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Bella Swan (Character)
from Twilight (2008/I)

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)
Bella Swan: It's my birthday, can I ask for something? Kiss me.

Bella Swan: What happened with Jasper was nothing.
Edward Cullen: Nothing compared to what could've happened. I promise never to put you through anything like this ever again. This is the last time you'll ever see me.
[He kisses her and walks away]

Bella Swan: [Noticing Jacob's physique up close] You're sort of beautiful.
Jacob Black: How hard did you hit your head?

Bella Swan: [after she flips over her motorcycle] I'm gonna go again.
Jacob Black: No. Forget it. No more bike.

Bella Swan: [feeling the blood on her forehead] I'm sorry...
Jacob Black: Bella, you're apologizing for bleeding?

Alice Cullen: It's time, it's time.
Esme Cullen: Happy Birthday, Bella.
Alice Cullen: Let's open your presents, there's a cake too.
Bella Swan: Alice, that cake could feed fifty. You guys don't even eat.
[Alice hands her a present]
Bella Swan: Thanks
[Bella drops it quickly]
Bella Swan: Ow, paper cut.

Jacob Black: He left you Bella! He didn't want you anymore.
Bella Swan: I have to go.

Bella Swan: I'm scared.

Alice Cullen: Bella! It's Edward. He thinks you're dead!
Bella Swan: What?

Edward Cullen: The Volturi are the closest thing my world has to royalty... they enforce the law.
Bella Swan: Vampires have laws?

Edward Cullen: You just don't belong in my world Bella.
Bella Swan: I belong with you.

Bella Swan: The absence of him is everywhere I look.

Bella Swan: There is only one way I know to see him.

Bella Swan: No Edward, don't.

Edward Cullen: [bends to kiss her] Happy birthday.
Bella Swan: Hmm, don't remind me.
Edward Cullen: [laughs] Bella your birthday is definitely something to celebrate.
Bella Swan: But my aging is not.

Bella Swan: You've killed people Jake.
Jacob Black: We only kill what we are trying to protect you from, vampires.

Bella Swan: [Runs at Sam] What did you do?
Paul: Hey!
Bella Swan: What did you do to him?
Sam Uley: Hey, easy.
Embry Call: Watch it!
Bella Swan: He didn't want this!
[Hitting Paul on the chest]
Paul: Ow! But we do? What did he do, hmm? What? Did he tell you?
Sam Uley: [Holding Paul back] Both of you! Calm down.
Bella Swan: [She pushes past Sam and gets into Paul's face] Nothing! He tells me nothing because he's scared of you!
[Paul begins to laugh, along with Jared and Embry]
Bella Swan: [She becomes angry and suddenly slaps Paul across the face]
Sam Uley: [Trying to hold Paul back] Paul don't.
Jared: Too late now.
Sam Uley: Bella get back.
[Bella begins to back up slowly as she watches Paul breathe]
Sam Uley: [Paul begins to breathe deeply causing growls to escape his throat] Bella get back now. Get back.
[Paul suddenly begins to snarl like mad as he shape-shifts into his wolf form. Bella gasps as she sees this and begins to walk backwards]

Bella Swan: It's one year older than you.
Edward Cullen: No it isn't. I'm 109.

Bella Swan: [Reading the e-mail that she's written but cannot send] Alice. You've disappeared. Like everything else. Now who else can I talk to? I'm lost. When you left, and he left, you took everything with you. But the absence of him is everywhere I look. It's like a huge hole has been punched through my chest. But In a way, I'm glad. The pain is the only reminder that he was real. That you all were.

Bella Swan: Alice. I saw him. Maybe I'm crazy now, but I guess that's okay. If a rush of danger is what it takes to see him, than that's what I'll find.

Edward Cullen: You promised you wouldn't do anything stupid or reckless.
Bella Swan: You promised it would be as if you never existed. You lied.

Bella Swan: I thought we agreed, no presents?
Charlie Swan: The one from me isn't wrapped, so it doesn't count.

Bella Swan: I've brought you something. It's a little crazy.
Jacob Black: Wowwwwww. Scrap metal.

Bella Swan: Woah, you're buff. What are you, like 16?
Jacob Black: Age is just a number baby. What are you now, 40?

Bella Swan: Dear Alice, I wish I had your real address. I wish I could tell you about Jake. He makes me feel better. I mean, he makes me feel alive. The hole in my chest... well, when I'm with Jake it's like it's almost healed for a while. But even Jake can't keep the dreams away.

Jacob Black: Quil keeps asking to come over. I think he likes you a little too much.
Bella Swan: Oh... Well... I'm not really into the whole cougar thing.
Jacob Black: What's up with you and age? I mean, how old was the Cullen guy anyway?

Jacob Black: Bella, they're not really fighting! They're cliff diving. Scary as hell, but a total rush.
Bella Swan: Rush?

Jacob Black: They think they run the place. Embry use to call them "Hall monitors on steroids" Now look at him.
Bella Swan: That's Embry?
Jacob Black: Yeah.
Bella Swan: What happened to him?
Jacob Black: He started missing school, then all of a sudden he started following Sam around like a little puppy. Same thing happened with Paul and Jared. And Sam keeps giving me this look like he's waiting for me or something. It's kinda staring to freak me out.
Bella Swan: Well, you should just avoid him.
Jacob Black: I try.

Jacob Black: Bella, you're crossing a line.
Bella Swan: Then don't draw one.

Jared: These are trade secrets! She runs with vampires!
Bella Swan: You can't really run with vampires. They're very fast.
Jared: Well, we're faster. Freaked out yet?
Bella Swan: You're not the first monsters I've met.
Sam Uley: Jake's right, you're good with weird

Bella Swan: I want to go again.
Jacob Black: Are you trying to get yourself killed?
Bella Swan: I want to go again.
Jacob Black: No. Forget it. No more bikes.

Bella Swan: I'm coming with you!
Edward Cullen: Bella, I don't want you to come with me.
Bella Swan: You... You don't want me?
Edward Cullen: No.
Bella Swan: Well, that changes things. A lot.

Angela: I'm telling you, I saw something in the woods!
Eric: It's okay, baby. I believe you.
Jessica: No he doesn't. He's just trying to get lucky.
Angela: It was jet black and huge. On all fours it was still taller than a human.
Jessica: A bear, maybe?
Mike: Or an alien. You're lucky you didn't get probed.
Jessica: Yeah, like that would happen.
Angela: Well, I saw it.
Bella Swan: You know, you're not the only one. My dad's been getting reports down at the station. Something like 5 hikers been killed by a bear, but they can't find the bear.
Angela: Hm.
Eric: Hahahaha. Last time you clowns doubt my girlfriend!

Mike: So listen... Now that you're talking again... And eating... You know
[pokes Bella's stomach]
Mike: You gotta get that protein in there. You know I was just wondering if you wanted to go see a movie with me.
Bella Swan: Yeah... Sure. Yeah I do.
Mike: Okay... We could check out "Love spelled backwards is love" You know, it's a dumb title, but, um, it's a romantic comedy, it's suppose to be...
Bella Swan: No. No romance. Uh, well, how about "Face Punch" You heard of that?
Mike: Well, it's an action movie.
Bella Swan: Yeah, it's perfect. With guns... adrenaline... it's my thing.
Mike: Okay...
Bella Swan: We should get a bunch of people... You guys wanna go see "Face Punch" ?
Eric: Yeah! Hey, Mike, remember we were suppose to watch that? The trailer's all like "* Pew, pew!* Punch his face in"
Jessica: Movie night with Bellllllaaaaaaa
[Rolls eyes]

Jacob Black: So, "Face Punch", huh? You like action movies?
Mike: No, not really.
Jacob Black: I heard it sucks. Bad.
Mike: Hey... Are you even old enough to see this movie? I mean, without adult supervision?
Jacob Black: Right... Yeah. Well, she's buying my ticket for me.
Mike: Right... Okay.
Bella Swan: Well, Jessica bailed and Angela's got the stomach flu so Eric's taking care of her... It's just us three.
Jacob Black: Great...
Mike: Great...

Jacob Black: Tell me something... You like me, right?
[Bella Nods]
Jacob Black: And you think I'm sorta beautiful?
Bella Swan: Jake, please don't do this.
Jacob Black: Why?
Bella Swan: Because you're about to ruin everything. And I need you.
Jacob Black: Well, I've got loads of time. I'm not going to give up.
Bella Swan: I don't want you to. But that's just because I don't want you to go anywhere. It's really selfish. You know, I'm not like a car that you can fix up. I'm never going to run right.
Jacob Black: It's because of him, isn't it? Look, I know what he did to you. But Bella, I would never, ever do that. I won't ever hurt you. I promise. I won't let you down. You can count on me.
Mike: Well, I need to go home. I was feeling sick before the movie, okay?... What? What's your problem?
Jacob Black: You're my problem. Feeling sick? Maybe you need to go to the hospital. Do you want me to put you in the hospital?
Bella Swan: Jake, the movie's over. What are you doing? Jake... You're really hot... You feel like you have a fever. Are you okay?
Jacob Black: I don't know what's happening. I gotta go.
Mike: That dude is weird.

Bella Swan: Alice... Things are bad again. Without Jake... I can't stand it. I don't see Edward anymore. Now it really feels like he never existed. I will find a place where I can see him again.

Bella Swan: Laurent!
Laurent: I didn't expect to find you here. I went to visit the Cullens, but, the house is empty. I'm surprised they left you behind. Weren't you sort of a pet of theirs?
Bella Swan: Yeah. You could say that.
Laurent: Do the Cullens visit often?
Edward Cullen: [appearing as a vision] Lie.
Bella Swan: Yeah, absolutely. All the time.
Edward Cullen: Lie better.
Bella Swan: I'll tell them that you stopped by. I probably shouldn't tell... Edward. He's pretty protective.
Laurent: But he's far away isn't he?
Bella Swan: Why are you here?
Laurent: I came as a favor to Victoria.
Bella Swan: Victoria?
Laurent: She asked me to see if you were still under the protection of the Cullens. Victoria feels it's only fair if she kills Edwards mate, giving he killed hers. An eye for an eye.
Edward Cullen: Threaten him.
Bella Swan: Edward would know who did it! And he'd come after you.
Laurent: Oh, I don't think he will. After all, how much could you mean to him if he left you here unprotected? Victoria won't be happy about me killing you. But I can't help myself. You're so mouth-watering.
Bella Swan: Please don't. I mean, you helped us.
Laurent: Shhhh. Don't be afraid. I'm doing this out of kindness. Victoria plans on killing you slowly and briefly, where as I'll make it quick. I promise. You will feel nothing.
Bella Swan: Edward, I love you.

Bella Swan: I know those wolvess will be dead. And he'll go tell her I'm unprotected... Victoria.

Bella Swan: Alice, is it possible that everything's true? The fairy tales and horror stories? Is it possible that there isn't anything sane and normal at all?

Bella Swan: So, you're a werewolf?
Jacob Black: Yeah, last time I checked.

Edward Cullen: [Bella and Edward are discussing when Bella will be changed, Edward is speaking to Bella] I just have one condition if you want me to do it myself.
Bella Swan: What's the condition?
Edward Cullen: And then forever.
Bella Swan: That's what I'm asking.
Edward Cullen: [dramatic pause] Marry me, Bella.

Edward Cullen: Bella, don't do this.
Bella Swan: You won't stay with me any other way.
Edward Cullen: Please? For me?
Bella Swan: You wanted me to be human. Well, watch me.

Alice Cullen: Bella, what is that God awful wet dog smell?
Bella Swan: Um... That's probably me. I've... It's Jacob.
Alice Cullen: Jacob who?
Bella Swan: Jacob's kind of a werewolf.
Alice Cullen: Ugh! Bella! Werewolves are not good company to keep!
Jacob Black: Speak for yourself...

Alice Cullen: Bella it's Edward, he thinks you're dead!
Bella Swan: What?
Alice Cullen: He's going to the Volturi. He wants to die too.

Jacob Black: Please stay here. For Charlie. For me.
Bella Swan: I have to go.
Jacob Black: I'm begging you. Please.
Bella Swan: Goodbye, Jacob.

