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Britney (Character)
from "Frasier" (1993)

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"Frasier: Frasier-Lite (#11.12)" (2004)
Dr. Frasier Crane: Well, Morrie, if you're not cheating on your wife, and she still suspects you, then we're obviously dealing with a trust issue.
Morrie: More like a crazy issue. And I know where she gets it, from her mother - who, by the way, came for Thanksgiving and still hasn't left. Happy New Year!
Dr. Frasier Crane: Perhaps we should tackle these issues one at a time...
[Over the line Frasier hears loud knocking]
Morrie: I'm in the bathroom, Celeste! A little privacy? See how she gets?
Dr. Frasier Crane: Well, perhaps what is needed here is...
Celeste: You think I don't know who you're talking to in there, huh, Morrie? It's your little whore, isn't it? Hello, whore.
Dr. Frasier Crane: Celeste, if I could interrupt for just a moment...
Celeste: A man? It's worse than I thought.
[Another click]
Celeste's Mother: Celeste?
Celeste: Hang up, Ma!
Celeste's Mother: You're all on the radio. I'm listening down in the kitchen.
Morrie: How about washing a dish or two while you're down there?
[Yet another click]
Britney: I cannot stand this yelling! I'm running away from home.
Morrie: Oh, hang up the phone, Britney, you're going nowhere.
Dr. Frasier Crane: And neither is this conversation.
[He cuts off the line]