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Cathica (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (2005)

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"Doctor Who: The Long Game (#1.7)" (2005)
Cathica: Doctor, I think if there was any sort of conspiracy, Satellite Five would have seen it. We see everything.
The Doctor: I can see better. This society's the wrong shape. Even the technology.
Cathica: It's cutting-edge!
The Doctor: It's backwards. There's a great big door in your head! You shoulda chucked this out years ago.

Cathica: And on the Bad Wolf Channel, The Face of Boe just announced he's pregnant.
The Doctor: I get it. You broadcast the news.
Cathica: We are the news. We're the journalists. We write it, package it and sell it. Six hundred channels, all coming out of Satellite Five, broadcasting everywhere.

Cathica: You're not management, are you?
The Doctor: At last she's clever!

Cathica: And three, two, and Spike.

Cathica: Engage safety!