Father MacAnally
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Father MacAnally (Character)
from "Ballykissangel" (1996)

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"Ballykissangel: Smoke Signals (#6.8)" (2001)
[last lines]
Fr MacAnally: Father Sheahan.
Fr. Vincent: Uh, I wanted to...
Fr MacAnally: Apologize?
Fr. Vincent: What for?
Fr MacAnally: I wouldn't know where to begin, Father. But if you were going to, I would need to sit down. Are you all right for tonight?
Fr. Vincent: Hmh?
Fr MacAnally: Somewhere to stay?
Fr. Vincent: Oh, oh God yeah. Yeah, yeah. I'm, I'm staying up at...
Fr MacAnally: I don't want to hear it.
Paul Dooley: Hi, Father.

[first lines]
Fr MacAnally: [walking into the house] Did I or did I not forbid you to marry those people?
Fr. Vincent: Come in.
Fr MacAnally: Don't get smart with me.
Fr. Vincent: I'm a curate, Father, not an altar boy.
Fr MacAnally: You defied a direct order from your parish priest.
Fr. Vincent: No. No, I didn't.
Fr MacAnally: Your friend is divorced!
Fr. Vincent: I know.
Fr MacAnally: Of course you know! That's why I refused you permission in the first place!
Fr. Vincent: You said I couldn't use St. Joseph's. I didn't.
Fr MacAnally: You knew what I meant!
Fr. Vincent: I took you at your word.

Fr MacAnally: You're impertinent, insolent, brash and disobedient.
Fr. Vincent: Yes. And you are...
Fr MacAnally: Well, come on, get on with it.
Fr. Vincent: Cranky. Grumpy. Cantankerous. And quarrelsome.
Fr MacAnally: I see. All the things you are. Only older.

"Ballykissangel: As Stars Look Down (#4.9)" (1998)
[first lines]
Fr. Aidan: I'm sorry I'm late, Father. Butch Considine's broken his leg.
Fr. MacAnally: Who?
Fr. Aidan: Our celebrity caller for the bingo tonight.
Fr. MacAnally: What?
Fr. Aidan: I don't think I'll be able to get anyone to replace him. I need some guidance; what am I going to do?
Fr. MacAnally: Not now, Father.

[last lines]
Fr. Aidan: Perhaps a cup of coffee, Father.
Fr. MacAnally: Excellent idea, Father. You go on inside. I'll join you in a moment.
Fr. Aidan: Right.

"Ballykissangel: Money, Money, Money (#2.7)" (1997)
[last lines]
Kathleen: Oh, Niamh, it's lovely. It's a miracle, Father, so it is.
Father Macanally: The Lord provides, Kathleen. And we hope will continue to do so.

"Ballykissangel: Stardust in Your Eyes (#3.4)" (1998)
[first lines]
Padraig: Would you look at that?
[goes back into the pub to get Niamh]
Padraig: You have to see this. Look at that.
[they watch a tethered balloon with a banner including Quigley's picture being launched]
Brendan: I think he has an inflated idea of himself.
Padraig: That would not be anything new.
Siobhan: Just so long as he remembers: what goes up must come down.
Father MacAnally: Brian Quigley never misses a trick.
Kathleen: What is he up to now?
Father MacAnally: We'll know soon enough.

"Ballykissangel: Drink (#6.2)" (2001)
Fr MacAnally: Did it not occur to you to consider *my* position before you bought a public house?
Fr. Vincent: Your position?
Fr MacAnally: You're my curate!
Fr. Vincent: You'll always be welcome, Father.

"Ballykissangel: Amongst Friends (#3.12)" (1998)
Carmel Power: The curate seemed very touchy.
Father MacAnally: Well, of course. It was a frightful tragedy for everybody.
Carmel Power: Of course it was.
Carmel Power: I don't know; it seemed an odd reaction. Like they were, well... close.
[Father MacAnally starts laughing]
Carmel Power: I don't see what's funny.
Father MacAnally: My dear child, if you have time to waste, ask anybody in the town; they'll all give you the same answer: Assumpta Fitzgerald and a Catholic priest.
Father MacAnally: There is as much chance of me converting to Judaism.
[closes the door behind her]
Father MacAnally: Shalom.

