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Chief Judge Joseph Ratner (Character)
from "CSI: Miami" (2002)

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"CSI: Miami: Death Eminent (#5.5)" (2006)
[Horatio is confronting the corrupt judge in his chambers]
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: Marta Argenta was your daughter, Your Honor.
Chief Judge Joseph Ratner: Sorry Lieutenant, that name doesn't ring a bell.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: She was murdered and buried on a property.
Chief Judge Joseph Ratner: Now Caine, where'd you dig that up?
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: Gary Logan's backyard, your honor.
Chief Judge Joseph Ratner: Now that's what happened to that girl! She did call a few times, yes, said she was my daughter. But why should I believe a teenage runaway...
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: [cuts him off angrily] That's why you paid Gary Logan to have her killed.
Chief Judge Joseph Ratner: All right Caine, that's enough. I've had enough of your accusations, you get out of my chambers!
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: I hate to inform you, your honor, that these are NO LONGER your chambers.
Chief Judge Joseph Ratner: [smugly] Now you know there's no way you're gonna prove all this in court.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: Gary Logan held onto Marta's body for just such a reason, so you see, I can.
Chief Judge Joseph Ratner: [sneering] Caine, you oughtta know better than that. You can't touch me.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: Your Honor, I don't have the slightest desire to.
[2 police officers move to either side of the judge, and pull his hands behind his back to handcuff him]
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: You're under arrest.
Chief Judge Joseph Ratner: [as he is being handcuffed] Don't think this is over, Caine. I got the best legal mind there is.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: You're going to need it.
[Horatio watches as the small group of officers marches the handcuffed judge out to their cars for transportation to jail]