Edward Cullen: Heaven.
Bella Swan: [Bella runs into Edward in attempt to get in back in the shadows] You have to move! Open your eyes, look at me. I'm alive. You have to move!
[Edward grabs Bella and goes into the shadows]
Edward Cullen: You're here!
Bella Swan: I'm here.
Edward Cullen: [Smiles] You're alive!
Bella Swan: Yes... I needed you to see me once. You had to know that I was alive. You didn't need to feel guilty about it. I can let you go now.
Edward Cullen: I could never let go of you. I just couldn't live in a world where you didn't exist.
Bella Swan: [puzzled] But you said...
Edward Cullen: I lied. I had to lie, and you believed me so easily.
Bella Swan: [Starts crying] Because it doesn't make sense for you to love me. I'm nothing... Human. Nothing.
Edward Cullen: Bella, you're everything to me. Everything.

Bella Swan: [as Aro is about to kill Edward] Please! No, no! Please! Kill me! Kill me! Not him!
Aro: How extraordinary! You would give up your life for someone like us. A vampire. A soulless monster.
Edward Cullen: Bella get away from him!
Bella Swan: [to Aro] You don't know a thing about his soul.

Bella Swan: You're here.
Edward Cullen: You can sleep. I'll still be here when you wake up.

Edward Cullen: Bella, the only reason why I left is because I thought I was protecting you. So that you could have a chance at a normal, happy life.
Bella Swan: It was so easy for you to leave.
Edward Cullen: Leaving you was the hardest thing I've done in 100 years. I swear, I will never fail you again. I'm so sorry. Charlie's coming.

Charlie Swan: Hey. You okay?
Bella Swan: I'm fine. Dad, you don't have to worry.
Charlie Swan: Yeah, last time you said that you took off and I didn't see you for three days.
Bella Swan: I'm really sorry, dad. I...
Charlie Swan: Bella, do not ever do that to me again. Ever. And you're grounded for the rest of your life.
Bella Swan: Okay.

Edward Cullen: I'm not technically breaking any of his rules. He did say never to take a step through his door, but I came in through the window. He's not going to forgive me easily.
Bella Swan: I know.
Edward Cullen: Can you? I hope you can, because, I honestly don't know how to live without you.
Bella Swan: Come here.
[Bella Kisses him]
Bella Swan: Once Alice changes me, you can't get rid of me.
Edward Cullen: She won't need to change you. There are always ways to keep the Volturi in the dark.
Bella Swan: No.

Bella Swan: You all know what I want. And I know it's a lot to ask for. The only fair way I can think of is if we put this to a vote.
Edward Cullen: Bella, you don't know what you're doing.
Bella Swan: [to Edward] Just... shut up.
Bella Swan: Alice?
Alice Cullen: I already consider you my sister... Yes!
Bella Swan: Thank you.
Jasper Whitlock: I vote yes. It would be nice not to want to kill you all the time.
Rosalie Hale: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry to both of you for how I've acted. And I'm really grateful that you were brave enough to go save my brother. But this isn't a life I would have chosen for myself. And I wish that there had been someone to vote no for me. So no.
Emmett Cullen: I vote hell yeah! We can pick a fight with the Volturi some other way.
Esme Cullen: I already think of you as part of the family. Yes!
Edward Cullen: Why are you doing this to me? You know what this means.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: You've chosen not to live without her, which leaves me no choice. I won't lose my son.

Edward Cullen: Just give me five years and I'll change you.
Bella Swan: That's too long.
Edward Cullen: Three?
[Bella glares at him]
Edward Cullen: You're so stubborn.
Bella Swan: What are you waiting for?
Edward Cullen: I have one condition... if you want me to do it myself.
Bella Swan: What's the condition?
Edward Cullen: And then forever.
Bella Swan: That's what I'm asking.
[last lines]
Edward Cullen: Marry me, Bella.

Bella Swan: Alice, you've disappeared, like everything else. Now who else can I talk to? I'm lost. When you left, when he left, you took everything with you. But the absence of him is everywhere I look. It's like a huge hole has been punched through my chest. But in a way I'm glad, the pain was the only reminder that he was real. That you all were.

Bella Swan: Wait, you're not leaving, you're coming back, right?
Alice Cullen: As soon as you put the dog out.

Alice Cullen: Bella!
[Alice hops over the stairway banister]
Alice Cullen: [hugging Bella] Happy Birthday!
Bella Swan: Shh, shh.
[Alice hands Bella a wrapped birthday present]
Bella Swan: I thought we agreed, no presents.
Alice Cullen: I've already seen you open it, and guess what: you love it! You're gonna wear it tonight. Our place.
[Bella balks, looking reluctant]
Alice Cullen: [begs] Come on, please? It'll be fun.
[Standing behind Alice, Jasper lowers his head and looks intently at Bella]
Bella Swan: Okay. All right.
Alice Cullen: [giddily] Great! Okay, I'll see you at seven.
[Alice skips back to Jasper, and Bella gets a look as if snapping out of something]
Bella Swan: Jasper...! No fair with the mood control thing.
Jasper Whitlock: [smiles] Sorry, Bella. Happy...
[Bella gives him a look]
Jasper Whitlock: Never mind.

Edward Cullen: So how come Jacob Black gets to give you a present and I don't?
Bella Swan: Cause I have nothing to give back to you.
Edward Cullen: Bella, you give me everything by just breathing.

Alice Cullen: I didn't think you would be opposed to grand theft auto.
Bella Swan: No, not today.

Bella Swan: Hey, you're not going anywhere? You're going to come back, right?
Alice Cullen: As soon as you put the dog out.

Bella Swan: [after Jacob gets off of the phone with Edward] Who was that?
Jacob Black: He's always in the way.

Emily: So... You're the vampire girl...
Bella Swan: ...So you're the wolf girl.
Emily: Guess so. Well- I'm engaged to one.

Bella Swan: You can't really run with vampires... cause they're fast.

Bella Swan: [to Jacob] Please don't make me choose. Because it will be him, everytime. It's always been him.

Jacob Black: 108 degrees over here.
Bella Swan: My hands are freezing. Must be nice never getting cold.
Jacob Black: It's a wolf thing.
Bella Swan: No, it's a Jacob thing, you could be like your own sun.

Bella Swan: These violet delights have violent ends. And in their triumph die, like fire and powder. Which, as they kiss, consume

Jacob Black: [to Edward] You stay the hell out of my head!
Edward Cullen: Jacob, I know you have something to say to me. but I'd like to say something to you if that's alright. Thank you. Thank you for... keeping Bella alive when I didn't.
Jacob Black: No, you didn't. And it wasn't for your benefit trust me.
Edward Cullen: I'm still grateful. But I'm here now. I'm not leaving her side until she orders me away.
Jacob Black: We'll see. Hey, my turn to talk. I'm here to remind you of a key point in the treaty.
Edward Cullen: I haven't forgotten.
Bella Swan: What key point?
Jacob Black: If any of them bites a human, the truce is over.
Bella Swan: But if I choose it it has nothing to do with you.
Jacob Black: No I won't let you. you're not going to be one of them Bella!
Bella Swan: It's not up to you.
Jacob Black: You know what we'll do to you, I won't have a choice.
Jacob Black: Bella come please.
Bella Swan: No, is he going to hurt me? Read his mind.
Edward Cullen: [assures her]

Bella Swan: Jake, I love you. So please, don't make me choose. Cause it'll be him. It's always been him.
Jacob Black: [whispers] Bella?
Edward Cullen: [walks over to Bella] G'bye Jacob.
Jacob Black: [Grabs Bella's arm] No you don't speak for her!
Edward Cullen: [shoves Jacob and he phases into wolf midair. Lands and growls madly at Edward]
Edward Cullen: Bella get out of here
Jacob Black: [rushes towards Edward, teeth showing]
Bella Swan: STOP! Stop. You can't hurt each other without hurting me.
Jacob Black: [stops growling abruptly, rushes off into woods]
Bella Swan: [softly towards him] Jake!

Bella Swan: IF we're going to do this every day, and hopefully we are. We've got to fit some homework in I don't want Billy thinking i'm a bad influence.
Jacob Black: You influence me? Please.
Bella Swan: Umm I'm older then you making you the influencee and me the influencer.
Jacob Black: But my size and knowledge base makes me older then you, due to your general paleness and lack of know how.
Bella Swan: I convinced you to build two wheeled death machines don't you think that makes you kind of young and naive?
Jacob Black: Ok so where do we stand?
Bella Swan: I'm 35. You might be like 32.
Jacob Black: Oh come on.

Charlie Swan: OK, that's it.
Bella Swan: What?
Charlie Swan: Bells, you're going to Jacksonville. This behaviour, it's just not normal and frankly it's scaring the hell out of me, and your mother. Just go to Jacksonville make some new friends.
Bella Swan: I like my old friends.
Charlie Swan: Well you never see them any more.
Bella Swan: I'm going shopping with Jessica.
Charlie Swan: You hate shopping.
Bella Swan: I need a girls night out.
Charlie Swan: OK, Shopping. Good, go buy some stuff.

Embry Call: Oh and get this, we can hear each others thoughts.
Jared: Would you shut up? These are trade secrets! Damnit! This chick runs with vampires!
Bella Swan: You can't really run with vampires... 'cause they're fast...
Jared: Yeah? Well we're faster. Scared yet?
Bella Swan: You're not he first monsters I've met.

Jacob Black: Oh man, your head.
Bella Swan: Oh my God I'm sorry!
Jacob Black: You're apologizing for bleeding?
Bella Swan: Yeah, I guess I am.
Jacob Black: Well it's just blood Bella, no big deal
[Jacob takes off his shirt]
Jacob Black: What're you staring at?
Bella Swan: ...You're sort of beautiful.
Jacob Black: [smiles] How hard did you hit your head?

Bella Swan: [Voiceover] These violent delights have violent ends, and in their triumph die. Like fire and powder, which as they kiss, consume.

Bella Swan: If this is about my soul, take it I don't want it with out you!
Edward Cullen: It's not about soul Bella. You're just not good for me!
Bella Swan: Not good enough for you.

Emmett Cullen: Already stalled it in your truck. Finally a decent sound system in that...
Bella Swan: Hey, don't hate the truck.

Bella Swan: I never wanted to have a party.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: It's not your fault. Jasper hasn't been away from human blood as long as the rest of us.
Bella Swan: How do you do it?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Years and years of practice.
Bella Swan: Did you ever think of just doing it the easy way?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: No. I knew who I wanted to be. I wanted to help people. It brings me happiness, even if I am damned regardless.
Bella Swan: Damned? Like, hell?
[Carlisle glances at Bella and says nothing]
Bella Swan: Carlisle, you couldn't be damned. You couldn't. It's impossible.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Thank you, Bella. You've always been very... gracious about us.
Bella Swan: [thinking] So that's it? That's why he won't change me?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Imagine the situation in reverse, hmm. If you believed as Edward does, could you take away his soul?

Charlie Swan: Senior year! How'd you get so old so fast?
Bella Swan: I didn't! It's not that old.
Charlie Swan: Well I don't know. Is that a grey hair?
Bella Swan: No, No way?
[runs to mirror]
Charlie Swan: Hm Happy Birthday
Bella Swan: Mm Funny

Bella Swan: Dad, I saw them!
Charlie Swan: What's the matter?
Bella Swan: In the woods!
Charlie Swan: Bells, what the hell were you doing in the woods?
Bella Swan: They're not bears! They're wolves! I mean like they're huge wolves
Harry Clearwater: Are you sure about that?
Bella Swan: I just saw them!
Charlie Swan: Ok, Harry feel like going hunting? Get some of your guys together?
Harry Clearwater: Yeah... ummm... sure... ok... I'll just...
[leaves room]

Jacob Black: Have you ever has a secret? One that wasn't yours to tell? well that's what it's like for me, only worse, you have no idea how tight I'm bound.
Bella Swan: I hate this. I hate what they've done to you.
Jacob Black: I mean the killer part is you already know. Bella do remember when we walked the beach at La Push, the story?
Bella Swan: The story, about the cold ones?
Jacob Black: Guess I understand why that's the only part you remember.

Edward Cullen: Your aging? I think eighteen is a little to young to start worrying about that.
Bella Swan: It's one year old then you.
Edward Cullen: No it's not. I'm one hundred and nine.
Bella Swan: Then maybe I shouldn't be dating such an old man. It's gross, is should be throughlly repulsed.

Jacob Black: I was just buying a part for the Rabbit. You should really come take a ride when it's done.
Bella Swan: Is it fast?
Jacob Black: It's... decent

Bella Swan: Jacob! You cut your hair off? And got a tattoo? I throught you were to sick to come outside or pick up the phone when I call.
Jacob Black: Go Away!
Bella Swan: What
Jacob Black: Go Away!
Bella Swan: What happened to you? Did Sam do this to you?
Jacob Black: No Sam's trying to help me! Don't blame him! But if you want to blame someone blame your little bloodsucking friends of yours, The Cullens

Bella Swan: [to Jacob] Hello biceps. You know, anabolic steroids are really bad for you.

