Dr. Frederick Steele
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Dr. Frederick Steele (Character)
from Dark Victory (1939)

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Dark Victory (1939)
Dr. Frederick Steele: I'm not quitting... I have a little laboratory on my farm up there in Vermont. The Medical Research Bureau is backing me. Fisher in Philadelphia is going to do the pathology, incidentally, the best man in the country... Brain cells. Why do healthy normal cells go berserk and grow wild?... Nobody knows. But we call them cysts and gliomas and tumors and cancers. And we operate and hope to cure with a knife and half the time we don't even know the cause. Our patients have faith in us because we're doctors... Someday, somebody will discover a serum that will be to these growths what insulin is to diabetes and anti-toxins to diphtheria, and maybe earn his title of Doctor of Medicine.