Well, don't look at me. But I think I know someone.
[he laughs]

"Touched by an Angel: Pandora's Box (#6.26)" (2000)
Sarah Radcliff: [Sarah, 13 years old, is in the home of an internet sex predator] Ok, I'd better go.
Dean: [Grabs her arm] No, you need to finish your drink.
Sarah Radcliff: Dan please! What are you doing? Stop!
Dean: I'm not going to hurt you...
Charlie Radcliff: [Andrew and Charlie, her father, break through the door] Get away from him Sarah!
Dean: Hey I'm not doing nothing!
Andrew: You got that right!
Andrew: [Dean grabs a bat and swings at Andrew who ducks. He swings again and Andrew merely grabs it] Sit down.
Dean: You can't just bust in here.
Andrew: [Andrew take the bat by the handle and smashes the computer] Sit down.

"Touched by an Angel: Crisis of Faith (#3.17)" (1997)
Churchgoer: That was quite a sermon for a non-preacher
Andrew: Well, thank you. Thanks; I didn't have a lot of time to prepare, but - it came from the heart.

"Touched by an Angel: Quality Time (#6.20)" (2000)
Monica: Anyone care for a slice of mocha?
Tess, Andrew: *No!*

"Touched by an Angel: The Birthday Present (#8.3)" (2001)
Andrew: People can't control death so they make up these fantasies about it which they can control