Bella Swan: I thought you couldn't protect me here.
Jacob Black: Guess I don't care.
Alice Cullen: [incredulous] Well, *I'm* not gonna hurt her.
Jacob Black: No, you're just a harmless Cullen. I'm talking about the other bloodsucker who tried to kill Bella because of you.
Alice Cullen: [turning to Bella] Victoria?
Bella Swan: Yeah, Victoria's been around.
Alice Cullen: I didn't see her. I didn't see you get pulled out of the water, either.
[Alice turns and looks distastefully at Jacob]
Alice Cullen: I can't see past you and your pack of mutts.
Jacob Black: [moves toward Alice] Don't get me upset.
Bella Swan: [runs between Jacob and Alice] Hey, stop. Stop, stop, stop.
Jacob Black: ...or things are gonna get very ugly.

Bella Swan: You promised me.

Bella Swan: [voice-over] These violent delights have violent ends. and in their triumph die like fire and powder. Which, as they kiss, consume.

Bella Swan: If we're going to keep doing this, and I hope we are... we've got to fit some homework in there. I don't want Billy thinking I'm a bad influence.
Jacob Black: You influence me? Please.
Bella Swan: Are you... I'm older than you so that makes me the influencer and you the influencee.
Jacob Black: Hah! No. No. No. My size and knowledge actually makes me older than you because of your general paleness and lack of know-how.
Bella Swan: I convinced you to build two wheel death machines with me. Don't you think that makes you kinda young and naive.
Jacob Black: Okay. So where do we stand?
Bella Swan: I'm 35 and you might be like 32.
Jacob Black: What? Come on.

Bella Swan: [slams into him, attempting to push him inside] Don't!
Edward Cullen: [stroking her hair, eyes closed] Heaven.
Bella Swan: [out of breath, panting] You have to move! Open your eyes, look at me. I'm alive! You have to move!
Edward Cullen: Bella.
[pulls her inside, holding her close]
Edward Cullen: You're here.
Bella Swan: [quietly, out of breath] I'm here.
Edward Cullen: [smiling] You're alive!
Bella Swan: Yes.
Bella Swan: I needed to make you see me once. You had to know I was alive, but you didn't need to feel guilty about anything. I can... let you go now.
Edward Cullen: I never acted out of guilt. I just couldn't live in a world where you don't exist.
Bella Swan: But you said...
Edward Cullen: I lied. I had to lie. And you believed me so easily.
Bella Swan: Because it doesn't make sense for you to love me. I'm... nothing, human... nothing.
Edward Cullen: [holding her face in his hand] Bella, you're everything to me. You're everything.
[kisses her passionately]

Quil Ateara: So the bike building story's true?
Bella Swan: Oh yeah, I taught him everything he knows.
Quil Ateara: What about the part where you're his girlfriend?
Bella Swan: Uh, we're friends...
Embry Call: Ooh, burn!

Edward Cullen: [Discussion on whether Bella should become a vampire] All right forget time limits. If you want me to be the one, then you'll just have to meet one condition.
Bella Swan: What condition?
Edward Cullen: Marry me.
Bella Swan: Okay, what's the punch line?
Edward Cullen: You're wounding my ego, Bella. I just proposed to you and you think it's a joke.
Bella Swan: O'Cmon. I'm only eighteen!
Edward Cullen: Well I'm nearly one hundred and ten. It's time I settled down.

Jacob Black: [after reviving her from the Cliff Dive] What the hell were you thinking?
Bella Swan: I just thought I saw something.

Aro: What a happy surprise... Bella is alive after all. Isn't that wonderful? I love a happy ending... they are so rare.
Aro: [as he grabs Edward's hand to read his thoughts] La tua cantante. Her blood appeals to you so much... it makes me thirsty. How can you stand to be so close to her?
Edward Cullen: It's not without difficulty.
Aro: Yes I can see that.
Edward Cullen: Aro can read every thought I ever had, with one touch. And now you know everything. So get on with it.
Aro: You are quite a soul reader yourself Edward. Though, you can't read Bella's thoughts... Fascinating!
Aro: [to Bella] I would love to see... if you are an exception to my gifts as well. Would you do me the honor?
Aro: [after holding Bella's hand] Interesting. I see nothing. I wonder if... Let us see if she's immune to all our powers. Shall we, Jane?
Edward Cullen: No!
Jane: Pain.
Bella Swan: [as Edward starts to writhe in pain] Stop! Stop, please! Stop! Stop! Just stop hurting him, please! Please!
Aro: Jane?
Jane: [as she stops torturing Edward] Master?
Aro: Go ahead my dear.
Jane: [to Bella] This may hurt just a little.
Aro: [after nothing happens to Bella] Hahahahahaha. Remarkable. She confounds us all. So, what do we do with you now?
Marcus: You already know what you're going to do Aro.
Caius: She knows to much. She's a liability.
Aro: That's true. Felix?
Bella Swan: [after Edward saves her from being killed by attacking Felix, but is about to be killed himself] Please! No, no! Please! Kill me... kill me. Not him
Aro: How extraordinary. You would give up your life... for someone like us. A vampire. A soulless monster.
Edward Cullen: Bella get away from him.
Bella Swan: You don't know a thing... about his soul.
Aro: Forse è uno o l'altro. Ah this is a sadness. If only it where your intention to give her immortality.
Alice Cullen: [Stopping Aro from killing Bella] Wait! Bella will be one us. I've seen it. I'll change her myself.

Twilight (2008/I)
Isabella Swan: Clair de Lune is great.
Edward Cullen: [Edward spins Isabella around and she gives him a look] What?
Isabella Swan: I can't dance
Isabella Swan: .
Edward Cullen: Hmm... Well, I could always make you.
Isabella Swan: I'm not scared of you.
Edward Cullen: [laughs] Well you really shouldn't have said that.

Jessica Stanley: Bella! Guess who just asked me to prom. I totally thought Mike was gonna ask you, actually. Um, it's not gonna be weird though, right?
Isabella Swan: No, no. Zero weirdness. You guys are great together.
Jessica Stanley: I know, right?

Isabella Swan: Are you going to tell me how you stopped the van?
Edward Cullen: Yeah. Um... I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. You can Google it.

Edward Cullen: What did you expect? Coffins and dungeons and moats?
Isabella Swan: No, not the moats.
Edward Cullen: Not the moats.

Isabella Swan: [to Edward] I'd rather die than to stay away from you.

Edward Cullen: And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.
Isabella Swan: What a stupid lamb.
Edward Cullen: What a sick, masochistic lion.

Isabella Swan: Will you tell me the truth?
Edward Cullen: No, probably not.
[Bella turns away slighly angry]
Edward Cullen: I'd rather hear your theories.
Isabella Swan: I have considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite.
Edward Cullen: All superhero stuff right? But what if I'm not the hero? What if I am the bad guy?
Isabella Swan: You're not.
[Edward smiles]

Edward Cullen: That's what you dream about? Being a monster?
Isabella Swan: I dream about being with you forever.

Rosalie Hale: Is she even Italian?
Emmett Cullen: Her name's Bella.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I'm sure she'll love it no matter what.
Rosalie Hale: [sniffs] Ooh... get a whiff of that. Here comes the human.
[Esme flashes a big grin just before Bella and Edward walk around the corner]
Esme Cullen: [runs up to Bella] Bella! We're making Italiano for you.
Edward Cullen: Bella, this is Esme, my mother for all intents and purposes.
Isabella Swan: Buon Giorno?
Esme Cullen: Molto Bene!
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: It gives us an excuse to use the kitchen for the first time.
Esme Cullen: I hope you're hungry.
Isabella Swan: Yeah, absolutely!
Edward Cullen: She already ate.
Rosalie Hale: [crushes the salad bowl she's holding] Perfect!
Isabella Swan: Yeah - it's just that I know... I know you guys don't eat.
Esme Cullen: Of course. That's very considerate of you.
Edward Cullen: Just ignore Rosalie. I do.
Rosalie Hale: Yeah! Let's just keep pretending like this isn't dangerous for all of us.
Isabella Swan: I would never tell anybody anything.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: She knows that.
Emmett Cullen: Yeah, well the problem is... you two have gone public now so...
Esme Cullen: Emmett!
Rosalie Hale: No, she should know. The entire family will be implicated if this ends badly.
Isabella Swan: Badly as in... I become the meal.
[Carlisle and Edward struggle to suppress laughs]

Isabella Swan: [to Edward] How did you get over to me so fast?
Edward Cullen: [to Bella] I was standing right next to you, Bella.
Isabella Swan: No. You were next to your car, across the lot.
Edward Cullen: No, I wasn't.
Isabella Swan: Yes, you were.
Edward Cullen: Bella, you hit your head. I think you're confused.
Isabella Swan: I know what I saw.
Edward Cullen: And what exactly was that?
Isabella Swan: You stopped the van. You pushed it away with you hand.
Edward Cullen: Well, nobody's going to believe you.
Isabella Swan: I wasn't going to tell anybody. I just need to know the truth.
Edward Cullen: Can't you just thank me and get over it?
Isabella Swan: Thank you.
Edward Cullen: You're not going to let this go, are you?
Isabella Swan: No.
Edward Cullen: Well then I hope you enjoy disappointment.

Edward Cullen: [shuts car door] Carlisle, what's going on?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [sighs] Waylon Forge was found in a boat out near his place, I just examined the body.
Isabella Swan: He died? How?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Animal attack
[looks at Edward]
Isabella Swan: [glances at Edward]
[to Carlisle]
Isabella Swan: Was it the same one that got that security guard down at Mason?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [sighs, then glances at Edward] Most likely.
Isabella Swan: It must getting closer to town then...
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [cuts Bella off] Bella, you should go inside. Waylon was your father's friend.
Isabella Swan: Okay.
[glances at Edward and walks up stairs]
Isabella Swan: [turns around to Carlisle then to Edward] Um, I'll see you later.
[Carlisle turns to Edward]

Isabella Swan: Look, You gotta give me some answers.
Edward Cullen: Yes. No. To get to the other side. Uh, 1.77245...
Isabella Swan: I don't want to know what the square root of pi is.
Edward Cullen: You knew that?

Isabella Swan: Hey. Come to visit your truck?
Jacob Black: Hey! Looks good. Got that dent out.
Billy Black: Actually, we came to visit your flat-screen. First Mariners game of the season. Plus, Jacob here keeps bugging me about seeing you again.
Jacob Black: Great, Dad. Thanks.
Billy Black: Just keepin' it real, son.

Edward Cullen: I should go back there and rip those guys' heads off.
Isabella Swan: Um... No, you shouldn't.
Edward Cullen: You don't know the vile, repulsive things they were thinking.
Isabella Swan: And you do?
Edward Cullen: It's not hard to guess.
Edward Cullen: Can you talk about something else? Distract me so i won't turn around.
Isabella Swan: You should put your seat belt on.
Edward Cullen: Haha... you should put your seat belt on!

Edward Cullen: I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore.
Isabella Swan: Then don't.

Isabella Swan: Everybody's staring.
Edward Cullen: Not that guy. No he just looked. Breaking all the rules now anyways.
[looks at Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, and Alice]
Edward Cullen: Since I'm going to hell
[slips arm around Bella's shoulder]

Isabella Swan: Did you follow me?
Edward Cullen: I... I feel very protective of you.
Isabella Swan: So you followed me.
Edward Cullen: I was trying to keep a distance unless you needed my help and then I heard what those low-lives were thinking.
Isabella Swan: Wait. You say you heard what they were thinking?
Isabella Swan: So what you... you read minds?
Edward Cullen: I can read every mind in this room apart from yours. There's... Money. Sex. Money. Sex. Cat... And then you, nothing. That's very frustrating.
Isabella Swan: Is there something wrong with me?
Edward Cullen: See... I tell you I can read minds and you think there's something wrong with you?

Isabella Swan: [Last lines] No one will surrender tonight, but I won't give in. I know what I want.

