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Jarrod (Character)
from "Power Rangers Jungle Fury" (2008)

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"Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Path of the Righteous (#1.31)" (2008)
Jarrod: With the spirit of the mighty lion!
Camille: With the cunning of a chameleon!

"Power Rangers Jungle Fury: To Earn Your Stripes (#1.30)" (2008)
Dai Shi: Jarrod, you are only my human vessel. You have no will of your own. Do you understand?
Jarrod: No, you can't use me like this, any more. I want my life back.
Dai Shi: Your life is mine, now.
Jarrod: But I never wanted to hurt anyone. And I won't hurt anyone else.
Dai Shi: You will do as I say. Now that I lived as a human, I know all I need to defeat them. And when the final Beast War is over, all humans, including you, will be erased.
Jarrod: I won't let that happen. I have the spirit of the lion.
Dai Shi: You have the strength of the lion, but not the heart. There is not a shred of nobility or goodness in you. That's why I chose you for the first place. We're so alike.

"Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Welcome to the Jungle (#1.1)" (2008)
Casey: Look, I don't want any problems.
Jarrod: Too bad.
[pushes Casey to the ground]
Jarrod: Oh! Is little cub gonna do something?