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Evan Trevanion (Character)
from "Wild at Heart" (2006)

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"Wild at Heart: Episode #2.5" (2007)
Evan Trevanion: He was cursing and swearing.
Danny Trevanion: Sorry Thandi.
Thandi: Oh no, he wasn't swearing at me.
Olivia Trevanion: He said you were an ignorant-what was it again?
Thandi: Fat-assed colonialist.

"Wild at Heart: The Wedding Reception (#2.1)" (2007)
Evan Trevanion: What would happen if a lion ate a guest?

"Wild at Heart: Episode #4.2" (2009)
Rosie Trevanion: [Saying goodbye to Evan as he prepares to fly back to England] Make sure you come back soon. To meet your little niece or nephew.
Evan Adams: [Puzzled] My what?
[Rosie and Max smile as it dawns on the entire family that Rosie is pregnant and Evan is estatic]
Evan Adams: Oh my god!

"Wild at Heart: Episode #1.4" (2006)
Evan Trevanion: What do we do now?
Danny Trevanion: We stitch her up, hope that the god of lions is in a good mood, and have several cold beers.
Anders Du Plessis: Now you're talking.