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Kenny Blankenship (Character)
from "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" (2003)

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"Most Extreme Elimination Challenge: Meat Handlers and Cartoon Voice Actors (#1.1)" (2003)
Vic Romano: And here's Rob Tussin, he was very impressive in the warm-ups and...
Kenny Blankenship: [Rob Tussin lands on his head after a failed backflip] AHHHHH! Oh my God, he's still going!
[Tussin falls in the pond in "sinkers and floaters"]
Kenny Blankenship: He must be feeling really stupid!
Vic Romano: I don't think he's feeling anything from the neck down, Ken.

"Most Extreme Elimination Challenge: The Monster Special (#2.12)" (2003)
[a contestant is dressed as a giant fish]
Vic Romano: Next up, Harley the Carp! The mascot for "I Can't Believe It's Carp", the tangy butter substitute.
Kenny Blankenship: [singing] It covers my toast like a stinky fishy tarp... I know it's not butter, but...
Vic Romano: [sings along] I Can't Believe It's Carp!