Charlie Swan: Did he hurt you?
Isabella Swan: No.
Charlie Swan: Break up with you or something?
Isabella Swan: No, I-I broke up with him.
Charlie Swan: I thought you liked him?
Isabella Swan: Yea, that's why - that's why I have to leave. I don't want this. I have to go home.
Charlie Swan: Home... Your mom is not even in Phoenix.
Isabella Swan: She'll come home. I'll call her from the road.
Charlie Swan: You're not going to drive home right now. You can sleep on it. If you still feel like going in the morning, I'll take you to the airport.
Isabella Swan: N-No I want to drive, it will give me more time to think. And if I get really tired, I'll pull into a motel. I promise.
Charlie Swan: Look, Bella, I know I'm not that much fun to be around, but I can change that. We can do more stuff together.
Isabella Swan: Like what? Like watch baseball on the flat screen? Eat at the diner every night? Steak and cobbler. Dad, that's you, that's not me.
Charlie Swan: Bella, come on. I-I just got you back.
Isabella Swan: Yea, and you know if I don't get out now, I'll just be stuck here like mom.

Edward Cullen: Hold on tight, spidermonkey.
[climbs up tree]
Edward Cullen: Do you trust me?
Isabella Swan: In theory...
Edward Cullen: Close your eyes.
[Jumps to next tree and climbs to top]
Edward Cullen: [Bella gasps] What?
Isabella Swan: This isn't real. This kind of stuff just doesn't exist.
Edward Cullen: It does in my world.

[Alice and Jasper come in through the window]
Alice Cullen: Hi Bella! I'm Alice.
[Alice walks up to Bella and hugs her]
Alice Cullen: Oh, you do smell good.
Edward Cullen: Alice, what are you - ?
Alice Cullen: It's okay. Bella and I are going to be great friends.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Sorry, Jasper's our newest vegetarian. It's still a little difficult for him.
Jasper Hale: Pleasure to meet you.
Alice Cullen: It's okay Jasper, you won't hurt her.
Edward Cullen: [to Bella] All right, I'm going to take you on a tour of the rest of the house.
Alice Cullen: Well, I'll see you soon.
Isabella Swan: Okay.
Esme Cullen: [gushing] So CUTE!
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I think that went well.
Esme Cullen: [to Rosalie] Clean this up. Now!

Isabella Swan: [Voice-over] Death is peaceful - easy. Life is harder.

Isabella Swan: Who are they?
Angela Weber: The Cullens.
Jessica Stanley: They're, um, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids. They moved down here from Alaska, like, a few years ago.
Angela Weber: They kinda keep to themselves.
Jessica Stanley: Yeah 'cause they're all together, like TOGETHER together. Uh, the blonde girl, that's Rosalie, and the big dark-haired guy, Emmett, they're like a thing. I'm not even sure that's legal.
Angela Weber: Jess, they're not actually related.
Jessica Stanley: Yeah, but they live together. It's weird-and, okay, the little dark-haired girl is Alice. She's REALLY weird, and, um, she's with Jasper, the blonde one who looks like he's in pain.

Angela Weber: Smile!
[camera clicks]
Isabella Swan: Okay.
Angela Weber: Sorry, I needed a candid for the feature
Eric Yorkie: The Feature's dead Angela, don't bring it up again!
Isabella Swan: It's okay, I just...
Eric Yorkie: I-I got your back baby.
Angela Weber: I guess we'll just run another editorial on... Teen Drinking...
Isabella Swan: You know, you could always go for... eating disorders? Speedo padding on the swim team.
Angela Weber: Actually, that's a good one...
Jessica Stanley: Kirk right?
Angela Weber: [in unison] Kirk.
Jessica Stanley: That's exactly what I thought.
Angela Weber: We're talking "Olympic Sized".
Jessica Stanley: There's no way - he's so skinny, it doesn't make sense.
Angela Weber: Totally.

Isabella Swan: I can't bring myself to regret the decisions that brought me to Forks. They also brought me to Edward.

Jessica Stanley: Hey you're from Arizona right?
Isabella Swan: Yeah.
Jessica Stanley: Aren't people from Arizona supposed to be like, really tan?
Isabella Swan: Yeah, maybe, that's why they kicked me out.

Edward Cullen: [pushes microscope towards Bella] Ladies first.
Isabella Swan: You were gone.
Edward Cullen: Yeah, um, I was out of town for a couple of days, personal reasons.
Isabella Swan: [pushes microscope towards Edward] Uh, prophase.
Edward Cullen: Do you mind if I uh, look?
[Bella shakes her head]
Edward Cullen: It's prophase.
Isabella Swan: Like I said.
Edward Cullen: So you enjoying the rain?
[Bella laughs]
Edward Cullen: What?
Isabella Swan: You're asking me about the weather?
Edward Cullen: Yeah, I-I guess I am.
Isabella Swan: Well, I don't really like the rain. Any cold, wet thing I don't really...
Edward Cullen: [laughs]
Isabella Swan: What?
Edward Cullen: Nothing uh,
Edward Cullen: it's uh, anaphase.
Isabella Swan: You mind if I check?
Edward Cullen: Sure.
Isabella Swan: Anaphase.
Edward Cullen: [smiles] Like I said.

Isabella Swan: I'd never given much though to how I would die. But dying in place of someone I love, seems like a good way to go. I can't bring myself to regret the decisions that brought me face to face with death. They also brought me to Edward.

Edward Cullen: Edible art?
[Bella knocks over the apple and Edward kicks it up and catches it]
Edward Cullen: Bella.
Isabella Swan: Thanks. You know your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash.
Edward Cullen: I only said it'd be better if we weren't friends, not that I didn't wanna be.
Isabella Swan: What does that mean?
Edward Cullen: It means if you were smart, you'd stay away from me.
Isabella Swan: Okay well let's say for argument sake that I'm not smart, would you tell me the truth?
Edward Cullen: No probably not.

Edward Cullen: Why didn't you move with your mother and Phil?
Isabella Swan: Well, Phil's a minor league baseball player, and uh, he travels a lot, and my mom s-stayed home with me, but I knew it made her unhappy, so I figured I'd stay with my dad for a while.
Edward Cullen: And now you're unhappy.
Isabella Swan:
Edward Cullen: I'm sorry, I'm just - I'm just trying to figure you out, you're very difficult for me to read.
Isabella Swan: Hey did you get contacts?
Edward Cullen: No.
Isabella Swan: Your eyes were, black the last time I saw you, and now they're like, golden brown...
Edward Cullen: Yeah I know it's the uh, it's the flourescents, um. Ugh.
[walks away]

Isabella Swan: Hey dad I have a date with Edward Cullen.
Charlie Swan: He's a little old for ya, isn't he?
Isabella Swan: No, uh, he's a junior I'm a junior. I thought you liked the Cullens.
Charlie Swan: I thought you didn't like any of the boys in town.
Isabella Swan: Edward doesn't live in town, technically. He's right outside.
Charlie Swan: He is?
Isabella Swan: Yeah he wanted to meet you, officially.
Charlie Swan: Alright,
[cocks gun]
Charlie Swan: bring him in.
Isabella Swan: Could you be nice? He is - he's important.
[Charlie draws invisible circle around his head, as to be a halo]

Isabella Swan: Do you do this a lot?
Edward Cullen: Just the past couple of months. I like watching you sleep. I find it fascinating.

Isabella Swan: [freaking out] You can't leave me!
Edward Cullen: Shh... Where else would I go?
[he leans in to kiss her forehead]

[Edward enters Bella's room via her window]
Isabella Swan: [flustered] Mom, can I talk to you later?
Renee Dwyer: Come on, we gotta talk boys! Are you being safe?
[Bella quickly hangs up the phone, embarrassed]

Edward Cullen: What's in Jacksonville?
Isabella Swan: How did you know about that?
Edward Cullen: You didn't answer my question.
Isabella Swan: Well, you don't answer any of mine so... I mean, you don't even say hi to me.
Edward Cullen: [pause] Hi.

Isabella Swan: You know everybody's staring?
Edward Cullen: Not that guy
Edward Cullen: ... uh... no he just looked.
Edward Cullen: I'm breaking all the rules now anyway. Since I'm going to hell...
[puts arm around Bella]

Isabella Swan: How did you get in here?
Edward Cullen: The window.
Isabella Swan: Do you do that a lot?
Edward Cullen: Just the past couple of months.

Edward Cullen: Was that as weird for you as it was for me?
Isabella Swan: I don't know.
[looks at the graduation caps on the wall]
Isabella Swan: Graduation caps?
Edward Cullen: Yeah private joke. We matriculate a lot.

Isabella Swan: [to Edward, her back to him] You're impossibly fast. And strong. Your skin is... pale white, and ice cold. Your eyes change color... and sometimes you speak like - like you're from a different time. You never eat or drink anything; you don't go into the sunlight.
[pause, silence]
Isabella Swan: How old are you?
Edward Cullen: Seventeen.
Isabella Swan: How long have you been seventeen?
Edward Cullen: ...a while.
Isabella Swan: I know what you are.
Edward Cullen: Say it... out loud. Say it.
Isabella Swan: Vampire.
Edward Cullen: Are you afraid?
Isabella Swan: [turns to face him] ... no.
Edward Cullen: Then ask me the most basic question: What do we eat?

Edward Cullen: Uh, yeah this is my room.
Isabella Swan: ...No bed?
Edward Cullen: Ah no i don't, i don't sleep.
Isabella Swan: Ever?
Edward Cullen: No, not at all.
Isabella Swan: Ok, hmmm, boy you have so much music, what were you listening to.
Edward Cullen: It's Debussy.
Isabella Swan: Clair de Lune is great.
Edward Cullen: [Edward spins Isabella around and she gives him a look] What?
Isabella Swan: I can't dance.
Edward Cullen: [laughs]
Isabella Swan: ...
Edward Cullen: Hmm... Well, I could always make you.
Isabella Swan: I'm not scared of you.
Edward Cullen: [laughs] Well you really shouldn't have said that.
Edward Cullen: [he jumps out his bedroom window and lands on a tree] You better hold on tight spidermonkey!
Edward Cullen: [he climbs up tree]
Edward Cullen: Do you trust me?
Isabella Swan: In theory.
Edward Cullen: Then close your eyes.
Edward Cullen: [Jumps to next tree and climbs to top]
Edward Cullen: [Bella gasps] What?
Isabella Swan: This isn't real. This kind of stuff just doesn't exist.
Edward Cullen: It does in my world.

Isabella Swan: [to Edward] Can I talk to you for a minute?
Edward Cullen: [Edward walks away for Carlisle and Rosalie cause he was talking to them and walks over to Bella] What?
Isabella Swan: [to Edward] How, how did you get over to me so fast?
Edward Cullen: I was standing right next to you Bella.
Isabella Swan: No. You were next to your car, across the lot.
Edward Cullen: No I wasn't.
Isabella Swan: Yes you were.
Edward Cullen: Bella you hit your head. I think you're confused.
Isabella Swan: I know what I saw.
Edward Cullen: And what exactly was that.
Isabella Swan: You- you stopped the van. You pushed it away with you hand.
Edward Cullen: Well, nobody's going to believe you so.
Isabella Swan: I wasn't going to tell anybody. I just need to know the truth.
Edward Cullen: Cant you just thank me and get over it.
Isabella Swan: Thank you.
Edward Cullen: You're not going to let this go are you?
Isabella Swan: No.
Edward Cullen: Well then i hope you enjoy disappointment.

Edward Cullen: My family, we're different from others of our kind. We only drink animal blood, but it's your scent. It's like a drug to me. It's like you're my own personal brand of heroin.
Isabella Swan: Why did you hate me so much when we met?
Edward Cullen: I did, only because of wanting you so badly. I still don't know if I can control myself.
Isabella Swan: I know you can.

Isabella Swan: Edward, I said leave me alone.
Edward Cullen: Bella, don't do this please.
Isabella Swan: Its over. Get out!
Charlie Swan: Hey, hey, Bella, whats gong on?
Isabella Swan: I just gotta get out of here. I'm leaving now.
[shuts the door on Charlie's face]
Charlie Swan: [knocks on Bellas door] Bella.
Isabella Swan: [to Edward] What am I going to say to him? I cant hurt him.
Charlie Swan: Bella, whats going on?
Edward Cullen: You just have to. I'll be down in the truck.
[Bella comes out of the room]
Charlie Swan: Did he hurt you?
Isabella Swan: No.
Charlie Swan: Break up with you or something?
Isabella Swan: No, I-I broke up with him.
Charlie Swan: I thought you liked him?
Isabella Swan: Yea, that's why - that's why I have to leave. I don't want this. I have to go home.
Charlie Swan: Home... Your mom is not even in Phoenix.
Isabella Swan: She'll come home. I'll call her from the road.
Charlie Swan: You're not going to drive home right now. You can sleep on it. If you still feel like going in the morning, I'll take you to the airport.
Isabella Swan: N-No I want to drive. It will give me more time to think. And if I get really tired, I'll pull into a motel. I promise.
Charlie Swan: Look, Bella, I know I'm not that much fun to be around but I can change that. We can do more stuff together.
Isabella Swan: Like what? Like watch baseball on the flat screen? Eat at the diner every night? Steak and cobbler. Dad, that's you, that's not me.
Charlie Swan: Bella, come on. I-I just got you back.
Isabella Swan: Yeah, and you know if I don't get out now, I'll just be stuck here like mom.

