Mr. Bright
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Mr. Bright (Character)
from "Drive" (2007)

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"Drive: The Starting Line (#1.1)" (2007)
Mr. Bright: Mr. Tully. You're late. Not a good way to start.
Alex Tully: Late for what? What is this?
Mr. Bright: This was the orientation which you have now missed. You're feeling disoriented. Only natural.

Alex Tully: Where's Kathryn?
Mr. Bright: Who?
Alex Tully: My wife.
Mr. Bright: Ah, yes. Your wife. Couldn't tell you.
Alex Tully: No. You're going to tell me.
Mr. Bright: No. Actually, I'm not. I don't know anything about your wife, Mr. Tully.

Alex Tully: I did everything I was asked to do. I'm here. I want answers or we're going straight to the cops.
Mr. Bright: Oh, I wouldn't recommend it. Going to the police would be grounds for immediate disqualification.
Alex Tully: What?
Mr. Bright: Mr. Tully, the Powerpoint's put away, the PA system is shut off, I've snapped shut my satchel. Do you really expect me to go through all this again solely for your benefit?
Alex Tully: I expect you to tell me exactly what's going on here before I beat you to death.
Mr. Bright: Beating me to death would also be grounds for immediate disqualification.
[Alex grabs him and drops him onto the table]