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Spiderus (Character)
from "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends" (2004)

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"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Snake Charmer/A Party for Pops" (2007)
[first lines]
["Snake Charmer"]
Ivy: [regarding Holley] He's totally spiderific.
Mandrake: In all of Sunny Patch, he's the very best.
Spiderus: Ah, my sweet offspring. They're so proud of me.

[last lines]
["Snake Charmer"]
Spiderus: Holley, Holley, Holley. All I ever hear is Holley this, Holley that.
[Spindella gives him a kiss.]
Spiderus: Oh!
[all chuckle]

Spiderus: [singing] You'd never know I'm feeling blue / Every other dad gets a special day / But I get a hat and a song, hooray.

Holley: I don't understand it. My family always surprises me with a party this time of year.
Spiderus: Heh heh heh. Welcome to the club.
Holley: Oh, stop it.

[last lines]
["A Party for Pops"]
Miss Spider: Hope you didn't mind us playing a little trick on you, sweetie.
Holley: Of course not. The fun of a surprise party is the surprise, right Spiderus?
Spiderus: Not really.
[all laugh]

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Frog in the Moon/Moon Music and Sun Songs" (2006)
Spiderus: I tell you, Holley, I know music and that is not music.
Holley: It's not my cup of tea, either, Spiderus. But just because we don't like it doesn't mean it isn't music.

Spiderus: Since those appalling crickets persist in their nighttime noise-making, I shall simply sleep during the day. Problem solved.

[last lines]
["Moon Music and Sun Songs"]
Holley: Where are you going, Spiderus? I thought you wanted to celebrate.
Spiderus: Oh yes, I do intend to celebrate. By taking a long, lovely and uninterrupted nap! Good day!
Scratch: Count 'er in, bug!
Dragon: 1, 2, 3, 4!
Bounce: Be good to bugs! Be good to bugs! Be good... to bugs!
Miss Spider: Care to cut a rug?
Holley: I'd love to.
Bounce: Be good to bugs! Be good to bugs! Be good... to bugs!
Dragon: Go, mom and dad. Go!
Bounce: Be good to bugs! Be good to bugs! Be good... to bugs! Thank you!

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Be Good to Bugs... and Frogs (#2.9)" (2006)
Spindella: Spiderus, what in Sunny Patch are you doing?
Spiderus: I'm building a super spider security fence, to protect us against frogs!
Spindella: Honestly, you and your frogs. Believe me, there are no frogs anywhere in the Hollow Tree!

Spiderus: Frog, frog, frog! Miss Spider, everybuggy! Save yourselves! No, no, wait. Save me.

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Secret Frog (#1.18)" (2005)
Spiderus: You are hereby members of the Sunny Patch Anti-Frog Squad. Junior grade, of course.
Stinky: Welcome aboard, kids!
Frank: Yeah!
Dragon: So what's our first adventure?
Spiderus: Fetch me a berry. I had a light breakfast.

Holley: Did you actually see this frog?
Frank: Uh, not really.
Holley: Then let's not panic.
Spiderus: The frog has the children! The frog has the children! Get the frog! Get the frog! Charge!

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Happy Heartwood Day/Ground House Rules (#1.12)" (2005)
Squirt: Come on in, everybody! See our spiderific new ground house!
Spiderus: Such a ghastly hullabaloo. And right under my gate. That's it. I can't stand it anymore.
[He growls and then bumps into Dragon, who just zipped out of the ground house]
Dragon: Sorry, Spiderus. It's really crowded in there. I had to come out and stretch my wings.
Spiderus: Forced out of your own clubhouse, eh, Dragon? Well, that's doesn't seem quite fair.
Dragon: What do you mean?
Spiderus: Well, aren't you the eldest?
Dragon: Yeah.
Spiderus: Well, as the eldest, you should make the rules, don't you think?

[last lines]
["Ground House Rules"]
Spiderus: What do you want?
Dragon: Hi, Spiderus. I just wanted to invite you to join our club, too! You know what they say - "the more, the buggier."
Spiderus: [growls] I would never say that. Good night.
Dragon: Okay! But you're gonna miss the conga line!

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Good Deed Seeds/Shelley and the Brain (#3.15)" (2006)
Miss Spider: Helping a neighbor by doing a good deed is thanks enough for me.
Spiderus: Quite right. Well said.
Miss Spider: Although, you could pass on our good deed by doing something nice for somebuggy else instead.
Squirt: That sounds kind of neat.
Dragon: But why somebuggy else? We did all the work!
Spiderus: And besides, why do something for somebuggy if they're not doing something for you?
Miss Spider: Because doing a good deed and helping a neighbor is like planting a seed. You plant a good deed, then watch it grow and bloom like a flower.

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: The Thinking Stone/Big Bad Buggysitter (#2.3)" (2006)
Spindella: I told you before I left, dear. Your dinner's in the oven. Make sure you use a potholder when you take it out.
Spiderus: Oven? Pot holders? It's all too much. When are you coming home?