Edward Cullen: Do you trust me?
Isabella Swan: In theory.

Isabella Swan: About three things I was absolutely positive: First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him-and I didn't know how dominant that part might be-that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

Isabella Swan: [Edward jumps down off the roof of Bella's truck] Could you act human? Okay, I have neighbors.
Edward Cullen: I'm gonna take you to my place tomorrow.
[Pulls dent in Bella's truck back into correct place]
Isabella Swan: Thanks... Er, wait, like with your family?
Edward Cullen: Yeah.
Isabella Swan: W-what if they don't like me?
Edward Cullen: So you're worried, not because you'll be in a house full of vampires, but because you think they won't approve of you?
Isabella Swan: [unsmiling] I'm glad I amuse you.

Edward Cullen: Shh... Shh... I'm here.
Isabella Swan: We can't be apart.
Edward Cullen: Where else would I go?

Isabella Swan: [to Esme, as Rosalie hits the baseball almost as loud as the thunder crash] Okay, now I see why you need the thunder.
[Bella watches Rosalie hurtle around the bases like a runaway express train]
Isabella Swan: But it's gotta be a home run, right?
Esme Cullen: [shakes her head] Edward's very fast.

Jasper Hale: What is it? What do you see?
Alice Cullen: The tracker. He just changed course.
Jasper Hale: Where will it take him, Alice?
[Grabs Alice a pen and paper]
Alice Cullen: Mirrors. A room full of mirrors.
[starts to sketch never looking down at the paper]
Isabella Swan: Edward said the visions weren't always certain...
Jasper Hale: She sees the course people are on while they're on it. If they change their minds, the vision changes.

Edward Cullen: What's in Jacksonville
Isabella Swan: How did you know about that?
Edward Cullen: You didn't answer my question
Isabella Swan: Well, you don't answer any of mine so... and, you don't even say hi to me
Edward Cullen: Hi
Isabella Swan: Are you gonna tell me how you stopped the van?
Edward Cullen: Yeah. I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. You can google it
Isabella Swan: Floridians. That what's in Jacksonvill...
Edward Cullen: At least would you watch where you walk?
Edward Cullen: Look, I'm sorry if I'm being rude all the time. I think it's the best way.

Edward Cullen: Shall we?
Isabella Swan: You're serious?
Edward Cullen: Oh, why not?
Isabella Swan: [sighs] Hmm.
Edward Cullen: See? You're dancing.
Isabella Swan: [giggles] At prom. Edward why did you save me? You should've just let the venom spread. I could be like you by now.
Edward Cullen: You don't know what you're saying. You don't want this.
Isabella Swan: I want YOU. Always.
Edward Cullen: I'm not gonna end your life for you.
Isabella Swan: I'm dying already. Every second I get closer, older.
Edward Cullen: That's the way it's supposed to be.
Isabella Swan: Alice said she saw me like you. I heard her.
Edward Cullen: Her visions change.
Isabella Swan: Yeah, based on what people decide. I've decided.
Edward Cullen: [somewhat bitterly] So that's what you dream about, becoming a monster.
Isabella Swan: I dream about being with you, forever.
Edward Cullen: Forever?
[Bella nods]
Edward Cullen: And are you ready right now?
Isabella Swan: [hesitant] Yes.
Edward Cullen: [sighs] Is it not enough, just to have a long and happy life with me?
Isabella Swan: [after a second of thought] Yeah. For now.
Isabella Swan: [voiceover] No one will surrender tonight, but I won't give in. I know what I want.

Charlie Swan: ...your hair's longer
Isabella Swan: Hmm? I cut it since the last time I saw you.
Charlie Swan: Oh. I guess it grew out again.

Isabella Swan: So what are they really?
Jacob Black: It's just a story, Bella.

[first lines]
Isabella Swan: [voiceover] I'd never given much thought to how I would die... But dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go.

Isabella Swan: [first lines in the movie] I've never given much thought to how I would die. But dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go. So, I can't bring my self to regret the decisions to leave home. I would miss Phoenix, I would miss the heat... I would miss my loving, erratic, hare-brained mother, and her new husband.
Phil Dwyer: Come on, guys! I love you both, but we have a plane to catch!
Isabella Swan: But they want to go on the road. So, I'm gonna spend some time with my dad... and this will be a good thing... I think.

Eric Yorkie: LaPush, baby! You in?
Isabella Swan: Should I know what that means?

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [comes through hospital doors] I heard the Chief's daughter was in here.
Charlie Swan: Dr. Cullen.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Charlie. I got this one, Jackie. So, Isabella.
Isabella Swan: [correcting him] Bella.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Well, Bella. It looks like you took quite a spill. How do you feel?
Isabella Swan: Fine.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Look here.
[Carlisle holds up a finger, shining a small light into Bella's eyes]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: You might experience some post-traumatic stress, and some disorientation, but your vitals looks good. No sign of any head trauma. I think you'll be just fine.
Tyler Crowley: [miserably] I'm so sorry, Bella. I'm really...
[Charlie grabs the curtain separating Bella's bunk from Tyler's, and draws it closed]
Isabella Swan: [talking to Carlisle as he writes on the clipboard] You know, it would've been a whole lot worse if Edward wasn't there. He knocked me out of the way.
Charlie Swan: [to Carlisle] Edward? Your boy?
Isabella Swan: Yeah, it was amazing. He got to me so fast! He was nowhere near me.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Sounds like you were very lucky. Charlie?
[Carlisle nods at Charlie, and walks away]

Isabella Swan: How did you get in here?
Edward Cullen: The window.
Isabella Swan: Do you do that a lot?
Edward Cullen: Just the past couple of months I like watching you sleep.

Eric Yorkie: Yeah, hey! La Push, baby! You in?
Isabella Swan: Should I know what that means?
Mike Newton: La Push Beach down at the Quileute Rez. We're all going tomorrow.
Jessica Stanley: Yeah, there's a big swell coming down.
Eric Yorkie: and I don't just surf the Internet.
[Pretends to surf]
Jessica Stanley: Eric, you stood up once, and it was a foam board.
Angela Weber: But there's whale watching, too. Come with us.
Eric Yorkie: La Push, baby. It's La Push.
Isabella Swan: Okay, I'll go if you stop saying that, okay?
Mike Newton: Seriously, dude. It's creepy, man.
Eric Yorkie: What? That's what it's called.

Isabella Swan: What happened? Where's James?
Edward Cullen: We took care of it. And the woman, Victoria, she ran off.
Isabella Swan: I'm alive because of you.
Edward Cullen: No, you're in here because of me. The worst part of it was that I thought I wasn't gonna be able to stop.
Isabella Swan: You did stop.
Edward Cullen: Bella, you gotta go to Jacksonville. So I can't hurt you anymore.
Isabella Swan: What?
Isabella Swan: Are you? No! No! How? I don't even know what you're saying. What are you talking about? You just want me to go away? No! I can't! I can't just leave you.
Edward Cullen: I know.
Isabella Swan: We can't be apart. You can't leave me.
Edward Cullen: I'm here.
Isabella Swan: [fighting tears] Okay, just don't. You can't say stuff like that to me. Ever.
Edward Cullen: Where else am I gonna go?

Renee Dwyer: Bella?
Isabella Swan: [wakes up in a hospital room] Mom?
Renee Dwyer: Hey.
Isabella Swan: Where is he? Where's Edward?
Renee Dwyer: He's asleep. He never leaves. And your dad is down in the cafeteria.
Isabella Swan: What happened?
Renee Dwyer: Well, when you fell you broke your leg. And you lost a lot of blood. You don't remember any of this, do you?
Isabella Swan: No.
Renee Dwyer: Edward came down with his dad to try to convince you to come back to Forks. You went over to their hotel and you tripped and you fell down two flights of stairs. Went through a window.
Isabella Swan: Yeah, that sounds like me.
Renee Dwyer: Oh honey. I'm so sorry.
[cell phone buzzes]
Renee Dwyer: It's Phil. He's so worried about you.
Isabella Swan: You're texting?
Renee Dwyer: Finally, yeah. I told him to stay down in Florida. Oh honey you are going to love Jacksonville. It's sunny every day and we found the cutest little house and you have your own bathroom.
Isabella Swan: I still wanna live in Forks.
Renee Dwyer: What?
Isabella Swan: I wanna live in Forks.
Renee Dwyer: Well, okay but we'll talk about it.

Edward Cullen: I'll take care of her, Chief Swan.
Charlie Swan: Uh-huh. I've heard that before.
[stops Bella]
Charlie Swan: Uh, Bells. I put a new can of pepper spray in your bag.
Isabella Swan: [scoffs] Dad.
Charlie Swan: And, um, you look beautiful.
Isabella Swan: Thanks. See ya.

Jacob Black: Bella!
Isabella Swan: Jacob? Hey!
Jacob Black: [noticing Bella's dress] Nice.
Isabella Swan: You too. Are you crashing the prom or something? Did you come with a date?
Jacob Black: No. My dad paid me to come talk to you. 20 bucks.
Isabella Swan: Well, let's hear it.
Jacob Black: Just don't get mad, okay? He wants you to break up with your boyfriend. It's just, he said quote 'we'll be watching you.'
Isabella Swan: [responding to Jacob's laughter] Okay, well tell him thanks. And to pay up.

Isabella Swan: About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him-and I didn't know how potent that part might be-that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

Isabella Swan: I don't really like the rain. Any cold, wet thing I don't really...

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)
Charlie Swan: You're ready?
Bella Swan: Yeah. Just don't let me fall, Dad.
Charlie Swan: Never.

Edward Cullen: I'll meet you at the altar.
Bella Swan: I'll be the one in white.

Edward Cullen: [to Jacob] I think you may be right.
[to everyone]
Edward Cullen: Jacob just had an idea.
Jacob Black: It wasn't an idea. It was more of a snide comment.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: What were you thinking?
Jacob Black: [smirks] That it's just looking for someone to sink it's teeth into.
Bella Swan: He's thirsty.
Emmett Cullen: I know the feeling...

Alice Cullen: [Doing Bella's make-up] What did I say about beauty sleep?
Bella Swan: Sorry. Bad dream. Maybe it was just wedding jitters.

Rosalie Hale: [to Alice] Do you need some help? I could do her hair.
Bella Swan: Really?
Rosalie Hale: Please. I'm not offended by your choice of groom.
Bella Swan: Just my blatant lack of respect for mortality.
Rosalie Hale: Essentially.
Alice Cullen: Weddings, they bring everyone together!

Charlie Swan: [on the phone with Bella] Well, you sound better.
Bella Swan: I am. I feel much better.
Charlie Swan: This whole thing must have put a kink in the whole honeymoon, huh?
Bella Swan: You could say that.
Charlie Swan: Otherwise, married life treating you okay? Edward still walks on water and all that?
Bella Swan: Yeah, but I mean, it is different now.
Charlie Swan: The important thing is that you're better and that you're coming home soon, right?
Bella Swan: Okay, Dad I don't want you to freak out.
Bella Swan: But I'm going to a medical center in Switzerland.
Charlie Swan: What? No, no, no you're not. You're not going to Switzerland! What are you? You said you were better!
Bella Swan: I am.
Charlie Swan: No, Bella. I'm getting on a plane. No!
Bella Swan: No, it's really more of a spa. And I'm sure that I'd be better by the time you got there anyway.
Charlie Swan: Bells, I don't know.
Bella Swan: Dad, don't come. And picture me healthy. Like I'm sitting on the couch with you eating pizza or something.
Charlie Swan: You want me to visualize?
Bella Swan: They say that it helps. Just picture me like that. Like I was. It'll make me feel better. Dad, I gotta go. Okay?
Charlie Swan: Bella.
Bella Swan: I love you.
[hangs up phone]

Jacob Black: You look terrible.
Bella Swan: Yeah, it's nice to see you too.

