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Quotes for
Mrs. Crabtree (Character)
from "South Park" (1997)

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"South Park: City on the Edge of Forever (#2.7)" (1998)
Red Shirt Kid: Why doesn't the scary monster eat her?
Kyle Broflovski: Because dumbass, scary monsters don't eat big fat smelly bitches.
Mrs. Crabtree: What did you say?
Kyle Broflovski: I said Larry King won't grant me three wishes!

Mrs. Crabtree: Shut up, you whores!

Kyle Broflovski: Let me have some cake, Cartman.
Eric Cartman: [struggling to eat] I just can't eat one more bite of this chocolatey goodness, ahh, i guess I'll might just try.
Kyle Broflovski: Dammit Cartman, you are such a fat f***!
Mrs. Crabtree: [Screaming] What did you say!

"South Park: Cartman Gets an Anal Probe (#1.1)" (1997)
Kyle: [Kyle's brother Ike is being kidnapped by the aliens] We have to do something!
Stan: Well, we can't do anything for now... That fat bitch won't let us!
Mrs. Crabtree: [shouts] What did you say?
Stan: I-I said that rabbits eat lettuce!
Mrs. Crabtree: Oh... Well yes, they certainly do...

Mrs. Crabtree: Let's go! Get on the bus!
Kyle: Sure... whatever you bitch.
Mrs. Crabtree: [shouts] What did you say?
Kyle: Uh... I said that I've got an itch.

"South Park: Pinkeye (#1.7)" (1997)
Mrs. Crabtree: Let's go! We're running late!
Stan Marsh: Oh, we're always running late you ugly skank!
Mrs. Crabtree: [shouting] What did you say?
Stan Marsh: Uh... I said I can't wait to own a new fish tank.
Mrs. Crabtree: Oh... well neither can I.

South Park Rally (2000) (VG)
Ms Crabtree: Get outta my way!

"South Park: Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut (#1.13)" (1998)
Mrs. Crabtree: [Eric did not show up for school again, and Stan, Kyle and Kenny are left waiting at the bus stop] Come on! We're running late!
Stan: We're not getting on, you fat ugly bitch!
Mrs. Crabtree: What did you say?
Stan: I said, "We're not getting on, you fat ugly bitch."
Mrs. Crabtree: Oh, alright then...
[Bus goes off without them]
Kyle Broflovski: Whoa dude...
Stan: I always wondered if that would work.