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Quotes for
Kelly (Character)
from Cadet Kelly (2002) (TV)

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Cadet Kelly (2002) (TV)
Kelly Collins: [to Brad Rigby, while shining boots] Sir, I borrow some spit, Sir? Promise to pay you back!

Carla: Everything here is by the book.
Kelly Collins: Thanks for the warning Carla, but I would really like to try and retain my individuality around here.

[last lines]
Kelly Collins: [narrating] Since this is my first autobiography, I might not have gotten everything right. The events are true, the feelings are genuine, and my memoirs are finished. But, I might've forgotten what everyone was wearing.

Kelly Collins: [to Jennifer] I hate heights. I am even hoping not to get too tall!

Kelly Collins: [to her Mother] Military school? No, no. Like, like where they wear uniforms and they march all around together? You can't do this to me, Mom. I'm not going!

[first lines]
Kelly Collins: [narrating voice over] Hey, I always known there are some stories that have to be told, but I never realized my memoirs would be one of them.

Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone: You're on my list, maggot.
Kelly Collins: You'd be on mine if I had one.

Carla: First lesson: Zip it and listen.
Kelly Collins: Two things I have never mastered.

Kelly Collins: Next year, we'll be even better. If you and I can work on routines together, there's no telling what...
Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone: Actually... there's not going to be a next year for me. You see, my Father got transferred to Europe, so I'm moving.
Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone: But I do have one wish for you, Cadet. That you become a platoon leader, and have to deal with a little maggot...
Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone: Just like you.