Bella Swan
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Biography for
Bella Swan (Character)
from Twilight (2008/I)

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Isabella ''Bella'' Marie Swan is the daughter of Charlie Swan and Renee Dwyer. Her parents were married at a young age and divorced and Renee moved with Bella to Phoenix, Arizona. Every summer, Bella would come and visit her father in the little cloudy town of Forks where her parents had lived. Bella started going to Forks for only a few weeks when she was a young teen because she did not like it there. When Renee, Bella's mom married Phil Dwyer, Bella felt she was holding her mom back from being able to travel with her baseball playing husband. Bella decided to move to Forks to live with Charlie so her mom could be happy. This is where she met and fell deeply in love with the mysterious Edward Cullen. After discovering Edward's secret, she decided to stick with him as they grow ever more attached to one another. Bella, being known to attract disasters, constantly keeps Edward busy trying to protect her from getting hurt.

After 2 disastrous events with vampires, Edward decided to leave for Bella's safety. While Edward is gone, she becomes close friends with Jacob Black, but doesn't share Jacob's feelings of love for her. Things get worse after Alice and Bella save Edward from death and bring him back to Forks. Jacob hates Edward for breaking Bella's heart and believes he's the better choice for her. He's heartbroken after Bella chooses Edward.

In Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward marry, with all their loved ones in attendance. While on their honeymoon, Bella learns she's pregnant, and Carlisle tells her and Edward to return home immediately. Unfortunately, the baby is too strong and breaks Bella's bones, and she nearly dies after a cesarean section. Edward delivers their daughter, Renesmee, and changes Bella into a vampire. She's furious after learning that Jacob imprinted on her - especially after he nicknames her Nessie, after the Lochness Monster.

Renesmee grows extremely fast and is mistaken for a Newborn by Irina. When the Volturi arrive in Forks, Irina said she made a mistake, and was executed.

Thanks to Alice and Jasper, fighting never takes place, and everyone leaves.

Bella is described as being very fair-skinned and plain with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes and a heart-shaped face. She has a wide forehead, large, wide-spaced eyes, and prominent cheekbones. She is five foot four inches tall but not muscular and weighs 115 pounds. She also has sturdy fingernails because she has a nervous habit of biting them.

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