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Alp-hi (Character)
from Heidi (1952)

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Heidi (1937)
Heidi: [Church bells chiming] I like to hear the church bells, don't you, Grandfather?
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Get to bed.
Heidi: Shall I say my prayers out here with you?
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: I told you to go to bed!
Heidi: Yes, Grandfather. I think I'll go to bed now, Grandfather. Good night!

Heidi: May I go with Peter today? It may be the last time before the snows.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: All right. All right. But be back early for your lessons.
Heidi: I will. Are you sure you can get along without me?
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: I'll try.

Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: I ask the Herr Pastor to forgive the words I said on the mountain.
Pastor Schultz: The words are forgotten, neighbor. This is a happy day for all of us. I - I hope we shall see you here often.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: What do you say, Heidi?
Heidi: Well, I think everybody really ought to go to church on Sunday and I think there ought to be a Frau Schultz.

Pastor Schultz: You're going for the child?
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: I am.
Pastor Schultz: You're not walking all the way to Frankfurt? It's over 100 miles!
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: I shall get there.
Villager 1: Wait, neighbor.
Franz: Let us lend you enough for your railway fare.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: That's kind of you, Franz, but my legs will carry me. And I have money to bring us back on the train.
Villager 2: Auf Wiedersehen.
Villager 3: Goodbye.
Villager 4: Good luck, Adolph.
Pastor Schultz: God speed to you, neighbor.

Police Captain: You broke out of the Rittenstrasse jail. You took a sled that did not belong to you. You stole that child!
Heidi: He didn't steal me!
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: I tell you, she's mine!
Police Captain: Silence!
Police Lieutenant: Herr Captain, we have found the woman.
Police Captain: Good, bring her in. Is this your child?
Fräulein Rottenmeier: Yes, yes, Herr Captain.
Heidi: No, I'm not!
Police Captain: And is this the man who struck you in the street and took her away from you?
Fräulein Rottenmeier: Yes.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: She's lying! I don't know who she is or what she's doing, but Heidi is mine!
Police Captain: That's enough! You will be held for trial!
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: You stupid fools! Can't you see what you're doing?
Police Captain: Lock him up!

Dete: I'm Dete, the sister of Gretchen, who married your son Tobias. I've brought their orphan to live with you. I've taken care of her for six years, but I've got a job in Frankfurt now, rich family, and I can't be bothered with her any more. I know you hated Tobias and Gretchen, but you've got to take their daughter just the same.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Get out of here!
Dete: Here she is. Her name's Heidi.
[Dete leaves]
Heidi: How do you do, Grandfather? I'm very glad to see you.

Heidi: [seeing goats] Are these ours, Grandfather?
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Mmm-hmm.
Heidi: What are their names?
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Swanli, Bearli.
Heidi: [to the goats] You don't look much like a swan, and you don't look anything like a bear, but I think you're a beautiful goat. I wonder if you give black milk.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: You can milk Bearli.
Heidi: But I don't know how to milk a goat.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Well, then it's time you learned.

Elsa: You're mending your grandfather's coat. How nice.
Heidi: It's his Sunday coat, but he never wears it. He doesn't go to church.
Pastor Schultz: Perhaps we could persuade him to go. Would you like that?
Heidi: Pastor and Fräulein Elsa have come to see us. Isn't that nice?
Pastor Schultz: Good day, neighbor.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Well?
Pastor Schultz: We've come to ask about the child.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Go inside, Heidi. Save your breath. I have nothing to say to you.

Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: I'll not send Heidi to school.
Pastor Schultz: What will you do with her, then?
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: She will thrive up here with the goats and the birds.
Pastor Schultz: What will she learn from them?
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: At least she will learn no evil.
Pastor Schultz: That's hardly enough schooling for a child.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: I'll teach her all that's necessary.
Pastor Schultz: Then you will teach her religion, too?
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: The mountains will be the only religion worth having, as I have found out.
Pastor Schultz: Come back to Dörfli, neighbor. This is no life up here for you and the child, at enmity with God and man.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: I know what they think of me in Dörfli, and they know what I think of them. It's better that we keep apart.
Pastor Schultz: I should not like to appeal to the law.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Heidi shall not go to school or to church either. That is final.
Pastor Schultz: I'm sorry, neighbor. May God help you.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: And if any man tried to take Heidi away from me, God help HIM.

Heidi: I used to go to Sunday school when I lived in Maienfeld. Are you going to be my Sunday school teacher, too?
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: We'll have our first lesson now.
Heidi: I'd like to read THIS story. Shall I? "A certain man had two sons, and the Y-O-U-N-G-E-R..."
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Younger.
Heidi: "... and the younger of them said to his father, ''Father, give me the P-O-R... '" These are pretty hard words. Perhaps you'd better help me.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: "'Give me the portion of goods that fall unto me.' And he divided unto them his levy, and the younger son gathered all together and took his journey into a far country
Heidi: You know this story by heart.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Yes, by heart.
Heidi: Does the son ever go home to his father?
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: "And the son said, 'Father, I have sinned against Heaven and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son.' But the father said to his servants, 'Bring forth the best robe and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand and shoes on his feet for this, my son, was dead and is alive again. He was lost and is found.'"

Peter the Goat Boy: Here comes the Grandfather now.
Blind Anna: So the old eagle has come down from his perch.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: It was lonely for Heidi.
Blind Anna: Adolph, you're an old fraud.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Don't give me away.

Courage Mountain (1990)
Grandfather: Heidi, you have not yet decide that you are going.
Heidi: I'm packing, Grandfather.
Grandfather: Oh yes, yes. But you must decide here
[points to heart]
Grandfather: 'I am going'.

Grandfather: The mountain is inside you. It will always be there, but so will its harship.
Heidi: I've never felt it.

Peter: I'll contact the school. I'm certain I can get through from my post.
Grandfather: Then say I am coming. I'll bring Heidi back myself.
Peter: Grandfather, no. The country is at war, it's too dangerous.
Grandfather: All the more reason to go.
Peter: The Italian army has taken over the railroad. You would have to travel by foot.
Grandfather: Heidi cannot make the journey alone.
Peter: First, let me contact the school. I'm sure they've made arrangements for their children to travel safely home. And if not, I will go and get her.
Grandfather: I have old man's imagination. It runs away with me.

"Heidi" (1993)
[Heidi's grandfather just reads a letter about Heidi from Herr Sesemann]
Grandfather: You think you can just drop her into my life then take her away again? I won't allow it! She can't stay here.
Dete: She's got to, she's your granddaughter.
Grandfather: NO! I don't have a granddaughter, not anymore.
Dete: Well you can't do this, what am I supposed to tell Herr Sesemann?
Grandfather: Tell him that this is not a boarding house and tell him to keep his stinking money!
[Heidi's grandfather throws the money into the fire]
Dete: Oh my God! What are you doing? You fool! You stupid old fool!
[Dete gets the money out of the fire]

Grandfather: [to Dete] Get out of here! Out of my life! Forever.