Capt. Charles Devane
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Capt. Charles Devane (Character)
from "Hunter" (1984)

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"Hunter: Dead on Target: Part 1 (#5.3)" (1988)
Capt. Charles Devane: You know, I've seen third-world governments toppled with less mayhem; he didn't even call for back-up.
[talking about Hunter to McCall]

Capt. Charles Devane: Any particular reason why you need this time?
[asking about Hunter taking some time off]
Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: Well, rest, relax, see some friends, swap some war stories.
Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall: Change that tie?
[looking at his big red tie with dark blue and gray lines going down it]

"Hunter: Sudden Withdrawal (#6.19)" (1990)
Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: You know, it really is a shame, isn't it?
Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall: What do you mean?
Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: Well, Miss Carlton is a very beautiful woman; it's kind of... well, could have done more with her life, don't ya think?
[to McCall]
Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall: Let me ask you both something. Um, do you think either one of you could have fallen for her?
Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: I don't think so.
Capt. Charles Devane: No.
[quickly shaking his head]
Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall: I mean, if she weren't a criminal, could you have fallen for her?
Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: Well, we're not, ah, we're not bankers.
[to Charlie]
Capt. Charles Devane: No, that's right.
[agreeing with Hunter]
Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall: Oh, okay. But if you were bankers.
[pressing them]
Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: Well, I guess we could have made a couple of deposits with her.
[slapping Charlie in the belly and both laughing]
Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall: Ewww, yes...
[shaking her head smiling, mumbling the last words inaudibly]

"Hunter: The Pit (#5.10)" (1989)
Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: We already did it.
[refering to a list of things Devane asked them to do]
Capt. Charles Devane: Oh. Well, I guess that's why you guys get those big fat paychecks.
[leaving into another room]
Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall: Fat? Mine's practically anorexic.
Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: Mine died of starvation in the Spring of '85.

"Hunter: Second Sight (#6.20)" (1990)
Capt. Charles Devane: All right, hunter. So she was a strawberry blonde; the back window of the car was smashed, there's your broken glass; and the car was a silvered colored just like Mr. Skouros said.
Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: Yeah, that's because he invisioned it.
Capt. Charles Devane: No. It's because he did it. Pick him up.