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Lewis Avery Filer (Character)
from "Hawaii Five-O" (1968)

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"Hawaii Five-O: Odd Man In (#4.14)" (1971)
Prison Guard: [Filer is dressed as a telephone repairman, and the guard clears him to go] Be seeing you.
Lewis Avery Filer: Don't count on it.
[Filer leaves in the telephone truck]

Lewis Avery Filer: [to Goro posing as Zeigler] Wouldn't it be a shame to take a nice, clean island like this and dirty it up with cocaine?

Lewis Avery Filer: [to Goro Shibata posing as Zeigler] They think there is 4 million dollars worth of that stuff floating around on a fishing boat... Goro, you try and land that stuff and you are a sitting duck.

Goro Shibata: [to Filer] You expect a payoff... Is that it?
Lewis Avery Filer: Please... When I said something for nothing, I meant it.

Lewis Avery Filer: McGarrett is laying for you, Goro... Be careful.

Goro Shibata: [to Filer, posed as Zeigler] I can't help wondering... Why does a man like Zeigler risk blowing his own cover to warn me?
Lewis Avery Filer: Perhaps Mr. Zeigler felt that he owed you a favor.

Det. Steve McGarrett: [McGarrett gets a phone call from Filer] McGarrett.
Lewis Avery Filer: There you are, McGarrett... Tell me, have you got your tape going?
Det. Steve McGarrett: You better believe it... What's the game this time, Filer?
Lewis Avery Filer: Oh, I wouldn't think of telling you... You'd much rather work it out for yourself, but I will give you a hint... Exactly 2.3 miles off Kaena Point on Route 93. Have you got that?... Just where the blacktop begins.
Det. Steve McGarrett: Yeah, go on.
Lewis Avery Filer: I suggest you be there by 4:15 this afternoon... Look for a red and white helicopter flying low under radar... That would be roughly northeast.
Det. Steve McGarrett: Yeah, and why should I do that?
Lewis Avery Filer: Because you've kept this island remarkably clean of hard stuff, McGarrett... I'm sure you want it to stay that way.
Det. Steve McGarrett: Look, Filer... Don't con me, just get to the point.
Lewis Avery Filer: The point is narcotics... A thoroughly rotten business. I'm sure we can agree on that.
Det. Steve McGarrett: Yeah, and that's about all.
Lewis Avery Filer: Perhaps, but that is enough because it means you'll be there. I know you, McGarrett... You can't sit still and watch $4 million worth of cocaine land on this island, can you?... Well. aloha.
[Filer hangs up]

Lewis Avery Filer: [McGarrett gets another phone call from Filer] Ah, there you are McGarrett.
Det. Steve McGarrett: Yeah, and getting closer all the time.

Lewis Avery Filer: [after subjecting Shibata and his men to ultrasonic sound] The ringing in your ears which you are experiencing will go away... In about a month.

Det. Steve McGarrett: [to Filer holding the money intended for the warden] This did you in, you know... You could have mailed it.
Lewis Avery Filer: What?... and trust the mails?

Lewis Avery Filer: [McGarrett is about to take Filer into custody] I'm surprised at you, Mr. McGarrett.
Det. Steve McGarrett: I'm surprised at you, Mr. Filer.

Det. Steve McGarrett: [McGarrett is taking Filer into custody] Federal prisons are harder to break out of, you know.
Lewis Avery Filer: Yes... I'm rather looking forward to that.

"Hawaii Five-O: Over Fifty? Steal (#3.11)" (1970)
Lewis Avery Filer: [to the jewelry store employees he is about to lock up] Anyone need to use the restroom?

Lewis Avery Filer: [to the jewelry store employees just before he locks them up] If you want to shout, please do... Good for the nerves.

Lewis Avery Filer: [On phone with McGarrett] Ah... There you are, McGarrett.
Det. Steve McGarrett: Yeah, this is McGarrett... What is it that can't be said to anyone but me.
Lewis Avery Filer: I want to report a robbery in progress... Kams Jewelery... Oh
[hurts himself removing his makeup]
Lewis Avery Filer: Sorry, hiccups... Kams Jewelers, The Jewelry Mart, at the corner of South and Curts.
Det. Steve McGarrett: Yeah, go on.
Lewis Avery Filer: Go on?... Isn't that enough?
Det. Steve McGarrett: Well, you said "in progress"... How do you know?... Who is this anyway?
Lewis Avery Filer: Why, the thief, of course!

Lewis Avery Filer: [On the phone with McGarrett] The reason I called... I've got two more jobs scheduled, just two... Then I retire for good.

Lewis Avery Filer: [At the news conference] Either you charge me with grand larceny right now, or I'll sue you... You personally, McGarrett, for libel... And when the dust clears, Mister, I'll own you.

Lewis Avery Filer: You know, McGarrett... You're too smart to be a cop.
Det. Steve McGarrett: And you're too smart to be a thief.

Lewis Avery Filer: [after Mcgarrett scrapes dirt from his shoe] That's not fair, McGarrett
Det. Steve McGarrett: I'll apologize in court.