Jules Callaghan
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Biography for
Jules Callaghan (Character)
from "Flashpoint" (2008)

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Julianna 'Jules' Callaghan

Played by Amy Jo Johnson

Team role: Sniper, Rappelling Expert

Superpower: Stealth, agility, emotional intuition

"Family" role: Sister (equal to her Brothers)

Fear: Falling in love with a team member

Marital status: Single

Love life: Dates, but committed to her independence

Radio: FM pop music, a l Kelly Clarkson (but she hides it)

TV: Life's too short for TV

Reading: Tactical Marksman, Carpentry for Dummies, Extreme Travel Destinations, Vogue.

Drink: Rye and ginger

Jules is an exceptional markswoman, ex-RCMP who holds her own in the testosterone-pumped team environment. She has a grounded, natural prairie-girl confidence that looks you in the face, tells it like it is and expects the truth back. She comes from "The Hat" - Medicine Hat, Alberta - growing up as the only girl among four brothers, raised single-handedly by her father after their mother died. In this family, girl or boy, you pull your weight, you suck it up, you don't get anything you didn't earn. And you learn to shoot.

Not that Jules didn't have her rebellious phase. Jules has always been a risk-taker who "gets" people easily and enjoys high-stakes situations. A teenage party girl and troublemaker, she saw the light after an all-night conversation with a female RCMP officer in the back of a squad car... There's a place for girls who don't dream of malls, makeovers and manicures after all. And who can shoot.

Jules relaxes by participating in triathlons, performing late-night home improvements and all-out games of paintball; long walks on the beach and a quiet evening in front of the TV... not so much - which explains her dubious track record in dating, and her growing attraction to her new teammate, Sam Braddock.

Jules is comfortable around the guys, and they accept her as one of their own. But she's also watchful, still struggling for her own identity within a group that will always define her as being a little different from them.

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