Jacob Black: Don't do that.
Bella Swan: What?
Jacob Black: Smile like I'm your favorite person on the world.
Bella Swan: You're one of them. It feels complete when you're here, Jake.

Bella Swan: Are you okay? Being here?
Jacob Black: Why? Afraid I'll trash your party?
[hears growling in the woods]
Jacob Black: You're not the only one. You think I'd be used to telling you goodbye by now. Come on, you're not supposed to be the one crying, Bella.
Bella Swan: Everyone cries at weddings.
Jacob Black: This is how I'm gonna remember you. Pink cheeks, two left feet, heartbeat.
Bella Swan: So what, soon I'm gonna be dead to you?
Jacob Black: No. I'm sorry, I'm just trying to appreciate your last night as a human.
Bella Swan: Well, it's not my last night.
Jacob Black: I thought you?
Bella Swan: I didn't really want to spend my honeymoon writhing in pain.

Edward Cullen: Just checking for cold feet.
Bella Swan: Well, mine are toasty warm.
Edward Cullen: It's not too late to change your mind.
Bella Swan: What? Now you're having second thoughts?
[studies Edward's face]
Bella Swan: You are.
Edward Cullen: No. I've been waiting a century to marry you, Miss Swan.
Bella Swan: But? But?
Edward Cullen: I haven't told you everything about myself.
Bella Swan: [sarcastically] hat? You're not a virgin?
[laughs with Edward]
Bella Swan: Look, you can't scare me away now.
Edward Cullen: Look, a few years after Carlisle created me I rebelled against him. I resented him for curbing my appetite. So for a while I went off on my own. I wanted to know how it felt to hunt. To taste human blood. All the men I killed were monsters. And so was I.
Bella Swan: Edward, they were all murderers. You probably saved more lives than you took.
Edward Cullen: Bella, that's what I told myself. But they were all human beings. I looked into their eyes as they died and I saw who I was and what I was capable of.
Bella Swan: And what I'll be capable of. Why did you tell me this tonight? Did you really think this was going to change my mind about you?
Edward Cullen: I just wondered if it would change your mind about yourself and who you want to see when you look in the mirror a year from now.

Bella Swan: I know I can do this.

[first lines]
Bella Swan: Childhood is not from birth to a certain age. And at a certain age, the child is grown and puts away childish things. Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.

Alice Cullen: [watching Bella walk in high heels] Um, well you just have to break them in.
Bella Swan: I've been breaking them in. For three days. Can I just go barefoot?
Alice Cullen: No! Absolutely not.
Bella Swan: Just thinking it's a little much, you know? The dress and the shoes, and all of this.
Alice Cullen: No, it's exactly enough. Tomorrow will be perfect.
Emmett Cullen: [carrying tree trunk] Where do you want them, boss?
Alice Cullen: On either side of the aisle.
Rosalie Hale: What aisle?
Alice Cullen: Does no one have vision?

Renée: Alice? Bella?
Bella Swan: In here, mom.
Renée: [sees Bella ready for her wedding] Oh my gosh! You're so beautiful! Oh, honey. Crap! My mascara.
[gets Kleenex from Alice]
Renée: Thanks! Charlie, get in here!
Charlie Swan: You sure? I don't wanna.
[to Bella's surprise]
Charlie Swan: I know, I look hot.
Renée: We thought you needed something blue.
Charlie Swan: And something old besides your mother.
Renée: Nice.
Charlie Swan: It was Grandma Swan's.
Renée: But we added the sapphires.
Bella Swan: It's beautiful, you guys. Wow. Thank you so much.
[gives hairpiece to Alice]
Renée: It's your first family heirloom. Pass onto your daughter, and her daughter.
Bella Swan: Mom, I love it.

Seth: Hey man! It's nice to see you.
[shakes Edward's hand]
Seth: I'm happy for you.
Edward Cullen: Thank you.
Billy: I hope you'll be happy, Bella.
Bella Swan: Thank you, Billy. Have you heard from him?
Billy: I'm sure Jake wishes you the best.

Bella Swan: What is that?
Emmett Cullen: [from outside] Come on! Let's go!
Edward Cullen: I'm late for my bachelor party.
Emmett Cullen: Send him out, Bella, or we're coming in after him.
Bella Swan: So this party. Will there be strippers?
Edward Cullen: [laughs] No, just a couple of mountain lions. Maybe a few bears.
Jasper Hale: Don't worry, Bella, we'll give him back in plenty of time.
Bella Swan: Okay, go before they break my house.
Emmett Cullen: Let's go! Let's go!

Jacob Black: It's not like you're gonna have a real honeymoon with him anyway.
Bella Swan: It's gonna be as real as anyone else's.
Jacob Black: That's a sick joke. You are joking.
[raises voice]
Jacob Black: What? While you're still human? You can't be serious, Bella. Tell me you're not that stupid!
Bella Swan: I mean, it's really none of your business.
Jacob Black: No, you can't do this!
[grabs Bella]
Bella Swan: Jake.
Jacob Black: Listen to me, Bella.
Bella Swan: [yells] Let me go!
Edward Cullen: Jacob, calm down. Alright?
Jacob Black: [yelling] Are you out of your mind? Huh? You'll kill her!
Seth: Walk away, Jacob!
Sam Uley: Enough, Jacob.
Jacob Black: Stay out of this, Sam.
Sam Uley: You're not going to start something that we'll have to finish.
Jacob Black: She'll die.
Sam Uley: She's not our concern anymore.

Bella Swan: [to herself] Don't be a coward.

Edward Cullen: Do you wanna go for a swim?
Bella Swan: Yeah, that sounds nice. I could use a few human minutes.
Edward Cullen: Don't take too long, Mrs. Cullen.
Bella Swan: Okay.

Bella Swan: Dad.
Charlie Swan: Well, it's gonna be strange you not living under my roof.
Bella Swan: Yeah. It's gonna be strange for me, too.
Charlie Swan: You know it will always be your home, right?
Bella Swan: [nods] I love you, Dad. Forever.
Charlie Swan: I love you too, Bells. I always have and I always will.

Edward Cullen: How badly are you hurt?
Bella Swan: What?
Edward Cullen: No, Bella, look.
[shows bruises on her body]
Edward Cullen: Bella, I can't tell you how sorry I am.
Bella Swan: I'm not! Really, I'm not. I'm fine.
Edward Cullen: Don't say you're fine. Just don't.
Bella Swan: No, you don't. Don't ruin this.
Edward Cullen: I've already ruined it.
Bella Swan: Why can't you see how perfectly happy I am? Or was five seconds ago. I mean now I'm sort of pissed off, actually.
Edward Cullen: You should be angry with me.
Bella Swan: I mean, we knew this was going to be tricky, right? I think we did amazing. I mean, it was amazing for me.
Edward Cullen: That's what you're worried about? That I didn't enjoy myself?
Bella Swan: I know it's not the same for you, but for a human I can't imagine that it gets any better than that.
Edward Cullen: Last night was the best night of my existence.
Bella Swan: You're the best.
[kisses Edward]
Bella Swan: You're not gonna touch me again, are you?
[Edward touches her face]
Bella Swan: You know that's not what I mean.
Edward Cullen: Let me make you breakfast.

Edward Cullen: Bella? You having a nightmare?
Bella Swan: No. It was just a dream. It was a really good dream.
Edward Cullen: Then why are you crying?
Bella Swan: Because I wanted it to be real.
Edward Cullen: Tell me.
[Bella puts her hand around Edward's neck and starts to kiss him passionately]
Edward Cullen: Bella, I can't.
Bella Swan: Please. Please?

Edward Cullen: [sees Bella vomiting] Bella?
Bella Swan: Hey, don't come in here. You don't need to see this.
Edward Cullen: In sickness and health, remember?
Bella Swan: It must have been the chicken. Could you grab my bag?
[stares at a box of unopened tampons]
Edward Cullen: What is it?
Bella Swan: How many days has it been since the wedding?
Edward Cullen: Fourteen. Why?
Edward Cullen: Will you tell me what's going on?
Bella Swan: I'm late. My period, it's late.

Edward Cullen: [note to Bella] I've gone to the mainland to hunt. I'll be back before you wake.
Bella Swan: You're late.

Edward Cullen: Bella, these are our housekeepers, Gustavo and Kaure.
[in Portuguese]
Edward Cullen: This is my wife, Bella.
Gustavo: Excuse me.
[leaves fearfully with Kaure]
Edward Cullen: Well, I guess we just leave them to it.
Bella Swan: What was that all about?
Edward Cullen: She's afraid for you.
Bella Swan: Why?
Edward Cullen: Because I have you here all alone.
Bella Swan: You means she knows about you?
Edward Cullen: She suspects. She's native Ticuna. They have legends about blood-drinking demons who prey on beautiful women.
[kisses Bella]
Kaure: [fearfully to Edward] No sir!
Gustavo: [carrying broken bed frame] Hey!

Rosalie Hale: [answers phone] Hello?
Bella Swan: Rosalie.
Rosalie Hale: Bella? What's going on?
Bella Swan: I need your help.

Bella Swan: Rose, I'm fine. Really.
[Rosalie leaves]
Bella Swan: So Edward sent you in here to talk to me?
Jacob Black: Sort of. Though I can't figure out why he thinks you'd listen to me. I mean, you never have before. Since when are you and blondie BFF's?
Bella Swan: Rose understands what I want.
Jacob Black: What are you thinking, Bella? Seriously.
Bella Swan: I know this seems like a scary thing, but it's not. It's like this miracle or something. I can feel him.
Jacob Black: [scoffs] So it's a bouncing baby boy? I'm sorry I didn't know. Should've brought some blue balloons.
Bella Swan: It's just a guess. When I picture him I see a boy. We'll see.
Jacob Black: You won't.
Bella Swan: Jake, I can do this. I'm strong enough.
Jacob Black: Come on. You can spout that crap to your bloodsucker, but you don't fool me. I can see what that thing's doing to you. It's a killer, Bella.
Bella Swan: You're wrong.
Jacob Black: And when you die, what was the point? Of me loving you, you loving him. How is that right for anyone? Because I sure don't see it. Listen to me, Bella. Please? Just don't do this. Live, okay? Please.
Bella Swan: Jake, everything's gonna be okay.
[Jacob begins to walk away]
Bella Swan: Jacob, don't go.
Jacob Black: I know how this ends. And I'm not sticking around to watch.

Jacob Black: Carlisle, you've gotta do something.
Bella Swan: No! It's not his decision. It's not any of yours.

Bella Swan: [answers phone] Alice.
Alice Cullen: Bella? Are you alright?
Bella Swan: I'm not 100% sure.
Alice Cullen: Why? What's wrong? I just.
Bella Swan: You just what? Alice, what did you see?
Alice Cullen: Here's Carlisle.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Bella, what's going on?
Bella Swan: I don't know.
[looks at Edward]
Bella Swan: I'm a little worried. Can vampires go into shock?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Has Edward been harmed?
Bella Swan: No. I know that it's impossible, but I think that I'm pregnant.
[reacts in pain]
Bella Swan: Whoa! Carlisle, I swear, something just moved inside me.
Edward Cullen: [takes phone] Is this even possible?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I don't know.
Bella Swan: What's he saying?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: The sooner Bella is here the sooner we can find out what it is. I need you to get to the mainland at once.
Edward Cullen: Yeah, yeah I will.

Edward Cullen: Damn it. Kaure's making sure you're still alive.
Kaure: [in Portuguese] What did you do with her?
Edward Cullen: What do you know about this?
Kaure: I know that you are a demon! You killed this little girl!
Bella Swan: What?
Edward Cullen: [to Bella] Her people have legends. She might have seen this before.
[to Kaure in Portuguese]
Edward Cullen: Please. Tell me how to help her.
Kaure: You only do bad.
Edward Cullen: I am begging you. I will do anything. I love her. Please? Tell me how she can survive this.
Kaure: [feels Bella's abdomen] Death.
Edward Cullen: I'm not gonna let it hurt you. Carlisle will get that thing out.
Bella Swan: Thing?

Bella Swan: Jake, is that you?
Jacob Black: She's here?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: They came home two weeks ago.
[going after Jacob]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Jake.
Bella Swan: I'm glad you came.
Rosalie Hale: Close enough.
Jacob Black: What's your problem?
Bella Swan: Rose, it's okay.
Jacob Black: [sighs] You look terrible.
Bella Swan: Yeah. It's nice to see you, too.
Jacob Black: So, you gonna tell me what's wrong with you?
Bella Swan: Rose, you wanna help me up?
Jacob Black: [sees Bella's pregnant stomach and charges Edward] You did this!
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We didn't know it was even possible.
Jacob Black: What is it?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I'm not sure. Ultrasounds and needles won't penetrate the embryonic sac.
Alice Cullen: I can't see it, either. And I can't see Bella's future anymore.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We've been researching legends, but there isn't much to go on. What we do know is that it's strong and fast growing.
Jacob Black: Why haven't you done anything? Take it out of her!

