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Francis Bigger (Character)
from Carry on Doctor (1967)

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Carry on Doctor (1967)
Dr James Kilmore: Just as I thought. You fell on your coccyx.
Francis Bigger: I did not. I fell on my back.
Dr James Kilmore: Your coccyx is at the base of the spine.
Francis Bigger: Well I've never heard it called that before.

[Mr. Bigger has just been knocked off the gurney he was lying on by the eternally clumsy Dr. Kilmore. Bigger lies hurt on the floor]
Nurse Parkin: Mr Bigger, whatever are you doing down there?
Francis Bigger: Waiting for a number 13 Bus!

Charlie Roper: What they brought you in here for then.
Francis Bigger: Oh just some pain in the back. Its a ooh, ooh dear.
Charlie Roper: Last bloke in that bed had the same thing.
Francis Bigger: Did he?
Charlie Roper: Right up to the end.
Francis Bigger: Well that's cheerful. I say one thing for them it's a nice warm bed.
Charlie Roper: Should be, they only took him out half an hour ago.

Francis Bigger: [seeing the ward sister being carried into the laundry room] Fancy her wearing red ones under all that!
Mr. Roper: [on seeing Bigger come out of his room] Get back in there and keep quiet!
Francis Bigger: [approaching Roper] Oh. What's this? The revolt of the slaves?
Mr. Roper: Something like that. We've got some business to settle with Tinkle!
Francis Bigger: [pointing to his room] You want me to stay in there? Never! Up the rebels, and to hell with Burgundy.
Mr. Roper: Where?
Francis Bigger: Bur-gun-dy!

[Dr. Francis Bigger, while lying in his hospital bed, is talking to Mr. Biddle]
Francis Bigger: What's your trouble?
Biddle: Oh, I had my appendix out.
Francis Bigger: Appendix?
[Gestures to Biddle's bandaged leg]
Francis Bigger: What about your leg?
Biddle: Oh no. that happened when I fell off the operating table.
Francis Bigger: Oh
Francis Bigger: [Dr. Bigger chuckles softly and then lies his head back on his pillow as Biddle walks away. Dr. Bigger's head then turns and we see the shocked expression on his face as the sudden realisation of what Biddle has said hits home]

Dr. Tinkle: [examining Dr. Bigger's back] Slight bruising, certainly. No bleeding, good.
Francis Bigger: Just like the service in here.