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Quotes for
Imogene Cochran (Character)
from Drool (2009)

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Drool (2009)
Imogene Cochran: So, um, was that your husband leaving the house this morning?
Anora Fleece: Uh, yeah. He works at a rubber factory outside of Tulsa.
Imogene Cochran: Rubber. As in condoms?
Anora Fleece: Oh, uh, no. They make inner tubes, pool linings, that kind of thing.
Imogene Cochran: Made of rubber.
Anora Fleece: Oh, yeah.
Imogene Cochran: Huh. Interesting, I guess.
Anora Fleece: Not really.
Imogene Cochran: Nah, I was just being polite.
Anora Fleece: Uh, what does your husband do?
Imogene Cochran: He don't do nothing, he dead.
Anora Fleece: Oh. Must be nice.