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Quotes for
Zippy (Character)
from "Rainbow" (1972)

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"Rainbow: Rumpelstiltskin (#16.46)" (1987)
George: But, but, but what about me, I mean what am I going to be?
Zippy: Eh, the baby.
George: The, the baby?
Jane: Oh George, you'll look wonderful in this little bonnet.
[puts a blue bonnet on his head]
George: Oh yes, I know, but...
[Geoffrey shoves a pacifyer into George's mouth]

Zippy: [reading the story from his book] Now, the King was a greedy man and wanted lots and lots of gold, so he told the miller that he'd like to meet his daughter and then he said goodbye.
Geoffrey: [following Zippy's instructions] I'd like to meet your daughter. Goodbye!

"Rainbow: Super Bungle (#18.17)" (1990)
Zippy: What's that I can hear?
George: Is it a scooter?
Zippy: It it s a fly?
Zippy, George: No, it's Super Bungle!

"Rainbow: Books: The Library (#14.46)" (1985)
Zippy: I'm drawing a new sort of magic animal.
Geoffrey: A magic animal? Well what's it's going to be looking like, Zippy?
Zippy: Ah, it's called the pussydoggosnakeyzippyphant!
[holds up a drawing]
George: [giggles] Oh, it looks more like a squashed jelly.
[more giggles]

"Rainbow: George and Germs (#18.18)" (1990)
Zippy: Germs, germs, germs! You've got germs on the brain, George!

"Rainbow: Detectives (#15.16)" (1986)
Det. Insp. Zippy: Now then, Bungle-Bonz. You said the storybook was on this table before we went outside to play and when you came in to get it, it wasn't there.
Bungle: Eh, yes sir.
Det. Insp. Zippy: Ah, in that case, I must look for a clue.
George: Y-you don't need to look for it, Zippy, I've got it, here.
Det. Insp. Zippy: You, George?
George: Yes, look: the glue.
Det. Insp. Zippy: Oh, not glue, George, a clue!

"Rainbow: Bungle's Pretend Friend (#15.8)" (1986)
Bungle: Horace, don't be naughty and pass Geoffrey the book! Oh, I'm sorry, Geoffrey, but sometimes Horace is very naughty. I'll pass you the story book.
[and he does]
Geoffrey: Thank you very much, Bungle.
Zippy: Er, tell Horace not to worry Bungle, sometimes, even I'm naughty, too.

"Rainbow: New Friends (#16.43)" (1987)
Zippy: Nobody likes me. Nobody wants to be my friend. Well, I don't want to be friends with any of you again. Never ever. Especially you, Geoffrey Haystacks!