Dr. Dix
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Dr. Dix (Character)
from Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006) (TV)

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Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011) (TV)
Jesse Stone: I'm jogging.
Dr. Dix: Jogging clears your mind?
Jesse Stone: I hate jogging.
Dr. Dix: Why bother?
Jesse Stone: It clears my mind.

Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010) (TV)
Dr. Dix: I heard screams from another room; I went in. There was this drugged-out dope-dealer on top of a young girl, skirt was up, clothes were ripped, she was cryin'. 'Get offa her', I said. Turned around, he looked at me like I was nuts, 'She's choice', he said. Said he was gonna kill her anyway, so why not put her to good use first, he said it like I should understand.
Chief Jesse Stone: What'd you do?
Dr. Dix: I kicked him in the face. He spit out some teeth, and he stood up, bleedin' all over the hardwood floor. Just stood there, starin' at me with this smirk on his face. So I shot it off. Put two more in his chest. The girl jumped up outta the bed, ran out the back. That was my last day as a cop. Broke open a key of coke, spread it around the room, found his gun, put it in his hand; drug deal gone bad. The girl never surfaced. Nobody knew what I did. I went home, pounded a fifth of scotch, passed out. I woke up with a hangover and a revelation; the job and the drinkin' feed each other... toxic.
Chief Jesse Stone: You love the work.
Dr. Dix: [snorts, nods] I hate fishin'.
Chief Jesse Stone: So do I.
Dr. Dix: So why'd you suggest it?
Chief Jesse Stone: Seemed like a good idea at the time, doesn't cost me anything.
Dr. Dix: I'll bill ya' for a house-call.
Chief Jesse Stone: It's freezin' out here.
Dr. Dix: You figure it out yet?
Chief Jesse Stone: I don't think it's the kind of thing where a light-bulb goes on.
Dr. Dix: Is it Jenn, or is it the work that makes ya' drink?
Chief Jesse Stone: Hell I don't know, could be both, I'm not a shrink.
Dr. Dix: I prefer 'therapist'. When you're on a case you don't drink.
Chief Jesse Stone: I always drink; if I'm involved I don't like to drink a lot.
Dr. Dix: You once told me you want to kill her boyfriend, did you mean that?
Chief Jesse Stone: I was jealous.
Dr. Dix: That's not much of an answer for a shrink.
Chief Jesse Stone: Jealousy isn't a good enough reason?
Dr. Dix: Jealousy's a powerful thing. What I want to know is, do you think you meant it?
Chief Jesse Stone: I meant it.
Dr. Dix: So if you could've gotten your hands on him...?
Chief Jesse Stone: I'd've killed him.
Dr. Dix: Jealousy's a powerful thing.

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006) (TV)
Chief Jesse Stone: What pushed your button?
Dr. Dix: My boozer button?
Chief Jesse Stone: The precipitating event.
Dr. Dix: Booze. I was a drinker of opportunity. I got my hands on it; I drank it.
Chief Jesse Stone: Well, I was alright till my wife left me.
Dr. Dix: No you weren't. Even when you were sober... you were a drunk waiting to happen.
Chief Jesse Stone: Just what did my wife tell you about me?
Dr. Dix: Ex-wife. She says you have a hyperactive sense of responsibility. She says, you feel the divorce was your fault, even though she was the one having the affair. She thinks you also feel responsible that your friend Abby Taylor was murdered.
Chief Jesse Stone: I am responsible.
Dr. Dix: You working on a murder case now?
Chief Jesse Stone: Yes.
Dr. Dix: That your fault too?
Chief Jesse Stone: [smiles knowingly] I sense a parable.
Dr. Dix: My wife left me because I was a drunk.
Chief Jesse Stone: Booze kill the job too?
Dr. Dix: It did.
Chief Jesse Stone: So, how'd you get sober?
Dr. Dix: I stopped drinking. You're a drunk because you drink. You don't drink, you're not a drunk.
Chief Jesse Stone: You don't believe in addiction?
Dr. Dix: Sure I do. I was addicted. I still am. But that was just an explanation. If you want to stop drinking, pal; you got to do more than explan it.
Chief Jesse Stone: You're a cold bastard, aren't you?
Dr. Dix: Getting sober is cold bastard work.
Chief Jesse Stone: I need a drink.
Dr. Dix: Me too.
Chief Jesse Stone: [looks away and swigs coffee]