"Ballykissangel: All Bar One (#4.1)" (1998)
Father MacAnally: I know that most of you think I didn't like Assumpta. I think, and I regret this, even Assumpta thought I didn't like her. But the truth is, I liked her for the same reason we all do: her door was always open, she made you feel welcome whoever you were. I hope we remember this above all else about her. Niamh, I hope you'll do the same.

"Ballykissangel: Trying to Connect You (#1.1)" (1996)
Father Peter Clifford: Why did you ask if I was a Catholic?
Father MacAnally: Well, I would have asked you for a donation. *You* can't afford it.

"Ballykissangel: With a Song in My Heart (#5.10)" (1999)
[first lines]
Fr. MacAnally: Have you done any choral singing, Brendan? I hear you have a great voice.
Brendan: I have. But an even greater thirst.
Fr. MacAnally: And how about you, Sean?
Sean Dillon: I can't sing a note.
Fr. MacAnally: A parish populated by crows.
Brendan: Perennial search for a choir.

"Ballykissangel: Personal Call (#3.7)" (1998)
[first lines]
Father MacAnally: Father Clifford.
[Peter gets up]
Father MacAnally: I sometimes wonder, Father Clifford, if your sole reason for coming to this parish was to undermine the influence of the Church. Look at you. Turning your own sacristy into a lodging house.
Father Peter Clifford: With respect, I haven't had a lot of choice.
Father MacAnally: Respect! What would you know about respect? What about the respect due to your position as my curate?
Father Peter Clifford: Brian Quigley has repossessed my house.
Father MacAnally: You should have found somewhere else to stay! Look, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I will not allow this state of affairs to continue. You will rent some place, or you will book yourself into a B&B. Either way you will cease to draw attention to yourself in this childish manner, understood?
Father Peter Clifford: God's sake!
Father MacAnally: Don't raise your voice to me!
Father Peter Clifford: Look, it's me who's trying to do a job in impossible conditions, and it's me who has the right to complain, 'cause it's your responsibility to find me some place to live, Father MacAnally. My problem; your responsibility!
Father MacAnally: Don't you dare take that tone with me! Who do you think you are! How dare you speak to me like...
Father Peter Clifford: Father?

"Ballykissangel: For One Night Only (#2.1)" (1997)
[last lines]
Father Macanally: Not my cup of tea.
Father Peter Clifford: No.
Father Macanally: They make a strong pair though; I'll say that for them. Could be just what she needs. Is he a religious man, do you know?
Father Peter Clifford: No, I don't, Father.
Father Macanally: Hmm, musician. I don't suppose so. Still, we can hope, can't we?

"Ballykissangel: Lost Sheep (#3.8)" (1998)
[last lines]
Father Peter Clifford: Still, whoever the father is, I tell you he's got a daughter to be proud of.
Father MacAnally: Without question. Ah, must get along.
Father Peter Clifford: How's the heart?
Father MacAnally: Beating, Father, beating.

"Ballykissangel: The Final Frontier (#4.12)" (1998)
[first lines]
Brian Quigley: One day every year the ants all come up out of the ground. Did you ever notice that?
Fr. MacAnally: No.
Brian Quigley: Hundreds of them, and always on one particular day.

"Ballykissangel: Someone to Watch Over Me (#2.5)" (1997)
[first lines]
Father MacAnally: Grand idea. Wonder I never thought of it before.
Father Peter Clifford: But I don't need a housekeeper. I can manage perfectly well.
Father MacAnally: Nonsense, she'll be a godsend. A fine sensible woman around the place to keep an eye on things.
Father Peter Clifford: Kathleen's already convinced I'm a rabid communist; her cousin'll think I'm a devil-worshipper.
Father MacAnally: Kathleen's cousin is a respectable widow and she comes highly recommended. Don't let superficial impressions cloud your judgement.