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Dr. Lovett (Character)
from "Asylum" (1996)

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"Asylum: Episode #1.1" (1996)
Dr. Lovett: So how is everybody today? Feeling nice and friendly? Or do you want to shoot each other's mothers for a fiver?

Dr. Lovett: Don't worry. Everyone's free here. Within the confines of the building.

Dr. Lovett: [holding up a Rorschach test] What does that remind you of?
Simon: Uh... ink.

"Asylum: Episode #1.2" (1996)
Dr. Lovett: Well, it's Christmas in a few months and I expect you're all looking forward to seeing your friends and families... someday.

"Asylum: Episode #1.4" (1996)
Victor: You see, when a man shaves his head he often finds nooks and crannies of which he was first unaware. Well imagine my surprise, doctor, when on shaving my head, I discovered another face. One which told me things. Strange things, horrible things.
Dr. Lovett: When did you shave your head?
Victor: Yesterday.
Dr. Lovett: It's grown back pretty quick, hasn't it?
Victor: Well, I'm from swarthy stalk.
Dr. Lovett: What did your head tell you?
Victor: It told me of the pack of dogs that live in my eyes.
Dr. Lovett: Dogs? We don't allow dogs on the grounds. I hope they're well-trained.
Victor: No, no. They do their dirty feces everywhere.
Dr. Lovett: Can't you put newspaper down?
Victor: Well, I've trained them to come out and do it in my ears.
Dr. Lovett: They must be very tiny dogs to fit in your eyes.
Victor: They are Irish wolfhounds. I am in a great deal of pain.