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Landis (Character)
from "Monk" (2002)

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"Monk: Mr. Monk and the Big Reward (#4.13)" (2006)
Landis: [while being questioned about the robbery] I want to help you guys. I really do, but they've questioned me three times.
Lt. Randall Disher: It's not just you, Mr. Landis. We're talking to all the guards, cleaning staff, curators, and anybody who was at the museum.
Landis: Yeah, but I haven't been home yet!
Lt. Randall Disher: And I appreciate that. We just need your official statement, and you're free to go. So for the record, where were you during the robbery?
Landis: OK, for the tenth time, I was at my station on the main floor. I *never* left.
Lt. Randall Disher: And you didn't hear anything unusual?
Landis: No, sir. I was three floors away.
Lt. Randall Disher: Okay.
[noticing Monk and Natalie]
Lt. Randall Disher: Excuse me for a second. Can I get you something to drink?
[Randy walks over to the cooler where Monk and Natalie are standing]
Lt. Randall Disher: Monk, Nat.
Adrian Monk: What's going on?
Lt. Randall Disher: What? You haven't heard? Robbery at the MacMillan Museum. It was big, big! The Alexander Diamond.
Natalie Teeger: Whoa!
Lt. Randall Disher: I know whoa! Robbery division asked us to help out, so we're taking statements from everybody on sight.
Adrian Monk: So you're not arresting him about the drugs?
Lt. Randall Disher: Uh, no, what drugs?
Adrian Monk: His fingertips are stained. It looks like red phosphorus. You get that from making crystal meth. He's got to have a lab somewhere.
Lt. Randall Disher: Okay, I'll look into it.
[to Landis]
Lt. Randall Disher: Excuse me, Mr. Landis.
[to Monk and Natalie]
Lt. Randall Disher: If the Captain needs me, I'll be in Interrogation Room B.
[Landis departs with Randy to be interrogated. Monk turns to Natalie, who is dismayed to find that Monk didn't ask for money]
Adrian Monk: What?
Natalie Teeger: You know what? You just solved that case for *free*!
Lt. Randall Disher: What was I supposed to do? Say, "Lieutenant, there's a drug dealer in the room. I'll tell you who it is for $20."
Natalie Teeger: At least we'd have $20!