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Wraith (Character)
from "Mighty Ducks" (1996)

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"Mighty Ducks: Zap Attack (#1.4)" (1996)
Wraith: You'll be absolute ruler in a matter of minutes. Brilliant, Lord Dragaunus.

Wraith: You'll get the hang of it, Lord. It's a brilliant plan.

Wraith: Well, I warned you it wouldn't work.
Lord Dragaunus: Those accursed ducks! What more can they do to me?
[Sees electric creature]
Wraith: Does that answer your question?

"Mighty Ducks: The First Face-Off: Part One (#1.1)" (1996)
Wraith: This is a mistake, Lord Dragaunus. If we do not use the dark powers of our ancestors, I predict a dismal outcome.

Seige: Alright, let's pluck some duck!
Wraith: I have a better idea, Siege. Let's roast them!

Wraith: Care to fight fire with fire?

"Mighty Ducks: A Traitor Among Us (#1.3)" (1996)
Wraith: Oh, Chameleon. Why did we have to hide the Raptor in this gloomy neighborhood?

Wraith: These primitive earthlings don't have the technology to produce a Proteus chip, Lord Dragaunus.

"Mighty Ducks: Phil in the Blank (#1.5)" (1996)
Phil Palmfeather: Hello?
Wraith: Roast duck!
Phil Palmfeather: That doesn't work anymore.
Wraith: I know. I'm ordering take out.

"Mighty Ducks: Duck Hard (#1.25)" (1997)
Wraith: I found these explosive pucks. If there's one thing I despise, it's hockey.
[Wraith sneezes]
Wraith: I'm allergic to the accursed sport.