Joseph Young
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Joseph Young (Character)
from The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008)

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The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008)
Joseph Young: Usually, I'm pretty good at this.
Molly Hartley: At what?
Joseph Young: Flirting. I guess... No one normally gets hurt though
[helping her up]
Molly Hartley: I am fine. No permanent damage.
Joseph Young: Good. Ditching class on the first day, I see. That's pretty bold.

Joseph Young: Well, I guess I didn't peg you as the paranoid type.
Molly Hartley: I'm not. I-I just don't like people keeping a record of my thoughts.

Joseph Young: So, are you good friends with that Alexis girl?
Molly Hartley: No. Why?
Joseph Young: I don't know. Just wondering.
Molly Hartley: She's nice to me. That's all.
Joseph Young: Nice? I can be nice.

Joseph Young: Can't be too careful.

Joseph Young: [to Molly] I would've definitely milked that brain surgery thing for like a month off, may two.

Joseph Young: [catching her in the hall] Molly. Hey, are you okay? I've been so worried about you. I've left you messages. Why didn't you call me back?
Molly Hartley: ...I don't know.
Joseph Young: What happened the night of the party?
Molly Hartley: I didn't mean to hurt her.
Joseph Young: Molly, I don't care about what happened to Suzie. I care about what happened to you.
Molly Hartley: I don't know what happened. I...
Joseph Young: You can tell me. Just talk to me. It's okay. Please.
Molly Hartley: Just leave me alone. Everyone should just leave me alone.

Joseph Young: Are you going to tell me what happened?
Molly Hartley: There are alot of things that you don't know about me. Terrible things.
Joseph Young: Well, I could probably say the exact same thing, Molly.
Molly Hartley: No! You don't understand!
Joseph Young: Okay, so explain it to me. Please, Molly. Just tell me what happened.

Molly Hartley: [entering the green house, seeing Joseph with a birthday cake] What are you doing?
Joseph Young: Are you surprised? It's your birthday, right?
Molly Hartley: [nods her head] ... Tomorrow.
Joseph Young: Well, it's almost tomorrow. So, happy birthday a few minutes early. Come on, babe. You wanna blow out the candle?
Molly Hartley: [scoffs] I wanna get outta here.
Joseph Young: But what about our party?
Molly Hartley: Okay, you're scaring me. What the hell's wrong with you? Joseph, let's go. Let's go!
[Joseph stares at Molly and does nothing]
Molly Hartley: [angrly] Fine.