Deputy Johnny McKay
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Deputy Johnny McKay (Character)
from "Maverick" (1957)

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"Lawman: The Deputy (#1.1)" (1958)
Marshal Dan Troop: What do you want with all this?
Deputy Johnny McKay: I wasn't cut out to be a rancher, Marshal. Now the way I figure it, nowadays, a fella's got about two ways he can go in order to amount to anything - the way Billy the Kid took... and your way.
Marshal Dan Troop: Well, it's not a bad life... if you don't mind strapping one of these on every day and not knowing whether you're going to have to use it or somebody's going to use it on you. 'Course, it's not much of a social life, either. You don't get invited to parties and such. People just naturally shy away from a paid gunman, badge or not. About the only time you really become popular is when some drunk cowboy starts shooting things up. Now that's one party you're invited to. The way things go, the chances are pretty much against any lawman blowing out forty candles on his birthday cake but, all in all, it's not a bad life - providing you can take it.

[first lines]
Marshal Dan Troop: How far to town?
Deputy Johnny McKay: Just over the next rise.
Marshal Dan Troop: Was there something you wanted?
Deputy Johnny McKay: Just lookin'.

"Lawman: Firehouse Lil (#3.17)" (1961)
Deputy Johnny McKay: [Questioning Dan's suggestion that Lily be made fire chief] A lady fie chief?
Marshal Dan Troop: Sometimes I talk when I should listen.