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Xaviax (Character)
from "Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight" (2008)

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"Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight: For Ventara and Earth: Part 2 (#1.39)" (2010)
Xaviax: You're a fool, Adam. You had so many chances. But you made your decision, and so have I. The deal's off! And in fact, when I'm done venting you and your friends, I think I'll pay Sarah a visit and vent her too!

Xaviax: Wow. Look at all the brave warriors come to defeat the evil doer who ruined their lives. And 13 against 1? I must be real scary. Maybe it's time you all reconsider. I mean, Adam, have you really thought this through? You really gonna tell Sarah that you sold her family and her world into captivity? How are you gonna feel when you see the love light her eyes transform something into way less pleasant? Kit, what are you thinking? When Eubolon's defeated, who's the only one that gonna be left to bring back your father? Come on, Kit. What do you say? It's crunch time!
Dragon Knight II: Your words mean nothing.
Kamen Rider Onyx: He's right. We're done with you, general.
Xaviax: Oh, please. You think this is the end? I defeated you all before and I'll do it again. And even if you win, I'll be back. I will *always* be back!
Advent Master: Not this time you won't. Kamen Riders, use your Link Vent.