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Don Fry (Character)
from "Mortified" (2006)

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"Mortified: The Wedding (#2.6)" (2007)
Taylor: Mum? Dad?
Glenda Fry, Don Fry: Hm?
Taylor: Have you guys ever considered making a longterm legal commitment to each other?
Don Fry: We've already done that, squirt. It's called a mortgage.

Don Fry: I'd like to dedicate this sonate to my beautiful Glenda.
Taylor: [talking to the audience] Notice how he didn't say "my beautiful *wife* Glenda"?

"Mortified: Taylor's DNA (#1.1)" (2006)
Taylor: Dad, why're you dressed like that?
Don Fry: Well, it's underpants awareness day. I'm launching a global celebration of underpants.
Taylor: There's a reason why they're called *under*pants.

"Mortified: Mother in the Nude (#1.4)" (2006)
Taylor: Dad, heaps of people make sculptures of themselves. Why does Mum have to do it in the nude? I mean, seriously: she needs help.
Don Fry: Help? Did you say "help"?
Taylor: [reluctantly] Yes.
Don Fry: [enthusiastically] Then kindly raise your hand in the internationally recognized signal of distress.
[Taylor reluctantly raises her hand]

"Mortified: Little Fish (#2.1)" (2007)
Don Fry: How's your new room, sweetheart?
Taylor Fry: Oh, you mean the mouse cage? It will be better when the exercise wheel's installed.
Glenda Fry: You seem a little tired, pumpkin. Maybe I should give you a massage.
[Taylor runs away in panic]