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Your rib is cracked, but there are no splinters. You haven't punctured anything.
Edward Cullen: Yet.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Edward.
Edward Cullen: It's breaking her bones now. It's crushing you from the inside out. Carlisle, tell her what you told me. Tell her.
Bella Swan: Carlisle, tell me. It's alright.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: The fetus isn't compatible with your body. It's too strong. It won't allow you to get the nutrition you need. It's starving you by the hour. I can't stop it and I can't slow it down. At this rate, your heart will give out before you can deliver.
Bella Swan: Then I'll hold on as long as I can and then.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [interrupts] Bella. There are some conditions that even venom can't overcome. You understand? I'm sorry.

Bella Swan: Edward, I'm sorry.
Edward Cullen: I can't live without you.
Bella Swan: You won't. You're gonna have a part of me. He'll need you.
Edward Cullen: Do you honestly think that I could love it or even tolerate it if it killed you?
Bella Swan: It's not his fault. You have to accept what is.
Edward Cullen: [yells] Because you've given me no choice! Bella, we're supposed to be partners. Remember? But you decided this on your own. You've decided to leave me.
Bella Swan: Don't see it that way!
Edward Cullen: Well I have no other way to see it. 'Cause it's me who will lose you. And I don't choose that. I don't choose that.
[leaves angrily]

Edward Cullen: I'm sorry I've been so angry.
Bella Swan: I would be, too.
Edward Cullen: I've left you alone in this.
Bella Swan: Marriage.
Edward Cullen: Well, they say the first year is the hardest.
Edward Cullen: Who was that?
Bella Swan: What?
Edward Cullen: I thought I heard. Just say something else.
Bella Swan: Like what? Edward, what's going on?
Edward Cullen: It likes the sound of your voice.
Bella Swan: You can hear him?
Edward Cullen: In mind. It likes my voice as well.
Bella Swan: What? What do you hear?
Edward Cullen: It's so strange. I thought he was like me, but he's not. He's like you. Good a pure. He's happy.
Bella Swan: [talks to her stomach] Of course you are. Of course you're happy. How could you not be?
Bella Swan: I love you so much. What do you hear now?
Edward Cullen: He loves you, Bella.

Rosalie Hale: Can't we come up with something just a little more classic?
Bella Swan: [to Jacob] Hey. Are you okay?
Jacob Black: Yeah, it's not like I'm the one carrying a demon.
Rosalie Hale: This is pretty important, Bella. Why don't you tell Jacob what you've decided.
Jacob Black: What now?
Edward Cullen: Rose is trying to talk Bella out of her baby names.
Bella Swan: She hates them.
Jacob Black: Well, then I'm on your side no matter what you picked.
Bella Swan: They're not that bad. If it's a boy, EJ. Edward Jacob.
Rosalie Hale: Okay fine. That one's not awful. Why don't you tell him the girl's name.
Bella Swan: I was playing around with our moms' names. Renée and Esme. And I was thinking, Renesmee.
Jacob Black: Renesmee?
Bella Swan: Too weird?
Jacob Black: Um.
Edward Cullen: No, that's not too weird. It's beautiful. And it's unique which certainly fits the situation. I like Renesmee.

Edward Cullen: Rose, let the morphine spread!
Rosalie Hale: There's no time. He's dying!
Bella Swan: Get him out now!

Bella Swan: Why am I covered in feathers?
Edward Cullen: I bit a pillow... or two
Bella Swan: You... bit a pillow? Why?

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)
Bella Swan: [from trailer] You don't know what you're getting yourself into.

Edward Cullen: [on the bed, kissing passionately; as she starts unbuttoning her shirt] Stop trying to take your clothes off.
Bella Swan: [still close to each other] You want to do that part?
Edward Cullen: Not tonight.
[long pause; moves away; both sit up on the bed]
Bella Swan: [after a little while] You... You mean, you don't...
[sighs, disappointed and a little embarrassed]
Bella Swan: That's fine.
Edward Cullen: [looking at her intently] Believe me, I want to.
Edward Cullen: I just want to be married to you first.
Bella Swan: [pause] You really make me feel like I'm some sort of, like, villain trying to steal your virtue or something.
Edward Cullen: [he smiles] It's not *my* virtue I'm concerned about.

Jacob Black: Charlie said you left town.
Bella Swan: Yeah, to visit my mom. Why?
Edward Cullen: [with an ironic smile on his face] He's checking to see if you're still human.
Jacob Black: [beat; talking to Edward] Look, I'm here to warn you... If your kind come on our land again...
Bella Swan: [confused] Wait, what?
Jacob Black: [looks at Bella, then back at Edward] You didn't tell her?
Edward Cullen: Just leave it alone, Jacob.
Bella Swan: [to Edward] Tell me what?

Emmett Cullen: Trying to walk and chew gum at the same time again, Bella?
Bella Swan: I punched a werewolf in the face.
Emmett Cullen: Badass. You're going to be one tough little newborn.
Bella Swan: Tough enough to take you on.
[Rosalie throws newspaper down on table and storms out; Bella looks at Emmett]

Bella Swan: [about her kissing Jacob] You saw?
Edward Cullen: No. But Jacob's thoughts are pretty loud.
Bella Swan: I don't know what happened.
Edward Cullen: You love him.
Bella Swan: [pause, after thinking a moment] I love you more.
Edward Cullen: [beat] I know.

Edward Cullen: [dropping her off; about Jacob] Doesn't he own a shirt?
Bella Swan: [smiling; after a few seconds, voice concerned] I'm good here, you should go.
Edward Cullen: I'm not gonna be gone long.
Bella Swan: Don't rush. You need to hunt.
[pause; they kiss intimately & Jake looks away; smiling]
Bella Swan: Ok, maybe rush a little bit.
[walks to Jake]
Jacob Black: [with a smile, coming to meet her] Hey beautiful.
Bella Swan: [she smiles briefly] Hey.
[they hug, Jake holding her a little more tightly]

Bella Swan: Should I come back?
Jacob Black: I need some time, but I'll always be waiting.
Bella Swan: Until my heart stops beating.
Jacob Black: Maybe even then.

Alice Cullen: I've decided to throw a party.
Jasper Hale: After all, how many times are we going to graduate high school.
[Edward scoffs]
Angela: A party at your place?
Jessica: I've never seen your house.
Eric: No one's ever seen their house.
Edward Cullen: Another party Alice?
Alice Cullen: It'll be fun.
Bella Swan: Yeah. That's what you said last time.
[Alice slumps back, has a vision]
Bella Swan: [trying to distract her from Alice] Hey Angela.
Angela: Yeah?
Bella Swan: You need some help with those?

Rosalie Hale: [hearing Bella coming towards her] Go blather to someone else about the joys of becoming a newborn.
Bella Swan: [stops; eventually continues towards Rosalie] Ok. Rosalie, I don't understand what I did to make you hate me so much.
Rosalie Hale: [softly] Hate...
[smiles sadly, shakes her head; looks at Bella]
Rosalie Hale: I don't hate you.
[pause; looking back outside]
Rosalie Hale: I don't particularly *like* you but...
[looking down]
Rosalie Hale: Bella, I envy you.
Bella Swan: [surprised; barely a whisper] What?
Bella Swan: That's ridiculous.
Rosalie Hale: No it's not. You have a choice. I didn't. None of us did. But you do and you're choosing wrong! I don't care how miserable your human life is.
Bella Swan: My life is not miserable.
[comes up to her side, leaning on the railing, looking out]
Bella Swan: I mean, it's not perfect; but nobody's life is perfect.
Rosalie Hale: Mine was
Rosalie Hale: absolutely perfect.

Bella Swan: [after telling her why he doesn't want to turn her, & it's not what she expected] I thought- you were afraid I'd be too different. Like, I wouldn't be warm, or smell the same.
Edward Cullen: [he smiles; lays a hand on her cheek] You'll always be my Bella...
[pause; they kiss and he holds her close]
Edward Cullen: My Bella just less fragile.
[both smile]

Bella Swan: [after climbing on the back of his bike & noticing the look on her face] Hey lose the grin Jacob. We're just going for a ride.
Jacob Black: [still with a smile] Hold on tight!

Bella Swan: I'm really sorry about last night. That couldn't have been easy on you.
Edward Cullen: It definitely won't make my list of top ten evenings.
Bella Swan: You have a list?
Edward Cullen: All 10 I spent with you.
Edward Cullen: Number one is when you said you'd marry me,
Edward Cullen: Mrs. Cullen.
Bella Swan: [small laugh; then] This is the 21st century. I at least want to hyphenate my name.
Jacob Black: [sounding both angry & torn] You're marrying him?
Bella Swan: [takes a step towards him] Jake, I...
[after a moment looks at Edward]
Bella Swan: You knew he was listening!
Edward Cullen: [shrugs; softly] He deserves to know.
[Jake walks away]
Bella Swan: [calls after him, walking towards him] Jake, stop!
Edward Cullen: [grabs her arm] Bella, let him...
Bella Swan: [to Edward, just as loud] Don't!
[turns back, chases after Jake]
Bella Swan: Jake, stop!

Bella Swan: [as Jake and Edward are about to fight again] Stop!
Bella Swan: I'm tired of this. From now on I'm Switzerland, OK?

Alice Cullen: They'll be here in four days.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: This could turn into a bloodbath.
Edward Cullen: Who's behind it?
Alice Cullen: I didn't see anyone I recognized... maybe one.
Edward Cullen: I know his face. He's a local. Riley Biers. He didn't start this.
Alice Cullen: Whoever did is staying out of the action.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: They must be playing with the blind spots in your vision.
Jasper Hale: Either way, the army's coming and there aren't enough of us to protect the town.
Jacob Black: Hold up. What damn army?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Newborns. Our kind.
Embry Call: What are they after?
Alice Cullen: They were passing around Bella's scent. A red blouse.
Jacob Black: They're after Bella? What the hell does this mean?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: It means an ugly fight. With lives lost.
Jacob Black: [looking at his pack mates, then back at Carlisle] All right. We're in.
Bella Swan: No... you'll get yourself killed. No way.
Jacob Black: I wasn't asking for permission.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Jacob. Do you think Sam would agree to... an understanding?
Jacob Black: So long as we get to kill *some* vampires.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Jasper?
Jasper Hale: They'll give us the numbers. The newborns won't know they even exist. That'll give us an edge.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We'll need to coordinate.
Bella Swan: Carlisle! They're gonna get hurt!
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We'll all need some training. Fighting newborns requires knowledge Jasper has. You're welcome to join us.
Jacob Black: All right. Name the time and the place.
Bella Swan: Jake, you don't know what you're getting yourself into.
Jacob Black: Bella, this is what we do. You should be happy. Look at us, working together. You are the one who wanted us to get along, remember?

Bella Swan: Jasper? Are you sure there's nothing I can do to help?
Jasper Hale: Well just your presence alone, your scent, will distract the newborns. Their hunting instinct will take over, and drive 'em crazy.
Bella Swan: Good, I'm glad.
[Jasper nods and begins to walk away]
Bella Swan: Hey,
[Jasper turns around]
Bella Swan: how do you know so much about this?
Jasper Hale: I didn't have quite the same upbringing as my adopted siblings.
[Rolls up sleeves and shows Bella his arms, which have bite marks on them]
Bella Swan: [Hops off Jeep] Those bites are like mine.
Jasper Hale: [with a smirk] Battle scars. All the training the Confederate Army gave me was useless against the newborns, but still, I never lost a fight.
Bella Swan: [he walks away; after a beat she follows him] Hey, this - this happened during the Civil War?
Jasper Hale: [smiles] I was the youngest major in the Texas Calvary, all without having seen any real battle.
Bella Swan: Until...?
Jasper Hale: [suddenly serious] Till I met a certain immortal... Maria.
[enters a flashback]

Edward Cullen: I'm from a different era. Things were a lot less complicated.
Edward Cullen: And if I'd have met you back then, I would've... courted you. We'd have taken chaperone strolls, and ice tea on the porch...
Edward Cullen: [pause; stands up]
Edward Cullen: I may have stolen a kiss or two, but only after asking your father's permission. I would've got down on one knee...
Edward Cullen: and I would have presented you with a ring.
[opens box with the ring and places it in her hand]
Edward Cullen: This was my mother's.
[Bella smiles in spite of herself]
Edward Cullen: Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever. Would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?
Bella Swan: [after a moment, smiling] Yes.

