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Quotes for
Cat (Character)
from CatDog: The Great Parent Mystery (2001) (TV)

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"CatDog: Dog Gone/All You Can't Eat (#1.1)" (1998)
Dog: I can't decide what to eat first.
Cat: What's the difference? There's four ingredients in everything!

Cat: We've payed for food, but they refuse us service! It's plain un-American! First, they take away the tacos, then the chimichangas, which is a beautiful word! What next?
Dog: Refried beans?
Cat: Exactly!

Dog: I got your postcard: "Dear Dog, Wish you were here. Cat."
Cat: I meant every word!

Cat: Hiya kids! Do you know what time it is? It's time to read some fan mail! Winslow, pass up those letters, my good man.
Winslow T. Oddfellow: Nothing today, Chief.
Cat: Are you sure?
Winslow T. Oddfellow: Trust me. You two are as popular as a monkey in a banana patch. Forget about it.
Dog: I have one! "Dear Us, Where did we come from? Signed, you and me."
Winslow T. Oddfellow: Pathetic.
Cat: Good question, Dog. As some may not realize, Dog and I are descendants of royalty.
Dog: Right, royalty! Um... I don't get it.
Cat: [whispering to Dog] Just work with me here, okay?
Dog: Oh! Royalty! We were the King and Queen of England! We wore crowns of sausages, dental floss, and bowling balls!
Cat: Yeah, well that was the rumor, but we did grow up in a beautiful country.
Dog: Beautiful country high in the frigid peaks of the Florida Alps!
Cat: Florida Alps?
Dog: Then we learned to fly... out into outer space... and back down into the ocean! There, we found deep-sea leprechauns... and a void so dark, we got lost in a crazy negative demension!
Dog: You said, "work with me." I'm working with you.
Winslow T. Oddfellow: And you two wonder why you never get fan mail? Sheesh Louis!
Cat: [to Dog] Deep-sea leprechauns?

Cat: Hey, Dog, take a peak at this sunset!
Dog: I'm not here.
Cat: I know, just take a look at the sunset, then you can resume not being here.

"CatDog: New Neighbors/Dead Weight (#1.15)" (1998)
[Dog believes that there are aliens who moved in next door, and he sees Winslow who came back from visiting them]
Dog: They turned Winslow blue!
Cat: He's always blue.
[Winslow bumps into the wall a couple times]
Dog: They sucked out his brain!
Cat: He probably forgot to put his contacts in.
Winslow T. Oddfellow: Gee Wilikers!
[puts in his contacts]
Cat: There. See?
Dog: Winslow never ever said "gee wilikers" before!

Dog: I hope I don't have a bad dream about aliens.
Cat: I have a very strong feeling you will.

Cat: You'll have to excuse us. Our stomach has been a little bit on the flippy side lately. Right, Dog?
Rancid Rabitt: You share stomach? Fascinating. What's that like?
Dog: [half awake] Millions... millions of people...
Cat: [imitating Dog] Millions of people have asked us that same question.
Rancid Rabitt: Oh. You guys must be really popular.
Cat: [imitating Dog] Oh, yes. Especially with the girls. Cat here is a chick magnet.

"CatDog: Armed and Dangerous/Fistful of Mail! (#1.7)" (1998)
Dog: You mean you lied?
Cat: That's what you do with pen pals.
Dog: I never knew that.

Cat: Ingrid, I have a confession to make. I'm not a black-belt, I'm a catdog.
Ingrid: Well, I have a confession to make...
[reveals her true identity, to be twins]
Ingrid: ... if you see what I mean.
Cat: Oh, I get it! I'm a catdog, and you're a double bodied oddity!

"CatDog: Fred the Flying Fish/CatDog Divided (#2.5)" (1999)
Dog: Cat! I thought you said Fred was going to a nice place! He's in chains!
Cat: They're "nice" chains.

"CatDog: The Unnatural/Dog Ate It/Dopes on Slopes (#2.6)" (1999)
Cat: Hello, Ingrids. Care to cha-cha-cha?
Ingrid: Ja-ja-ja!

"CatDog: Fetch" (1998)
Cat: Quiet, Dog! I've got to listen for my name on the radio!
Dog: Aw, I coulda told ya that! It's CAT!

"CatDog: Shriek Loves Dog/Work Force (#1.4)" (1998)
Dog: Your licking days are over, Dunglap! You're fired!
Cat: You can't fire Dunglap! He's our best friend!
Dog: Oh. Then, you're fired too!