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Virginia Wolfe (Character)
from "Rocko's Modern Life" (1993)

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"Rocko's Modern Life: An Elk for Heffer/Scrubbin' Down Under (#3.12)" (1996)
Heffer Wolfe: What's up?
Virginia Wolfe: Your father has something to tell you, dear.
George Wolfe: Sit down, son. Son, there, uh, comes a time in every boy's life when, uh...
Heffer Wolfe: Oh. Dad, is this about the birds and the bees?
George Wolfe: NO.
Heffer Wolfe: Are you sure?
George Wolfe: Yes, I'm sure!
Heffer Wolfe: 'cause if it is, I...
George Wolfe: [losing his patients] It's not about that. It's about passing from boyhood to manhood.
Heffer Wolfe: Oh, so this *is* about the...
George Wolfe: Virginia!
Heffer Wolfe: What?
Virginia Wolfe: Dear, what your father is trying to say is, you have certain tasks to perform before the pack considers you an adult.
George Wolfe: Yeah. You have to bring an elk home for dinner.
Heffer Wolfe: That's it?

Heffer Wolfe: Mom, Dad, I want you to meet Elkie.
[to Elkie]
Heffer Wolfe: Elkie, this is my family; George and Virginia and this is my brother Peter...
Peter Wolfe: All right, dinner's arrived.
Virginia Wolfe: [to Heffer] What does he mean by that?
Heffer Wolfe: I guess we ordered out.

Elkie: [whispers to Heffer] Your family are wolves?
Heffer Wolfe: Oh, I was adopted.
Elkie: [whispering] I didn't realize.
Heffer Wolfe: So, would you like to see some embarrassing pictures of me as a child?
Elkie: Sure.
[they leave the room]
George Wolfe: [whispering] VIRGINIA, SHE'S STILL ALIVE.
Virginia Wolfe: [whispering] Now, dear. Just be glad he got her here at all.
George Wolfe: Well, I think he's getting a little TOO friendly with the main course.
Virginia Wolfe: Well, Heffer's always been very fond of food.
George Wolfe: Why can't I have any normal offspring!

Virginia Wolfe: Okay, kids. If I'm gonna get dinner on the table, I'm gonna have to get Elkie in the oven soon.
George Wolfe: NOT NOW, Virginia!
Virginia Wolfe: Oh. Okidoki.
Heffer Wolfe: [shocked] IN THE OVEN?
Elkie: I'm not getting in ANY OVEN.
Grandpa Wolfe: That's fine with me. Raw or cooked, I'm not picky.
George Wolfe: Oh, no. We have gotta cook her. Mother made a SPECIAL MARINADE for the occasion!
Heffer Wolfe: Wait a minute! Are you talking about cooking Elkie and serving her for dinner?
Peter Wolfe: Well, DUH.
Heffer Wolfe: Oh... WELL I WON'T HAVE IT!

"Rocko's Modern Life: Hair Licked/Gutter Balls (#2.10)" (1995)
Ed Bighead: Here, boys. I took the liberty of getting you these team shirts.
[hands them to Rocko]
Rocko: [reads the shirt] The Losers?
Heffer Wolfe: Oh, cool. Just like a real team.
[jumps up on a counter]
Heffer Wolfe: Look, everybody! I'm a Loser!
Virginia Wolfe: Come down from there, Heff. You'll put an eye out.
Ed Bighead: [to himself, gleefully] Oh, this is going to be SWEET.

Ferb: [announcing] Attention, bowlers. The O-Town Bowl -O- Rama Amateur League Championship Game will now begin. It's Bighead's Gutter Gals versus The Losers, now on Lane 13.
Filburt Turtle: [getting worried] Lane 13? That's terribly unlucky.
Heffer Wolfe: Yeah, unlucky for the slobs we're bowlin' against.
Virginia Wolfe: Heffer!
Heffer Wolfe: Oops. Sorry, Mom.

Ed Bighead: [Virginia only knocked down one bowling pin] What was THAT! YOU BOWL LIKE A WIMP!
Virginia Wolfe: Well, Ed, I...
Ed Bighead: No excuses!
Heffer Wolfe: Hey, Mr. Bighead. That's my mother you're yelling at and I DON'T LIKE IT!
Ed Bighead: Ah, who asked you, chubby?
Virginia Wolfe: [grabs Mr. Bighead] Don't you insult my boy, you big galoot!
Heffer Wolfe: You tell him, Mom!
Virginia Wolfe: Thank you, Heffer.
[to Mr. Bighead]
Virginia Wolfe: I'm taking my ball and going home.
[packs up her bowling ball and leaves]
Virginia Wolfe: You won't have Virginia Wolfe to kick around anymore.