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Quotes for
Ken Biddle (Character)
from Carry on Doctor (1967)

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Carry on Doctor (1967)
Biddle: Nurse I dreamt about you last night.
Nurse Clarke: Did you?
Biddle: No, you wouldn't let me.

[Dr. Francis Bigger, while lying in his hospital bed, is talking to Mr. Biddle]
Francis Bigger: What's your trouble?
Biddle: Oh, I had my appendix out.
Francis Bigger: Appendix?
[Gestures to Biddle's bandaged leg]
Francis Bigger: What about your leg?
Biddle: Oh no. that happened when I fell off the operating table.
Francis Bigger: Oh
Francis Bigger: [Dr. Bigger chuckles softly and then lies his head back on his pillow as Biddle walks away. Dr. Bigger's head then turns and we see the shocked expression on his face as the sudden realisation of what Biddle has said hits home]