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Mary Livingstone (Character)
from "The Jack Benny Program" (1950)

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"The Jack Benny Program: Jack Goes to Doctor (#9.6)" (1958)
Mary Livingstone: Something's wrong with Jack, and I don't know what it is.
Oscar Levant: Well, a lot of things could be bothering him. Tell me, Mary, does he have problems with money?
Mary Livingstone: Only keeping his stacks even.
Oscar Levant: That figures. Uh, maybe his age is catching up with him.
Mary Livingstone: Oh, Oscar, his age couldn't catch up with him, if Willie Shoemaker were riding it.

"The Jack Benny Program: Jack Falls Into Canal in Venice (#7.13)" (1957)
Jack Benny: [in Venice, complaining about the sightseeing tour being cut short] I'm gonna have 400 lira's worth of sightseeing! I know my rights. Afterall, I'm an American citizen.
Mary Livingstone: Jack, you promised the State Department you wouldn't tell anybody.
Jack Benny: I didn't promise. I said I'd think about it.