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Frankie (Character)
from Beach Party (1963)

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Bikini Beach (1964)
Frankie: Baby, I think we associate with a very unstable group.

[about Harvey Huntington Honeywagon]
Frankie: Can you belive it? The nerve of that guy!
Johnny: Yeah, he looked like something out of the Twilight Zone.
Deadhead: Imagine, comparing us to monkeys.
Frankie: Deadhead, you may be the missing link.

[Seeing that Eric von Zipper of the Malibu Rat Pack is frozen in motion]
Frankie: Hey you guys, the battle's over! Von Zipper's stoned again!

Frankie: [looking over a junked dragster for sale] Does ANYTHING on this car work?
Big Drag: The radio's kinda nice.

Beach Party (1963)
Frankie: I want to talk to you about Delores. I'm Frankie.
Prof. Robert O. Sutwell: Oh, hi, Frankie. I'm...
Frankie: I know who you are.
Prof. Robert O. Sutwell: You do?
Frankie: You're the guy that's been cutting in on my time!
Prof. Robert O. Sutwell: No, please, just a moment I...
Frankie: You're brainwashing her with your beard!
Prof. Robert O. Sutwell: Brainwashing her with my beard?
Frankie: Why else would she be crazy about someone like you?
Prof. Robert O. Sutwell: Now that, I resent.
Frankie: I mean, you're an old man.
Prof. Robert O. Sutwell: Now just a second. If you're so crazy about Dolores, why are you running around flirting with that Hungarian goulash?
Frankie: Because she's my girl.
Prof. Robert O. Sutwell: Who? Goulash?
Frankie: No, Dolores!
Prof. Robert O. Sutwell: Oh, I see now, yes! You're trying to make her jealous. Put her down. Typical Aborigine attitude. I suppose you'd like to drag her off on your surfboard by the roots of her hair.
Frankie: Yes, I would! I love her. Look, I know how you can love her too because she's lovable. But I'm telling you this: I am not gonna let any over aged fuzzy-face take away my girl! Not, if I have anything to do with it, and believe me Mister, I do! By the way, how are you fixed for blades?
[Frankie exits before Sutwell can say anything, who then sighs with frustration]

Frankie: You know, the only thing I've studied this semester is you.
Dolores: Well, I hope you don't flunk.
Frankie: Well, there's always summer school, you know.

Deadhead: Boy, this has been some night.
Frankie: You can say that again.
Deadhead: Boy, this has been some night.

Beach Blanket Bingo (1965)
Bullets: I didn't catch your name, boy.
Frankie: I didn't throw it.
Bullets: That's pretty tacky.
Frankie: I didn't want us to have a language barrier.

Frankie: You know something? A kiss is worth more than a thousand words.
Dee Dee: Then why don't you stop talking?

Frankie: [as the Rat Pack carry Von Zipper away] Tootie-too, Mouseketeers!

Muscle Beach Party (1964)
[Dee Dee walk in on Julie making out with Frankie]
Frankie: Dee Dee, hi. Um... you remember her? Her name's Julie.
Dee Dee: Oh, I remember her. The bride of Godzilla!

Dee Dee: [angry tone] I have just one question. Did you kiss him because he's lovable, or because he's the only man on the beach?
Julie: Because he looked hungry. His last meal obviously didn't satisfy him.
Dee Dee: Oh, it's a good thing you happended along. I'm sure you could cater supper to an entire army.
Frankie: Now that's in bad taste.
Julie: Oh, no. One man at a time. I like to be a devoted chef.
Dee Dee: But right now you're serving a lot of free meals. Sort of a one-woman bread line.
Frankie: Ooo, that's smart!
Julie: [getting angry] I can afford it!
Dee Dee: Then he must be of your charity cases!
Frankie: Hold on, the football here would like to say something.
Dee Dee: Well, I'm not through!
Frankie: Figures!
Dee Dee: [to Julie] As the man said, this is a public beach and we're supposed to keep it clean.
Frankie: Now that's really in bad taste!
Julie: [to Dee Dee] Then perhaps, you better leave.
Frankie: Very good!
Dee Dee: [to Julie] I plan to!
Frankie: No, wait. Don't quit now, Dee Dee. I think your ahead.
Dee Dee: Okay, how's this for a closer?
[slaps him]