Bella Swan: Edward?
Edward Cullen: If you ever touch her against her will again...
Bella Swan: Edward! Don't do this!
Jacob Black: She's not sure what she wants!
Bella Swan: Don't do this here!
Edward Cullen: Let me give you a clue: wait for her to say the words.
Jacob Black: Fine, and she will.
Bella Swan: Jacob, just go, okay?

Charlie Swan: Hey, you want a sandwhich?
Bella Swan: No, I'm good.
Charlie Swan: Well, his sister I like.
Bella Swan: Alice, yeah she's great.
Bella Swan: ... Hey dad, I was wondering... why didn't you get re-married, after mom?
Charlie Swan: Uh, I don't know... uh I guess I haven't met the right gal.
Charlie Swan: why?
Bella Swan: I don't know. I thought you just maybe gave up on the whole institution of it, of marriage... But do you think theres any value in it?
Charlie Swan: Yep. Yeah, marriage has value... when your older, much older. Like your mother, uh, seemed to work out fine for her the second time around, later in life.
Bella Swan: Yeah I guess.
Charlie Swan: I mean, you definitely don't want to have to get married cause your not... um careful.
Bella Swan: ...what?
Charlie Swan: Your know what I'm talking about. Theres... things that you need to think about if your going to be... physically intimate...
Bella Swan: Okay, don't have "the talk", please.
Charlie Swan: It's just as embarrassing for me as it is for you.
Bella Swan: I doubt that. And don't bother, cause mom bet you to it like ten years ago.
Charlie Swan: Well, you didn't have a boyfriend ten years ago.
Bella Swan: I'm sure things work the same way.
Charlie Swan: ...alright, so, you guys are taking precaution?
Bella Swan: Okay, dad, please just don't worry about... that. Edward is... old school.
Charlie Swan: Old school, great. What's that, like a code for something?
Bella Swan: Oh my God, dad, I'm a virgin!
Charlie Swan: Ah, di-di-di-di, okay... glad we covered that.
Bella Swan: [runs up stairs] Me too!
Charlie Swan: Virgin... I'm liking Edward a little more now.
[Bites sandwhich]

Rosalie Hale: [talking about the night she died, after she was assaulted by her fiance & his friends] They left me in the street, thinking I was dead. Believe me, I wanted to be.
Rosalie Hale: Carlisle found me. He smelled all the blood. Thought he was helping me.
Bella Swan: I'm sorry.
Rosalie Hale: [pause; eventually Rosalie continues with a slight smile] I got my revenge on them.
Rosalie Hale: One at a time.
[enters flashback]
Rosalie Hale: Save Royce for last, so he'd know I was coming.
[we see 3 policemen, standing outside Royce's door; cut to inside where Royce hears all the police get taken out; cowering in a corner, Rosalie breaks the door down, wearing a wedding dress, complete with veil; smiles menacingly]
Rosalie Hale: [back to Rosalie now; smiles at the memory] I was a little theatrical back then.
[long pause as a series of emotions play across her face; continues]
Rosalie Hale: Things got better after I found Emmett.
[nods briefly; beat]
Rosalie Hale: But we'll always be this... Frozen... Never moving forward. That's what I miss the most. Possibilities.

Bella Swan: This wasn't a choice between you and Jacob. It was between who I should be and who I am. I've always felt out of step. Like literally stumbling through my life. I've never felt normal, because I'm not normal, and I don't wanna be. I've had to face death and loss and pain in your world, but I've also never felt stronger, like more real, more myself, because it's my world too. It's where I belong.
Edward Cullen: So it's not just about me?
Bella Swan: No.
Bella Swan: Sorry...

Jacob Black: [Introducing Seth to Bella] Bella, this is Seth Clearwater. Newest member of the pack
Bella Swan: [shaking Seth's hand] Hi.
Seth Clearwater: Newest, bestest, brightest...
Jacob Black: [finishing Seth's sentence] And slowest.
[grabs Seth into a headlock]

[last lines]
Bella Swan: And I wanna tie myself to you, in every way humanly possible.
Edward Cullen: [smiles] Starting with a wedding.
Bella Swan: [thoughtful] Actually, something a little more difficult first. And maybe even dangerous.
[stands up looking down at him]
Bella Swan: We have to tell Charlie.
Edward Cullen: [laughs a little] It's highly dangerous.
Bella Swan: [nods] It's a good thing you're bulletproof.
Bella Swan: I'm gonna need that ring.

Bella Swan: [Jake just found out Bella plans to marry Edward] Jake, please!
Jacob Black: [seething with fury] I'm done! I am so done!
Bella Swan: [wanting to make things right] What can I do?
Jacob Black: You can't do anything. I can, by going out there and killing something!
[continues walking away]
Bella Swan: [shaky with intense emotion, stammers a little] No! You're not thinking clearly! Don't do that!
Jacob Black: Maybe I'll get myself killed and make it simple for you.
Bella Swan: No! Just, Jake, stay!
Jacob Black: Why?
[walks towards her]
Jacob Black: Give me one good reason.
Bella Swan: [starting to tear up] Because I don't want to lose you!
Jacob Black: [beat] That's not good enough.
Bella Swan: Because you're too important.
Jacob Black: [shakes his head] Still not good enough.
[turns and walks away quickly]
Bella Swan: [shouts, almost frantice] Jacob!
[he stops; Bella looks a little desperate as she searches for what to say or do; eventually]
Bella Swan: Kiss me!
[he turns around, surprised & disbelieving what he heard; Bella still shaking]
Bella Swan: I'm- asking you... to kiss me.
[beat, then he comes up to her; they kiss, at first tentative then more deeply; eventually they stop, but remain very close to each other]
Jacob Black: [puts his hands on her face & kisses her softly once more; after a few seconds, in a quiet voice] That should have been our first kiss.
[his head lingers near hers, no longer mad to the point of recklessness; eventually]
Jacob Black: I gotta go.
[looks her in the eyes, as if promising he'll be careful]
Jacob Black: I'll be back.
[walks away; she stands there a while longer, deep in thought]

Jacob Black: Something up?
Bella Swan: [shakes her head] Bunch of vampires trying to kill me?
Jacob Black: [smiles] Same old, same old.

Emmett Cullen: Fall down again, Bella?
Bella Swan: No, Emmett, I punched a werewolf in the face.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012)
Jacob Black: Lot of red eyes around here...
Bella Cullen: They agreed not to hunt in the area.
Jacob Black: But they'll feed somewhere.

Bella Cullen: I thought we would be safe forever. But "forever" isn't as long as I'd hoped.

Jacob Black: Do you remember how much you wanted to be around me three days ago? That's gone now, right?
Bella Cullen: LONG gone.
Jacob Black: Because it was her. From the beginning, it was Nessie who wanted me there.
Bella Cullen: [shouts furiously] Nessie? You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness MONSTER?
[Bella lunges at Jacob again. Seth, in wolf form, jumps at Bella to protect Jacob. Without breaking stride, Bella bats Seth aside, and into a tree]
Jacob Black: Seth, are you okay?
Bella Cullen: [immediately regretful] Seth, I'm sorry.
Jacob Black: He'll be all right. Bella, you know me better than anyone. All I want is for Ness...
[Bella starts scowling again]
Jacob Black: ...Renesmee to be safe. Happy. Look, nothing ever made sense before. You, me, any of it. And now I understand why. This was the reason.
[Bella sighs in resignation]

Bella Cullen: What was that?
Edward Cullen: She showed you the first memory she has of you.
Bella Cullen: Showed me how?
Edward Cullen: How do I hear thoughts? How does Alice see the future? She's gifted.

Bella Cullen: Now you know. Nobody's ever loved anybody as much as I love you.
Edward Cullen: There's one exception.

[last lines]
Edward Cullen: Can you show me again?
Bella Cullen: [laughs] We've got a lot of time.
Edward Cullen: Forever.
Bella Cullen: Forever.

Edward Cullen: This is our room.
Bella Cullen: [takes note of the bed] Vampires don't sleep.
Edward Cullen: [kisses Bella] It's not intended for sleep.

Bella Cullen: I do remember how to undress myself.
Edward Cullen: I just do it so much better.

Emmett Cullen: [Emmett looked to Edward and Bella, smirking] Wow, done already?
Bella Cullen: [Bella glanced to Jacob to ask] Where's Renesmee?
Jacob Black: Blondie stole her.
[Sees Rosalie with Renesmee and smiles]

Bella Cullen: [Jacob is acting overprotective of Renesmee] What's your problem?
Rosalie Hale: Oh, do tell her, Jacob.
Emmett Cullen: [smiles] This should be good.
Edward Cullen: Edward: Hold on a second. Bella.
[Edward holds Renesmee]
Jacob Black: Look. It's a wolf thing.
Bella Cullen: What's a wolf thing?
Jacob Black: Um... you know we have no control over it.
[Bella scowls as she figures out what Jacob means]
Jacob Black: We can't choose who it happens with. And it doesn't mean what you think, Bella. I promise.
Bella Cullen: [very angry now] Take Renesmee out of the room.
Jacob Black: Oh...
Bella Cullen: [as Edward touches her shoulder] Edward, don't touch me right now. I don't want to hurt you.
[Bella grabs Jacob by his neck and pulls him out of the house]

Bella Cullen: [furiously, after learning why Jacob is so protective of Renesmee] You imprinted on my daughter?

Edward Cullen: [Bella looks in the mirror and smiles she turns round and grabs Edward pulling him into her chest he groans painfully] Hey Bella you're a lot stronger than me right now
[he groans painfully]
Edward Cullen: It's your turn not to break me.
[Bella grabs his hips and groans again and smiles]
Bella Cullen: I love you.
Edward Cullen: I love you.
[Edward kisses Bella]

[Jacob approaches Bella]
Bella Cullen: I-I would keep my distance for now.
Jacob Black: It's safer for the baby to see how you do with me first.
Bella Cullen: [suspicious] Since when do you care about Renesmee?
[Jacob looks at Edward, who shakes his head no]
Jacob Black: All right... take a whiff.
Bella Cullen: [cautiously sniffing Jacob] Well, I can see what everyone's been talking about. Jake, you really do stink.

Alice Cullen: Happy Birthday.
Bella Cullen: I stopped aging three days ago.
Alice Cullen: Well, we're celebrating anyway. So suck it up.

Bella Cullen: You really were holding back before. I'm never gonna get enough of this. We don't get tired. We don't have to rest, or catch our breath, or eat. I mean, how are we gonna stop?
Edward Cullen: [chuckles] Rosalie and Emmett were so bad, it took a solid decade before we could stand to be within five miles of them.
Bella Cullen: I think we might be worse.
Edward Cullen: Definitely worse.
[Bella and Edward kiss again]

Bella Cullen: My time as a human was over. But I've never felt more alive.

Vampires Suck (2010)
Becca Crane: [from trailer] Jacob, run!
[Jacob jumps above Becca and lands in his chihuahua form]
Becca Crane: [disbelievingly] A chihuahua?

Becca Crane: [from trailer] Edward!
Team Edward: Edward? Where?
[sees Edward glittering in the sun]
Team Edward: Edward, we love you. You're the best.
Team Jacob: No, Jacob's the best!
[smacks Team Edward's face with a shovel]

Becca Crane: So are we going to be uh, at the same school?
Jacob: I go to school at the reservation.
Becca Crane: Oh, it must be fun to gamble and drink all day.

[Becca and her Dad are driving into Sporks, they drive past a welcome sign to the town]
Becca Crane: So, I came here to the town of Sporks, Washington. Population: 3120.
[a screaming woman comes running in front of the sign being chased by a vampire, the vampire grabs and bites her neck spraying blood everywhere]
Becca Crane: Holy shit! Uh, make that 3119!

Becca Crane: I used to live with my Mom. Now, she's always on the road because she started doing some pro golfer.
[Pulls out a magazine with Tiger Woods on the front]

Becca Crane: Stop it!
Daro: [mocking Becca] Stop it.
Becca Crane: You're killing him!
Daro: [mocking Becca] You're killing him.
Becca Crane: [quietly] And we haven't even had sex yet.
Daro: [mocking Becca] And we haven't even had - Really?