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Camille (Character)
from "Power Rangers Jungle Fury" (2008)

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"Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Path of the Righteous (#1.31)" (2008)
Camille: Now I got the drop on you, Snapper-head! Now, why did you try to destroy me?
Snapper: Um...
Camille: Answer me!
Snapper: Okay, okay. It's because you've grown to close to the human Jarrod. You love him and not Dai Shi, so we don't trust you anymore.
Camille: That is not true. I've always loved Dai Shi.
Snapper: Are you sure about that?

Jarrod: With the spirit of the mighty lion!
Camille: With the cunning of a chameleon!

"Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Ghost of a Chance (#1.13)" (2008)
Flit: What's going on here? I take a power nap, and all of sudden, you are a master?
Camille: Well, technically, no, but when Mog destroys the humans, I'll be rewarded.
Flit: Or, option B, Mog will fail, and Jellica will make you an appetizer.
[Camille grabs Flit and shakes him around]
Flit: Aah! Aah! I feel like a milkshake.

Robert 'RJ' James: Well, well, well. First-class accommodation.
Camille: I can't wait to watch Dai Shi to tear your wolf spirit to shreds. You're gonna beg for mercy.
Robert 'RJ' James: Ooh, you always treat your guests so graciously?
Camille: Don't worry. It'll be a short visit.
Robert 'RJ' James: I maybe defeated by Jarrod, but your master has made an error in judgment.
Camille: What error?
Robert 'RJ' James: He underestimates the Power Rangers.

"Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Can't Win Them All (#1.5)" (2008)
Flit: You've got to hand it to Gakko. He's got the Rangers beat. Was the young fly wrong in his predictions with the evil, ugly chameleon? Oh, no offense.
Camille: None taken. But I wouldn't squash you if so pleased with this massacre.

Flit: Camille, what a devastating loss. You must feel awful. And, despite my sensitivity to your grief, pay up!
Camille: Gladly.
Camille: [smacks Flit away]

"Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Ghost of a Chance II (#1.14)" (2008)
Robert 'RJ' James: Hey, listen. The hospitality's been great. I'm gonna recommend it to all my friends, but is there an express checkout?
Camille: Oh, you'll be checking out all right... for good.

"Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Welcome to the Jungle II (#1.2)" (2008)
Flit: Boom! The Rangers win! What an incredible effort from these young newcomers. The Power Rangers have defeated the mighty -- Aah!
[gets swallowed up by Camille]
Camille: I've had enough of you.

"Power Rangers Jungle Fury: One Last Second Chance (#1.25)" (2008)
Camille: You Phantom Beasts are so big and strong with your Rinzin power. Perhaps you give a little to me.
Sonimax: A chameleon with Rinzin power? You must be joking.

"Power Rangers Jungle Fury: The Spirit of Kindness (#1.28)" (2008)
Badrat: We're fast.
Rammer: We're a team.
Badrat: We'll catch them, we'll shake them...
Badrat, Rammer: ...and make them scream!
Camille: Hm. They can rhyme.