Caitlin MacNamara
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Caitlin MacNamara (Character)
from Looking Over: The Edge of Love (2008) (V)

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The Edge of Love (2008)
Caitlin MacNamara: Touch her and I'll kill you.
Dylan Thomas: Caitlin's territory, is it?
Caitlin MacNamara: Caitlin's friend.

Caitlin MacNamara: Now you'll get fat. And Dylan won't love you anymore.
Vera Phillips: You're a bitch. It's the past Dylan loves. And you. He doesn't love me at all.
Caitlin MacNamara: When's William get back?
Vera Phillips: I keep writing. No word.
Caitlin MacNamara: Think he's dead?
Vera Phillips: We're still getting his pay. The army wouldn't pay a dead man.
Caitlin MacNamara: You'll have to stop singing.
Vera Phillips: I'll sing if I want.
Caitlin MacNamara: They won't let you. Not pregnant they won't.
Vera Phillips: I can't do this. I can't. A mother, me, look at me!
Caitlin MacNamara: Get rid of it then.
Vera Phillips: It's William's.
Caitlin MacNamara: Ah, you love him.
Vera Phillips: I hate him. Oh, God, I hate him so much. Look what he's done to me.
[Caitlin laughs hysterically]
Vera Phillips: Don't laugh. Don't damn well laugh! I can't do this alone.
Caitlin MacNamara: I'm here, aren't I?
Vera Phillips: Let's go home, Caitlin.
Caitlin MacNamara: I don't have a home.
Vera Phillips: Wales, Caitlin!
Caitlin MacNamara: Are you insane, woman?

Caitlin MacNamara: My first was Augustus John. He seduced me when I was 15 the old goat. It doesn't mean anything, fucking. It isn't love. I get an itch, it's gotta be scratched. I do it myself when I'm too lazy. Why bother when you can get someone else to do it for you?
Vera Phillips: Nothing to do with love, fucking?
Caitlin MacNamara: Uh-uh. Nothing. Who was your first?
Vera Phillips: [Innocently] What?
Caitlin MacNamara: You don't need to tell me, I know it was Dylan.
Vera Phillips: We were kids. Tent, fire, and a beach blanket.
Caitlin MacNamara: Nice and comfy then.
Vera Phillips: Children, still innocent.
Caitlin MacNamara: We are still innocent, me and Dylan.
Vera Phillips: I only want it as a memory. I don't want it back.
Caitlin MacNamara: Does William know? Don't ever tell him. I can forgive the past, he won't. The past I can forgive.
Vera Phillips: You're warning me.

Caitlin MacNamara: I never had a best friend before.

Dylan Thomas: Where's our son?
Caitlin MacNamara: Chopped up in little bids and packed with my knickers in the suitcase.
Dylan Thomas: Oh, dear, the police'll be chasing you.

Vera Phillips: I don't melt at the sight of a uniform, that's all. Sod it. I don't like nosy parkers.
Caitlin MacNamara: It was a civil question. I could have said, "Are you after my husband?" But I didn't.
Vera Phillips: Heartache, that's what I see in a uniform. I'm not gonna love someone just to have them die off on me.

Caitlin MacNamara: Hey?
William Killick: Hay's for horses.
Caitlin MacNamara: Come for a gallop.