Lt. Karen Davis
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Lt. Karen Davis (Character)
from "Life" (2007/I)

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"Life: Not for Nothing (#2.4)" (2008/I)
Captain Tidwell: [Henry is threatening to shoot himself] Pal, hey, let's not get crazy here. She is your *first* wife. Put my gun back in the drawer.
Detective Henry Villanon: I love her. I've always loved her.
Lt. Karen Davis: Henry, the desk you're sitting at, it used to be mine.
Captain Tidwell: *That's* how I know you.
Lt. Karen Davis: This extremely professional and sensitive individual, who equates women with viral infections, took a job I worked my entire life for. That hurt, probably about as much as you're hurting now.
Detective Henry Villanon: You have no idea how much I hurt!
Captain Tidwell: I do. I've been there. Standing on the Brooklyn Bridge, wondering what it's all about after coming home and finding most of your life has left for Jersey. I know that pain. But I also know something that dulls it: Tullamore Dew, the Afghan Wigs, and many, many, many strippers.
Lt. Karen Davis: Captain?
Captain Tidwell: We're taking a sidebar, Henry.
Lt. Karen Davis: [they step away] His wife is a stripper.
Captain Tidwell: He went with a stripper for his *first* wife?