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Johnny Gat (Character)
from Saints Row 2 (2008) (VG)

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Saints Row (2006) (VG)
3rd Street Saint: [referring to Lin joining West Side Rollerz to obtain insider info] I didn't think the Rollerz pimped hoes.
Lin: [punches the 3rd Street Saint to the ground] Any other comments?
Johnny Gat: Yeah. When you punch, don't throw your shoulders so much.

Johnny Gat: [in an elevator, looking for Tanya] I'm gonna skull-fuck that bitch.
Main Character: [pause] Hope you don't mind hepatitis

Benjamin King: She tells everything to her fashion consultant, he shouldn't be too hard to break.
Johnny Gat: Who is this guy?
Benjamin King: Some Eurotrash motherfucker named Stefan.
Johnny Gat: I hate him already.

Johnny Gat: [while disguised as a Vice King] You never shoulda messed with the Saints! Or the Vice Kings... Because that's what we are.

Johnny Gat: So you're Julius' new boy. You don't look like much. Then again, I don't look like I got an eight inch cock. So I guess we're both full of surprises.

Johnny Gat: Who the fuck's this guy?
Julius: Troy and I found him. We're gonna see if he can roll with us.
Johnny Gat: Julius, if he wants to run with the Saints, he's gotta be canonized!
Troy: He's right, everyone had to do it.

Troy: You've earned your colors today.
Dex: That was some impressive shit! The only other Saint who kicked ass like that was Johnny!
Johnny Gat: Shit took me half the time.
Julius: Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints.

Dex: Who's got the Rollerz?
Lin: I do.
Johnny Gat: Lin? The fuck you wearing blue for?
Julius: I asked Lin to hook up with the Rollerz. We don't know much about these fuckers so I wanted one of us on the inside.

Johnny Gat: There's gotta be a better plan than "Lets Be Monroe's Bitches"!
Dex: You're right. There is. Marshall Winslow was a major public figure and you can bet your ass that people would ask questions if the chief of police wasn't at his funeral. I say we hit Monroe during the funeral procession. That should show whoever he's working with that we're not fucking around.
Johnny Gat: You're saying we should assassinate the chief of police while he's at the funeral of the guy we just smashed?
Dex: Yeah.
Johnny Gat: Don't tease me, Dex!
Dex: Let's fucking do it.

Saints Row 2 (2008) (VG)
Johnny Gat: [Boss shows up to the courtroom to free Gat] Shit! About time your burnt ass woke up.
Boss: [Tosses Gat his handcuff keys] You okay, Johnny?
Johnny Gat: Yeah. Aside from almost being sent to the chair, I'm fucking great.

Johnny Gat: [Boss annihilates vehicle] Aah, this is the fucking life.

Johnny Gat: [Boss mauls a fence] I'm not paying for that!

Saints Row: The Third (2011) (VG)
Johnny Gat: You're gonna need more help than that, Frenchy.
Phillipe Loren: I am Belgian!
Johnny Gat: Same thing.
Phillipe Loren: I'm going to cut that disrespectful tongue from your mouth.
Johnny Gat: Oh yeah? You and how many of your - oh, that many.