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Georgia Dragon (Character)
from "Action" (1999)

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"Action: Dragon's Blood (#1.7)" (1999)
Peter Dragon: I'll tell you what, why don't we go across the lot and I'll show you the tank where Leonardo DiCaprio drowned.
Georgia Dragon: I don't understand why he just didn't hold on to the fat girl.
Peter Dragon: You're so cute.

Uncle Lonnie: How's your mother?
Hot Dog Vendor: We lost her three weeks ago, Lonnie. Doctor said it was, eh...
Georgia Dragon: [interrupting] Excuse me, this has sour crout. I distinctly said no sour crout. Do you have a hearing problem, or is it some kind of age related short term memory thingie?

Peter Dragon: Alright, What's the first rule of producing?
Georgia Dragon: Never invest you're own money. There's plenty of suckers out there.
Peter Dragon: What's the second?
Georgia Dragon: No pirate movies.
Peter Dragon: Third?
Georgia Dragon: Ehm...
Uncle Lonnie: Explosions, boobs, explosions. It used to be boobs, explosions, boobs, but women have advanced a long way.

Peter Dragon: [to his daughter] Oh, hey, you wanna see a movie, it's directed by some chinaman, it's a, it's good, I don't know, what's the title of it?
Wendy Ward: Pussycat lips, pussycat whips, bang bang pussycat, pussycat dies.
Georgia Dragon: Is it P.G.?
Wendy Ward: I don't think so.

Adam Rafkin: [tasked to help Georgia with her book report] You know, when I was a little boy, I had to do my own reports.
Georgia Dragon: So you should be really good at this!