Sgt. Stedenko
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Sgt. Stedenko (Character)
from Up in Smoke (1978)

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Up in Smoke (1978)
Sgt. Stedenko: Now just how well do you know that freak with the basketball?
Unknown: Which basketball?
Sgt. Stedenko: Which basketball?

Sgt. Stedenko: Some asshole pissed on my leg!

Unknown: Sgt. Stedenko what are you exactly looking for?
Sgt. Stedenko: Dope, drugs, weed, grass, toot, smack, quackers, uppers, downers, all arounders. You name it we want it!

Man Stoner: [on police radio] Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, can you hear me?
Clyde - Narc: Hello, headquarters? Hello, headquarters? Come in, headquarters. This is Officer Clive... we are...
Sgt. Stedenko: Use the codename! The codename!
Clyde - Narc: Headquarters, headquarters come in, please. The is Codename Hardhead.
Sgt. Stedenko: Hat! Hardhat! Give me that! Hello, radio dispatch? This is Codename Hardhat, Codename Hardhat, do you read me? Over.
Man Stoner: Was that Lardass?
Sgt. Stedenko: Hardhat! Codename Hardhat! Do you read, radio dispatch?
Man Stoner: Hey, I got somethin' for ya, Lardass!
Sgt. Stedenko: Hardhat! Hard... Hat! Do you understand?
Pedro: Lardass, Lardass!
Sgt. Stedenko: Hardhat! Radio dispatch, do you know who this is?
Pedro: Naw, who is this is?
Sgt. Stedenko: This is Sergeant Stedenko!
Pedro: Oh yeah, you know who this is?
Sgt. Stedenko: No!
Pedro: Bye-bye, Lardass!

Sgt. Stedenko: The only kind of meat a priest could eat on Friday was nun.